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Instead of usual BIO-info fragments that often read like an old resume pages, I decided to write a few words about my encounter, which today I consider a firendship, with Helyn. We met some years ago on the world wide web and since then a day does not pass without a brief message from her - ' I need this and that ' which usually means a graphic or a bit of HTML. Such request usually ends with a smiley :) as if she wanted me to know she is not demanding, just quietly and politely asking. Knowing the sound of her voice, I suspect she is not able to be quiet. The words come out like a stucatto of a rapid firing machine gun and that is exactly how she works. Furiously, with a total dedication, and with a lot of heart. Helyn built one of the greatest photography portals and it is shocking her server is not bursting in its seams. The site is for all interested in photography, with presentation of a many artist worldwide. If she likes someone's work, the door to her 'pixiport' is open wide. Add an interactive board, a web design studio we run together, an array of photo experiments of her own, active pursuit of her art, for which purpose these pages are presented here, a 'live' exhibt now and then, a large dog, a flood of messages going in and out, a newsletter, interviews, and you have a recipe for, under normal cicumstances, a disaster.

But Helyn handles everything in a spectacular fashion. Quick maneuvers and sound decisions by this little lady benefit everyone who appreciates the art of photography. I often try to pull her of the path and torment her, just because I can, but she just giggles and keeps on steady.
Helyn's art: be it a standard or a digital camera, a digital image software or her darkroom, the results are equally unique, fascinating and her own. Not bound by her experience or knowledge, she captures her subjects as if they were butterflies - not disecting, not analyzing, but capturing the flight and the beauty.

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