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I have been afraid of the calamity for a thousand sleeps now.
But no more.
I go forward towards this ultimate demise with a heart of wood doused in the octane of despair.
Burn down this house, this wine stained temple, scarred by the flagellants worried tooth.
Pull up by the roots all of the garden, toxic herbs twisting with confusion trees crying bitter fruits, vegetables bitter and soft, unsuitable for even soup.
By inner consultation I have been appointed in the constellations, my spaceship an energy which must rocket out from this museum of efforts, a library of failure, of which I will no longer be steward.
I will be the Phoenix who rises from the charred bones of the prison.
But first my courage, which has been reduced by a thousand agitated sleeps, into a pearl of magnificence so great that messengers have been dispatched to the entire pantheon of goddess's announcing it's radiance, and power, sparked by Kali herself.
Purity of Purpose!
With this sacrifice to her, this life, I will be reborn with the ancestral soul, my eyes will be glittering gemstones, my breasts, plated by the moon and the sun, and finally, my vagina, which holds within it the vacuum of eternal desire will heat up my spine with the explosive inferno of cosmic awakening!
photography art She pursues me
it is my very soul she craves
and to be me
as her
to pour my center in her mold
to have my mold to hold her center
But I am clever
I keep my shadow shifting
contorted distorted
I am not afraid to frighten
I can dance with devils
who delight in her torment!
they dearly love to thrill me
an angel in their midst.
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Artists Statement:

How do I fit into the cosmic order of things? How can I apply history and myth to my contemporary and seemingly unremarkable life? With our imagination, can we dissolve the mundane perceptions that veil ultimate reality?

I question the mystical nature of Nature. I want to participate with the gods by recognizing them in people, in ideas, and events.

I write continuously. Poems pop out of me, and visual ideas from what I assume is the collective unconscious, or maybe it's just my stuff swirling around and resurfacing. With it, whatever it is, I'm developing poetic narratives, "poemtographs", that are my investigations into the psychology of being human. For the photographs I use "actors" from my small town and local landscape for a stage, I strive towards imagery that is a rich in symbolism, mythological concepts, and universal themes. Everything is made up, imagined...Is the imagined valid? What mirror are we looking into when we see what exists only in the imagination?

I light with sun, open shade, strobes, tungsten, reflectors, fires, flashlights, headlights, and anything which will illuminate the scene. I use both film and digital camera equipment. In post production I finish the images, adding or refining the special effects digitally on a Macintosh computer. I print with pigment ink on different types of paper: watercolor, Japanese, handmade, in a quest for texture and depth, for sensuality in the physical. The final result is a product of traditional and contemporary technology.

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