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September 1, 2003 
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Dear Helyn,

Welcome to the September 1st Labor Day edition of this newsletter. PixiPort is pleased to be working with a high school photo art class from Berkmar High School in Lilburn, Georgia, USA under the direction and leadership of Roberta Kern Schacher.

Several PixiPort artists were selected by Ms Schacher to participate in this educational project. They include Misha Gordin, David Mendelsohn, Jeff Alu, Bob Snell, Judy Mandolf, Helyn Davenport, Paul Biddle, Lucio Vlerio Pini, Ben Arieh, Shirley Cross, Subir Chatterjee, Carol Tipping, Rene Asmussen, and Ayhan Duman

Thank you to each of these artists for agreeing to willingly give their time and talent towards this project.

The response from our last edition where Renee Falcke was interviewed and her outstanding work was featured has been tremendous. It was indeed an honor to present Renee to our PixiPort family and we look forward to bringing more of her images to you in the near future. Again thank you Renee for sharing and Mia for an outstanding interview.

We are often asked who hosts the PixiPort.com site? The answer is Harbour Light Productions. This is an outstanding host organization that deserves a tremendous thanks for the great service they provide and the professional manner under which they operate especially Joshua and Wendy. Harbour Light Productions Inc located in Portsmouth, NH, USA, may be contacted at http://www.harbourlight.com.

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  • Featured Artist Mitch Miller
  • Douglas Sherman
  • David Mendelsohn
  • Michael Dubiner
  • Digitail Art Supplies

  • Douglas Sherman
    Douglas Sherman begins with the oridinary and transforms it into extraordinary. Each impression begins with an actual photographic subject. His artistic impressions are then created through color, light, pattern, form and composition.

    Sherman's work magically transports the viewer from everyday experience to a realm of fantasy.

    His early work was featured in "National Geographic" and he has won numerious first place awards. At that time his specialty was macro photography. He also was a photo instructor for a several years.

    It is a real pleasure to welcome Doug Sherman and his interesting images to PixiPort. We hope that you will enjoy viewing his work and visiting his gallery.

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    David Mendelsohn
    To date, I have welcomed my Mac and Photoshop into my life like a free Picasso. To be clear, as a personal choice, I don't do photo composite stuff. I don't put angel wings on a nude and have her flying over the Sahara. Frankly, I think it would be more fun to try that real time. Besides, we'd all be out there naked and warm. Nonetheless, it's quite fascinating to look at, and better when the artist considers the direction, quality and color of light when putting it all together. Rather I am using my digital tools as a darkroom. I may enhance color, change tone, eliminate detail, or dodge and burn as never before possible.

    Despite the up front pains I traditionally take, I have never made an image that couldn't be improved. No one has. It's the impure nature of the physical world. Beyond that, once I'm satisfied, I can now store the final information and generate identical prints whenever needed. That alone makes me understand how the crowd felt when Moses descended Sinai with an armful of rocks.

    My work has been described as highly graphic. I 'm sure that alot of that influence can be attributed to my days as a designer. For me, there is a certain elegance in simplicity. like to work in visual Haiku. I like to impart my work with some grace, some order, and balance. Once I build that framework, I deal with content. I am fortunate enough to have an innate ability which allows me to grasp forms in space without too much difficulty. I don't tolerate extraneous elements very well. If something doesn't fit within my two dimensional world , one way or another, that element is history. It's simply a matter of focus for me. If you don't prepare the canvas, your paint has nothing to adhere to. David Mendelsohn

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    Michael Dubiner

    In honor of working people in America, I dedicate this article to them, and their day, Labor Day.

    As the Department of Labor says:

    Labor Day,...,is dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers. It constitutes a yearly national tribute to the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country.

    Undeniably, there have been vast improvements in the condition of workers in the United States over the last 100 years. Laws on issues as far ranging as child labor, wages and working hours, health benefits, protections for people with disabilities, workers compensation and many others, some argue too many, have vastly improved the lot of many American workers.

    Unfortunately, this Labor Day, our statisticians tell us that we are coming out of a recession that does not seem to be creating the jobs that most recoveries engender. For many families, this means that there will be no celebration of this holiday.

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    Digitail Art Supplies
    Hahnemuhle Summer Blow Out Sale CONTINUES !!!!

    For the first time ever we are offering cut sheets of Hahnemuhle's Great Photo Rag 308 on Sale. Not only Photo Rag but German Etching Board, Torchon, William Turner 310 and Photo Rag 460 are also on sale. Sale prices range from 20-35% our normal web prices. For example PR 308 13x19 - 50 sheets are normally $241, on sale for $169 ! It's now less expensive per sheet than Epson's Velvet paper, so why not use the Finest Digital Papers in the world and stock up for fall production ! www.digitalartsupplies.com/onsale2.html

    (Note: these products have NOT been discontinued, we're simply passing on lower pricing to you for this sale)

    We also have a special on 5x7 sheets of Photo Rag 308. These sheets come with translucent vellum envelopes. This is a special offer and likely will not be repeated soon. These sheets are on sale for $42.00 for a set of 50. (Regularly $69.95) They are located at the bottom of the Photo Rag page.

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    Featured Artist Mitch Miller
    This month we present a digital fine art photographer with a very distinct style. Mitch Miller brings a medium of expression that will please your heart and mind.

    Soft tones, colors in a natural setting all gently unfolding to bring the viewer into focus within.


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