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The Artist's Biography





Universidad Simón Bolívar, Caracas.

Licenciate in Mathematics 1976. University of California at San Diego.

M.A in Mathematics,1978.


Music: Piano (classic); Harmony and Jazz improvisation

Visual Arts Workshop, Universidad Simón Bolívar, Caracas.

Escuela Cristóbal Rojas

Computerized Stained Glass Design.

Professional experience:

Arts: Colective Exhibitions

1."Creative Experiences", Universidad Simón Bolívar (1982).

Art Fair, Universidad Simón Bolívar(1983).

2.First Art Auction, Universidad Simón Bolívar (1980).

3. Art Auction "Le Bijou", Caracas (1985).

4. Sotavento Gallery, Caracas (1985).

5. "A" Gallery, Caracas (1990).

6.National Art Gallery of Venezuela ,1990 .

7. Bass Gallery, Caracas (1990).

8.Bass Gallery, Architectural Applied Arts (Paintings, Stained Glass and Scuptures), Caracas (1991).

9.World Words Gallery, 1994.

10.Banco Consolidado Cultural Center 1994 .

12.Salón TOYOTA, Puerto La Cruz 1998

Arts: Individual exhibitions

1."A7" Gallery, Caracas 1990.

2. "A7" Gallery, Caracas 1992.

3. "A7" Gallery, Caracas 1995.

On the Web:

Ineffable, website exhibition 2000-2001


Professor, Math. Department, Universidad Simón Bolívar,1979-84

Head, Math. Department, Universidad Metropolitana,1986-89

Dean of the Faculty of Arts & Science, Universidad Metropolitana ,1989-91

Academic Vice Rector (Chancellor), Universidad Metropolitana,1991-1993

Additional information on:


VirtualStained Glass:

Founder and Director : AdverWEB C.A.

(Sept. 1995) Systems and Advertising for the World Wide Web.

Caracas, September 2002



Memories and Solitude

This exhibit is basically a reflection focused on Solitude considered as an intense and concentrated experience of inner self, in a few words, pure unpolluted ego.

From this point of view, everything, detected in nature, humanity, and artifacts is worth of pondering and respect.

I was influenced by Proust's idea as revealed on "Remembrance of Things Past" that reality is perceived only through memories systematically analyzed.

I constructed virtual memories from the data caught by my camera and my photographic insight , reprocessed in the computer ,and created an specific mood suited to the expression of my deepest feelings with the aid of excerpts by Schubert and Schuman.

Birthplace: Caracas, Venezuela.

Phone: (58212)-242-6311- 243-5777

Fax (58212) 243-7013



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