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Mystery, intrigue, and otherworldy characteristics...these are just some of the terms we can use to describe the nature of Helyn Cornille's portfolio. Helyn has been producing award-winning, traditional images for over 25 years and during the past several years, she has moved her work into the digital realm of the medium.

The majority of the images you will see within Helyn's portfolio will definitely be unlike any others you have observed in the past. The combination of traditional photography and Helyn's masterful implementation of pixel manipulation (digital art) create harmonious balance within her works. To gain a different perspective on the photographic medium, which we all enjoy, be sure to peruse the works in Helyn's portfolio. You do not want to miss this!

New York Hall of Science

Digital'05: EXQUISITE

Helyn Cornille's 3 fine art photos Demure, Dance of Hibiscus and Pink Lady will be on display.

Rustlings Of The Wind-Featuring Helyn's Art

Global Art Review and Gallery

Tryst Interview and Featured Guest artist

e-Digital Review

Helyn's Bio


Fine Art Photography slide shows With Music On CD's.


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