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In keeping with our tradition as we strive to be the pre-eminent online portal to the arts, a new dimension has evolved "The Quill In Focus". This medium brings together art writers, tutorials, marketing your art and poets to further the creativity and expressions of photo artists as viewed through written interpretation.
"The Voice Behind The Lens", Michael Dubiner, photographer and writer.Updated twice a month.The benefits of licensing your work by Art Agent Michael Woodward United Nations:a photo essay by Judah Harris Mia reviews art photos in Photo Art Reviews - inspired by the photographic artists on PixiPort. CloseUp with Carol Tipping who interviews photographers on PixiPort, and Mia art reviews. Elena Ray photographer and writer.Artists Events-Grants Marques Vickers Fine Art Marketing And Buying Caterpillar Portal with Carol Tipping information on image editors and how to get the best out of the programs. Daguerreotype Vintage and Modern Photography with Charlie Schrenier.

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photography authorsLandscape Fine Art Photography Articles by Monte Nagler
Black and White Landscapes

"Photography Articles"
Telephoto Lenses-By definition, a telephoto lens is one whose focal length is greater than that of a normal lens.
Viewing Photo Masks -A photograph with strength and impact should be much more than a random snapshot.

Photograms -A photogram is the simplest kind of photograph to make. You don't even need a camera or enlarger.
Lords of the Landscape- The field of outdoor photography gives us not only a seemingly endless array of subjects to put before our lenses, but multiple artistic and technical ways to do it. As we move into the 21st century, many of us choose color photography-both digital and conventional-as our creative medium. Some photographers, such as Michigan-based Monte Nagler, have opted to express themselves monochromatically and carry on the time-honored tradition of black-and-white.
Photographing your Pets
Photographing your pet properly will reward you with many memorable shots of that very important family member. And by following a few simple rules, you'll find it easier than you may think.

The Eye Within internet art journalists writerMichael Dubiner
The Voice Behind the Lens-Writings on Photography and Beyond

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Memorial Day Indictment
Investigate, Then charge or impeach.
And if there are no grounds,
Let the voters throw them out!

If Al-Qaeda intended to change the United States by their inhuman acts on September 11, 2001, they accomplished what they set out to do.  Americans took the bait and President Bush, Vice President Cheney and their cronies took advantage of our fears to begin to reshape America in their own vision.

photography writers

fine art marketing buying onlineMarketing and Buying Fine Art Online
 A Right-Brained Guide To A Left-Brained Industry

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"The stereotyped mythology about artists, galleries and auction services are undergoing a substantial reexamination. The rules are changing, as are the rule makers. This is the visionary sequel to California figurative artist Marques Vickers' 2000 ground breaking publication "Selling Art On The Internet".

photo stories The art of Digital-Monochrome in landscape by Martin Henson
Raw Film Editing

Under normal non extreme lighting conditions the modern camera of today will give a well balanced exposure for highlight and shadows, in some circumstances fill flash will also improve things further but where flash is not practical editing techniques in your photo editing software will  enable you to fine tune the exposure short falls in the highlight and shadow regions to produce a well balanced image  



interviews of photographers

internet writers Mia
 Photo Art Reviews

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Mia, editor of Tryst Ezine, interviews photo journalist Renée Falcke
Mia has been writing poetry most of her life in between traveling, sculpting, painting and sleeping.  She graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a Bachelor's degree in English, Creative Writing.  Her work has been published in 3rd Muse, Atomic Petals, Comrades, Cayuse-Press, Little Brown Poetry, Kitty Litter Press, Lotus Blooms, Mentress Moon, Mipoesias, Paumanok Review, Pierian Springs, The Poet's Canvas, Three Candles, Wired Art/Wired Hearts and others.

photographers interviewedCloseUp With Carol Tipping
 Interviews Photographers

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About me :I trained in Fine Art - Painting - in Manchester, U.K. completed Post Graduate Teacher Training course in Liverpool and taught in schools, John Moores University, Liverpool, UK. And Wirral Metropolitan College, U.K - the same time as painting and regularly showing work in mixed and one-man exhibitions in Liverpool. In 1989, I changed direction and studied Astrology. I worked for Radio City Gold, Liverpool for three years as their resident Astrologer. THEN - the major addition to my life was the computer!


authorsElena Ray


How do I fit into the cosmic order of things? How can I apply history and myth to my contemporary and seemingly unremarkable life? With our imagination, can we dissolve the mundane perceptions that veil ultimate reality?

authors Michael Woodward
Licensing Fine Art
The benefits of licensing your work


Many artists and photographers often struggle to make a living. They may work in the advertising or editorial fields or they may sell originals via galleries in the fine art market. They may be printmakers, illustrators or simply commercial photographers trying to create an additional income stream.



poems,short stories, interviewsCall To Artists



Listings for Art Photographers, events,exhibitons,grants,juried exhibits,opportunities for artists.

photography on the internetThe Jester
Michael Mollick



On Shooting Animals...My photographic career capturing wildlife, stretching from the swamps of the American Deep South, to the untamed barren steppes of Africa, across crystal Himalayan spires, and submerged with man-eaters along Australia's Great Barrier Reef has left me little time for human relationships. There was this one voluptuous blonde housewife years ago, back during a photo assignment to capture some covered bridges in Wisconsin. She and I had a single passionate weekend and had our mingled ashes sprinkled.

Photoshop Image Editors how to of photographers

writersCarol Tipping
Caterpillar Portal


Combining photography with my painting has finally been what I was always looking for. I would say that it has become an obsession! I like the fact that I can create anything that I want and still look for innovative ways to work with this medium. I've always liked to be "different" and there is no end to the possibilities. I believe that every piece of Artwork shows the mental/emotional state of the artist at the time of creation- which of course is influenced by the energies that are around at that time.

I am presently a "Contributor" to "Digital Photographer and Creative Imaging" Magazine which comes out monthly. The work I do for the magazine is Fine Art biased, creating pictures which are a combination of Photo and Painting, (Real or Digital) tutorials and reviews. 

photographers interviewedGLIMPSING AN INSIGHT Photo Artists Interviews
by Scarlet James



Scarlet : When I first saw the work of Jane Andrews on Pixiport I presumed her images were digitally manipulated as they are so intricate, clever and masterly executed.

Then when I learned they were oil paintings, I was even more impressed.

They are Power Full and in the nicest possible way .. weird and wonderful....fantastic fantasy .. or they???

Photoshop Image Editors how to of photographers

writersSnippets Quotes and Soupcons
Scarlet James


The history of all times and of today especially teaches that women will be forgotten if they forget to think about themselves 

Louise Otto-Peters, 1849

daguerreotype vintage photographyCharlie Schreiner
Daguerreotype Vintage and Modern Photography


  Several aspects of the daguerreotype create a lure and mystique not found elsewhere. Whereas contemporary mediums use an emulsion of silver crystals on film and paper that create various degrees of "grain," the plate is one solid sheet of silver and photons of light react at the molecular level that cannot be seen without the aid of a scanning electron microscope. In other words, awesome detail and tones unmatched by anything since the daguerreotype was invented. Also, the final piece is metal and each daguerreotype is one of a kind and cannot be duplicated.

Photoshop Image Editors how to of photographers

Various Authors


MiPo Zine Poetry Winners, Creative Expressions, Greg Summers, Sequoyah Sez 

Photo Art Books photographyPhoto Art Books
Fine Art Photography Art Books


  high-quality, four-color offset printing. Archival-quality acid-free 100-pound glossy paper stock. Hardbound books are 9-inches high by 12-inches wide and softcover art books are 6-inches high by 8-inches wide.


poems,short stories, interviewsSelling Fine Art


 Marquis Vickers

Chapter #1: THE INTERNET EVOLVES COMMERCIALLY Has the Internet really become a dead medium for selling fine art?

Photo Art Books photographyHaiku Photography
Haiku Photography by James Austin


  Why are photographers exploring haiku? Creating a haiku poem challenges the artist to observe the immediate moment with care, just as photography does. Nature photographers in particular are drawn to haiku to capture beautiful wild moments. Street photographers too find vivid glimpses into human nature in this art as well.

writers photography photographers
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