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Marketing And Buying Fine Art Online


A Right-Brained Guide To A Left-Brained Industry-Marques Vickers

Forget for a moment the traditional assumptions regarding the fine arts industry. The stereotyped mythology about artists, galleries and auction services are undergoing a substantial reexamination. The rules are changing, as are the rule makers. This is the visionary sequel to California figurative artist Marques Vickers' 2000 ground breaking publication "Selling Art On The Internet".

Written from the dual perspective of a professional visual artist and collector, Vickers commentary is oriented towards an emerging breed of Internet savvy artist entrepreneur and informed fine art buyer. Slicing through the traditional marketing and investment rhetoric of the art world, he illustrates present and future sales and buying trends and opportunities for both original and reproduction artwork.

"A Right Brained Guide" features over 1200+ website references in seventy-five categories making it an indispensable guide to understanding and maximizing Internet usage. Among the referenced categories include artist and collector reference and research resources, website development services, direct mail sources, licensing outlets and agencies, consumer and business auction exchanges, barter outlets, domain name registration and reseller service, e-commerce services, search engines and indexes, online media publications, payment services, delivery, website hosting and troubleshooting services. legal and appraisal outlets, and virtual fine art marketplaces.

The publication is uniquely distributed on a packaged compact disk in both Microsoft Word and Adobe Acrobat pdf software formats (making it both Windows and MAC compatible). Delivery within the United Sates and Canada is included with the purchase price. (ISBN #9706530-2-6).

Among the relevant and timely subjects covered in the book include:


Website Design Strategies:
Website and Photo Image Design Software
Working With Website Designers
Retaining Your Website Files and Legal Ownership
Choosing A Hosting Service
Domain Name Selection Options
Integrating Color Into Your Designs
Adding Content From Outside Websites and Services
Selling Your Original Work and Reprints Online
Integrating Images and Video Into Your Websites
Globalizing Your Site With Language Translators
Providing Services To Encourage Repeat Visitors
Cultivating Website Links and Evaluating Affiliate Programs
Establishing Your Own Affiliate Sales Program
Encouraging Interaction With Your Website Visitors
Protecting Your Images Online
Digital Watermarks and Encryption Programs

Generating Website Traffic:
Cultivating Search Engine Activity
Listing With Major Indexes
Improving Your Website's Search Rankings
Cultivating Incoming Links
Participating In Website Award Programs
Paying For Website Traffic
Merchant and Catalog Programs
Publishing Electronic Magazines For Your Clientele

Cultivating Clients and Sales:
Consumer and Art Industry Auction Websites
Art Portfolio Websites
International Payment Services
Listing Large Numbers of Auction Listings
The Realities of the Art Auction Business
Self-Publishing Reprints of Your Work
Shipping and Postage Considerations
Cultivating A Client Base and Sales Lead Email List
Consumer and Business Sales Exchanges
Cultivating Corporate Clients
Outlets For Purchasing Email Sales Leads
Barter Outlets

Generating Media Coverage:
Cultivating A Media Data Base
Purchasing and Researching Media Leads
Low Expense Public Relations
Reasons and Methodologies For Contacting Press Outlets


Understanding The Art Gallery Scene:
Understanding Traditional Fine Art Distribution Outlets
Artist/Art Dealer Financial Arrangements
Reputation Building and Constructive Hype
Pricing Markup and the Excessive Expenses of Exposure and Display
Continuity, Credibility and Authenticity Services
Expanding A Regional Sales Pie Globally
Decline of the Mega-Virtual Gallery Portal

Buying Directly From Artists:

The Artistic Temperament and the Commercial Process
Expectations Inherent in Buying From The Creative Source
Mythology and Truths Regarding Professional Artists
Buying Online or In Person
Barter Opportunities

Sourcing The Selling and Producing Sources:
Online Publications and Research Vehicles
Techniques For Utilizing Search Engines and Indexes Effectively
Sourcing Artists, Resellers and Art Sources Online
Building Online Art Communities
Comparison Shopping Services
Internet Research Trends
Scholarship and Research
Collector Reference Outlets

Fine Art Investment

Comparisons With Other Financial Investment Vehicles
The Confusion Of Industry Marketing Artspeak
Difficulties in Reselling Fine Art Direct
Costs of Consignment Selling
Why Artwork Appreciates and Why It Likely Will Never
Original Reproductive Prints

Photographic Reproduction Artwork
Giclée Digital Technology Reprints

Auction Houses and Online Auction Exchanges
Evolution of the High End Auction Industry
Blurring Roles Between Galleries and Auction Houses
Researching Auction Prices
Consumer Market Auctions
Person-to-Person Selling Exchanges
Searching For A Successful Financial Business Model
Online Merchant Stores
Reverse Auction and B2B Business Exchanges

Financing, Value and Delivery Considerations
Fine Art Insurance Specialists
Legal Specialists
General Delivery and Fine Art Shipping Specialists
Leasing and Collateral Options
and so much more....


"Learn the tricks of the Internet art trade in the new e-book by Marques Vickers, Selling Art In The Internet (Marquis Publishing Company). Vickers, a California artist, covers everything from Web site design and generating traffic to cultivating media exposure, merchant affiliate programs and virtual portfolios in his publication." -The Artist's Magazine (November 2001)

"I would like to congratulate you on your book. I am reading it for the second time and it is now almost completely highlighted!" -Carmen Calzada

"Since buying your online book, "Selling Art On The Internet," I have been an avid follower of your site/advice. You have given me a lot of great information that I am currently trying to apply to my art career. I have also recommended your book to other artists I know. They too find this stuff invaluable." -Katherine Taylor

"Selling Art On The Internet" is a small, user friendly guide for artist who want to use the Internet to sell or display their art. The book is written in clear, easy to understand language and avoids jargon. It has some good advice for artists wanting to take advantage of new marketing possibilities on the Internet and lists some useful references. Written from first hand experience, the book's plain language makes it a particularly useful resource for people with little or no knowledge of the Internet." -Maree Kimberley FineArt Forum MS State University

"I've read the book and it gives a fair and optimistic idea of what to do-how to set up, what works and what doesn't. It's tightly written and has quite a few resources." -Robert Genn "The Painter's Keys"

"This book is aimed at artists who want to open new markets for their work via the Internet. The book is easy to read and has some good advice for artists who want to market their own work on the Internet. It is suitable for readers who are not particularly Internet savvy as it explains terms clearly and avoids jargon. A useful guide for artists who want to expand their markets into cyberspace and aren't sure where to start" -Amazon.com Australian Reader Review

Your book is a very useful guide for Artists and as a regular user of the net to promote my work since 1996, I obviously was familiar with many of the names suggested. It is good, however to have the names all in one spot and to share the same positive and negative reactions to the various sources. I will be visiting or re-visiting some of the references and reassessing my initial reactions. Many of these opinions were made in isolation. At least now I have a kindred reference book. Thank you and well done!" -Roger Cummiskey

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