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New Portal "Images To Inspire The Imagination"-

This is a review column. As such I need to draw your attention to the Copyright notice at the end of this article.

Let me start this week with the good news - starting today this column is changing. It will be bigger and brighter, but of course the end product will still be the same - some of the best images on the Internet today. I summarise below the main changes.

As from January the edition will change to a monthly publication. Each month there will be regular features, and over the next two months I will be introducing these to you. Starting in January, the edition will be re-branded, it will change its' name to "Images to inspire the imagination" which better reflects the content I will be presenting.

Anyway, enough of the waffle, on with the show.

Let me hit you straight away with a new feature.


Here I will be presenting my own images, but with a difference. I will be showing you other images taken by other Photographers of the same subject, showing you step by step how I created the image, and adding some little surprises along the way. One of my most successful images so far in 2002 has been one entitled "Wardance" This is how it was created.

Wardance is usually associated with the tribes of native American Indians, but here is a surprise, a painting by the artist ROBERT GRIFFING.

However, you aint seen nothing yet - look at the many images on his gallery page, enough material here to while away a few minutes !


There is a vast amount of web space devoted to nostalgia. and of course much of this is photographic or art based. In this section I will be featuring the best I can find.

John Ball Jr was a British Golf Open Champion in 1887, with a round of 164, when the competition was played over 36 holes. (Just thought you might like to know that.) He was the first Englishman to win it. In 1907 he bet he could go round Hoylake in dense fog scoring under 90, inside three hours and without losing a ball! In front of a large crowd he went round in 81 in just over two hours, thus winning his bet.

The VANITY FAIR PRINT COMPANY site contains many great images, and we will be visiting it often in our travels. Having painted the picture above of John Ball Jr, we get the impression that he was a real go-getter, and man of action, Mr dynamite perhaps. Imagine my surprise then, when, on the Vanity Fair site I came across this image.

Yup - sure looks like Mr Dynamite to me !


These are the images which make it on their own, images which really do inspire the imagination.

First this week we have JOSEPH PAUL EADES, a painter who really loves to inspire through colour. Look at the rich colours, the feeling of depth, of being drawn into the absolute centre of the image, hypnotic and compelling.

This next image is so simple, yet it radiates, the very effect of the lights say to me that this is an original treatment. DUNCAN GRANDIN gives us this

I just fell in love with the colour combinations on this next one. The wonderful green, a colour and texture you could almost reach out and touch, just magic. HAKON GRONNING brings us Kristiansten, a fort on the hills east of the city which was built by General Caspar de Cicignon 1676 - 1682. It has an Impressive view of Trondheim, the fjord and the surroundings.

Anyone who has done a photographic course will remember those endless "projects" where you were given different subjects and techniques to explore each week. There was always one on "movement" - and usually the students tried to contrive their images, and ended up with something which actually really did look contrived, scoring no points for originality. As one gets more experienced you come to realise that the best way to treat this, and many other subjects, is not to chase it, but let the image come to you.

MARY KAY GAYDOS has found herself in a situation where she felt the vibrancy and adrenalin flow of the situation, and used her skill to make the movement really say something about the scene. The atmosphere is conveyed, we can feel the buzz of the crowd, the feeling that at any moment anything can happen here.

Sunset pictures always need a good foreground to offset them, and the stronger the better I always say. It is rare for a sunset with a minimal foreground to make it here, but not only is the contour of the hills excellent, you have the sunset itself - and boy what a sunset. This is of course a still image, but I swear I can feel the clouds rolling overhead as I view this great shot by DAVE FRY.


Here we present great collections of images, Photographers and Artists who have thought about their presentation, who have the talent and expertise to make it onto this stage, people who can be proud of what they have achieved.

SONNY WINDSTRUP has produced a rather special presentation called "4 seasons". The quality of the images would stand alone anyway, but the way that the site has been set up and the ease of navigation makes this a great feature to start with.

Ok - having feasted your eyes (sounds bad English but says what I feel) on this large collection by Sonny, the surprise is that this is only one presentation on the site. Take a look at the home page, over 1250 images of the USA alone - awesome !

It is just crazy how I find some of these sites, and once in a while I just find something purely by chance. This next site came about because I was doing a search to find pictures of a fishing village in Holland called Marken. When I saw this girls' site I just could not believe it - I was literally jumping up and down with excitement.

Her name is STEFANIE HERZER, and I firstly want to show you a page of images from a site she calls The clarity of the pics is truly amazing, and every picture tells a story, the sort of page I am really proud to present to you.

Do not miss any of her galleries, just click on her links at the top of her page. I have no doubt that Stefanie could grace any major International Exhibition in the world, the sort of quality of work that is equivalent to those who have gained Fellowships of the Royal Photographic Society, truly great.


This will be only an occasional feature, when I find a web cam worthy of note, I will let you know about it. Just as an opener here is my favourite web cam of all time. A streaming video of Times Square, action when it happens, as it happens, well almost ! Simply addictive this one.


One area where the worlds of art and photography collide with dramatic effect is "Cover art." Record and cd covers, books, sheet music, you name it, if it has a cover someone has to design it. In this section we look at some of the best examples on the net today.

DKS PRODUCTIONS have a great designer in SHARON TURNEY, and this cd cover is an absolute gem. Feel free to explore the rest of their site whilst you are there.

If you like album covers, take a look at the THELONIOUS MONK web site, it is packed full of them, and unlike many sites these are produced at a decent viewing size.

Fans of the glorious paperback covers of days gone by will love some of the material shown on the HARDBOILED HEAVEN web site. Taking you into another world, a world of mystery, adventure, and above all a world where the artist could just let his imagination run riot.


This section features the great home pages on the net. Dynamic in-your-face sites, simple well designed pages with a message, who knows what you will see, but they will all have one thing in common, the ability to make you believe that the site is worth looking at - that all important "first impression."

SUNNYFIELD is a nostalgia site with an absolutely beautiful home page. The wonderful blending of the white and cream background, the way the red letters stand out in a 3D effect. So simple but very very effective.


Photo-Sig is a Photo-critique site, where Photographers submit their images, and they are critiqued by others. It is the leading player in its' field, with over 9500 pages viewable at the present time. It is impossible for me to look at all the images, but here you will get the chance to share just some of the wonderful images I have found on this site.

There will be an interesting innovation here, as some of the images will inspire me to take a side trip, and who knows where we will all end up !

ERIC FREDINE shows that quality and size can be combined to produce a stunner.

This view is an area known as Patricia Lake. Now there is another PATRICIA LAKE, a real-time person who is an artist, and her work can be seen here.

Patricia has her work on a site called "Elfwood." This is pure fantasy, but I love it - great artists and great images.

Must show you my favourite on this site - the artist is HARMONY STEEL, and I am in love yet again !!

Well, I told you we would start going off at a tangent, so maybe we ought to get back to Photo-Sig !

FRANK WINKLER has us all reaching for our dictionaries here, just how many ways can you say "ooh and "aah" ?

Well, that is it this time around, next time you will see yet more new features, and then it will be the countdown to the January launch of "Images to inspire the imagination. Stay tuned to this station ! d




A final word regarding links. I direct readers straight to the Photographers own page on their web site where their image is located. This does not infringe any copyright, and allows the viewer to see the image exactly as the owner of the image intends. All images reviewed are the Copyright of the owners mentioned. I apologise now if any links do not work - we are of course at the mercy of the selected sites on this one.


Here at PixiPort we have a wonderful friendly discussion board. You will need to register to participate, but this of course is free, takes a few seconds, and allows you to tell me what you think about my choice of images. We also have our own weekly competitions where members of the Board submit their own photos, and the work to be seen here is breathtaking.

A writer thrives on feedback - so please get in contact, I would love to hear from you.

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