Conceptual Photographer Misha Gordin



Nowadays I live a secluded life.

From my front porch I can see a rainbow

diving in to nearby pond.

When I return home from the forest,

I bring a smell of a bonfire with me.

At night I listen to mysterious calls of an owl

and feel much in tune with nature.

I live through four definite seasons.

With the crisp winter winds carving the deep snow

and return of the birds in the early spring.

Summers are full of creative energy.

This is the way I work.

It`s when leaves open up

I wake up my camera from the long rest.

I use my son as a model.

I start my new season..

My involvement in conceptual photography dates back to Riga the capital of former Soviet Latvia. I left my homeland when I was 28 years old. I brought two images with me. The first two letters of an alphabet I am still developing today.

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