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C H I L D R E N S   B O O K S

By Peter O'Neill and Carmen Fuchs.
Storyline by Suzan Schmittou

As child, I was fortunate in that I found myself amongst many of Natures treasures. Now I often look back at those wonderful childhood days. This brings me to my reasoning for along with Carmen and Suzann for putting together these illustrations and words. Many children of all ages and nationalities have never had the chance to enjoy many of this earth's baby animals and birds. There are those children that live in places where only tall buildings live. There are children whose childhood has been but a brief time. To all children this little book is for you. One day when you become adults, this little book will be yours to pass on to other little children as a gift of friendship.
Peter O'Neill

What could be better than an adventure? Why a adventure with friends!

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First in Series

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34 pages

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The Friendship by Peter O'Neil
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