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Tony Sweet - Baltimore photographer with a very good eye. Be sure and check out his IR gallery and also the very well done "impressionists" photos. Well worth a good look. Visit

Joanne Chilton - My first exposure to the "Miksang" style of photography. Be sure and look at all her galleries, especially, the Zen, Divine Madness, and Dance of Life which will show you the meaning of, "WOW".

John Shepard - Fabulous color and beautiful panorama images, make this site worth a visit. Be sure to look at the oceanfront in New South Wales and the nite street scene in Madrid. Awesome photos.

Ami Vitale - Currently on assignment in India, this world class photographer brings you right into the lives of everyone she shoots. One site you'll want to bookmark. Visit

Gary Auerbach - Gary specializes in some wonderful Platinum images as well as unique Polaroid Transfer images. The effects created with the Platinum are well worth a look. Visit

Andy Finney - Great site to learn more about Infrared Photography and see some great shots that Andy has taken using his IR techniques. Visit

John Isaac - Incredible photos from around the world. Be sure and look at the Cougar's face, the Mongolian horseman, the Kyoto walkway, and many others. Not a site to be missed. Besides shooting in over a hundred countries, he was also chief U.N. photograher Visit

Bobbi Doyle-Maher - "Simply beautiful" a short but sweet way to describe this artist's work. Bobbi not only is an accomplished photographer, but adds painting to some of her photos to create exceptional pieces of art. Visit

Natasa Radovic - Extremely talented and inventive photographer, specializing in all types of night time scenes. After seeing these, you'll want to put on your coat and grab your camera. Visit

Agnes Charbonnel - I hope your French is better than mine, as this site is in French, but the photos will overcome any language problems. Be sure and look at the abstracts. Visit

Jim Miotke - Jim's gallery is very impressive with warm colors on all his shots. My favorite is the "Roofless shack in Lavender"....what's yours? Visit

Ryan A. DesJardin - You'll enjoy some outstanding photos of the Oregon countryside, giving you a feeling of this beautiful part of the country. The barn in the snow is perfect for a Christmas card. Visit

If you have any favorites of your own and would like to share them, email them to Helyn and we'll add them to our list. Bob

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