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Michael Woodward


Michael Woodward

Art Licensing
Licensing Fine Art
Licensing Fine Art The benefits of licensing your work a course taught by Michael Woodward.

As more and more artists, designers and illustrators enter the Licensing arena, Agents as well as Licensees are inundated with new presentations. It's a well known fact that the majority of these presentations lack content, professionalism and some are so far off the mark, as to what is required, that they end up in the trash. "Over my long career in licensing it's never ceased to amaze me just how bad some presentations are. Some artists appear to have never walked into a department store or gift shop to see what kind of merchandise is actually being sold" says Michael Woodward, who has been in the industry for almost thirty years.

After taking "time out" he decided to write a Guide book "ART LICENSING 101" to give artists the kind of information that is essential if they are going to succeed in this industry.

"I wanted to produce a guide which takes the artist through all the steps of how to create a successful licensing program." The book contains a wealth of ideas and practical examples of how the artist should present work, how to target their presentations more effectively as well as guidelines for licenses, fee structures, royalty rates and much, much more.

Being successful in this industry takes special knowledge. This book is well overdue and is a must for all aspiring artists who are serious about entering the Licensing arena.


For details about the book "Licensing Art 101" New Revised 2006 Edition log onto www.licensingcourse.com




If you are an artist, getting educated is the key, so the right questions are asked. I welcome an educated artist it makes my job easier. If I'm asked to reduce my percentage I'll think about it seriously.. and then say how much is 30 years experience worth to you!



Michael Woodward now runs an artist's management and licensing company based in Sarasota, Florida. He is also a consultant and occasionally lectures on licensing and copyright issues. His book "Art Licensing 101" is the first comprehensive handbook for artist/creators on the ins and outs of the licensing and publishing industry.

Available from www.licensingcourse.com

Art Licensing International Inc

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Email artlicensing@comcast.net

Having been in the industry since 1974 I have licensed at the last count over $600 million in retail products from art and design licensing. A few years ago I decided to write a manual to help artists learn the fundamentals of the licensing industry- "The Licensing Course". I have also condensed some of this information into a book now called Licensing Art 101. A new revised edition will be available April 2006 .


This is what artists have said about the course and book.


What a blessing you are for those of us who aren't living in New York City,

where information seems to be more available (I lived there for 16 years,

thank goodness . Just for the record, I want you to know that since I ordered your book (at Barnes and Noble), I see that they now carry them regularly!

I've been a children's book illustrator for 25 years, making enough money

doing educational work to support myself while I do trade books ...Anyway, I've been trying to educate myself about other markets, and have been learning about the surface design arena, which is very tied into licensing... I just want to thank you for your books, this class and your efforts to reach out to artists about an important aspect of the

publishing world. You are helping people like me gain access to important

knowledge and tools to be better business people, and more effective

bread-winners! Thank you for your tremendous service to all of us.

Sincerely, Roberta Collier-Morales



"BRAVO...  Art Licensing 101 by Michael Woodward is without a doubt the most comprehensive and entertaining "how to" book I have had the opportunity to read.  Well thought out...well written and well organized...  full of actual useful information that is easy to comprehend and apply in the Art Licensing Markets.  Not only does the book contain  information about the business, but it takes the "How To" genre to new heights with actual "contacts" within the business.  I have recommended the book to every artist (or would be artist) I know.  Congratulations and Thank You."
Douglas May
DVM Arts "a 15 year creative executive veteran of The Walt Disney Company"

Details of the Licensing Course and book can be found at



Michael Woodward also runs a specialist artists management and licensing company based in Florida.

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