Suspend light and time upon a single flower and we may capture a microcosm of universal forms, cellular fires, velvet folds, and infinite fractals. But to composite this living organism, one moment over another is to capture a sensual slice of its infinite self. It's the suggestion of the amorphous onto the solid, of movement within stillness, of three dimensions within two, and of vibrant color within shifting chemical polarities. Two moments merge as in dream and we can sneak into the flower's essence, touch its own imagination and take the measure of its character. Within this breathy continuum, we can find the urge to dance where there's complacency, to mourn where there is darkness, to organically evolve into the light, and to timely animate our souls - teaching them the dawn of breath and the rhythmic peace bound to each exquisite sigh. - Michael Mollick

Abstract Flowers Hibiscus

Hibiscus By The Bay

Abstract Orange flower

Sleeping Flower

Abstract Flowers Hibiscus

Sleeping Beauty Awakes

Abstract Art Photos Flower

Floral Beauty

Abstract Flowers Art Gallery

Dancing In The Wind

Fine Art Photography Flowers

Water Lily

Fine Art Photo Lilies Flowers

Flowers Whisper

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Seeds of Hope

Fine Art Abstract Photo Flowers

A Rose Is A Rose

Abstract Art Photography

Loss Of Innocence

Abstract Art Photographer Helyn Davenport

The Rose In Red

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Florida Palms

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The Blues

Photo of Florida Seagrape

Florida Seagrape Leaf

Black and white photo of abstract flower

Beauty Within

As The Night Ends