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Jan - Feb 2002 EDP
By: Steve Bedell
Topic: Web Reviews

One of the things I like most about writing the web reviews is the fact that I must take time from my busy schedule of creating portraits and running a business to find sites that will be of interest to you, the readers. I don't take this charge lightly and spend a considerable amount of time searching for sites worthy of our knowledgeable readers. Like most subjects you can find on the internet, you must sift through a lot of sand before finding gold. I'm happy to report that Pixiport is a site worth sifting for.

The site is the brainchild of Florida photographer Helyn Davenport. Pixiport does much more than serve as simply a gallery for Helyn's stunning digital work. It also serves as a "Portal To The Arts" , an online venue for photographic artists to showcase their works and offer educational and informational opportunities to art in photography to the public. Each month different international photographic artists are showcased. The site is available in twenty different languages, offering true international access. Various styles of art in photography are featured. A popular section called "Bob's Portal", written by Bob Snell, (no, not Bob Shell!) offers link information to other sites within the arts of interest.

"PixiPort's Lightroom", a technical forum is one of the great educational features on the site each month. It is written and edited by top international photography experts and deals with the new technologies available together with tradition standards. This forum offers educational resources and tips to photographers wishing to learn and enhance their own skills.

"Art Site News", is updated daily with international art related news with added insights by Sequoyah. You can read inspirational insights into the artists works and stroll with her as she visits other online art galleries. One very popular educational feature each month is the guest lecturer section. The topics covered are on photography art related subject matter, and their material will vary.

Internationally recognized photo artists Greg Summers and Steve Bingham are experts that appear as regular guests on the site. Their topics include information on both the techniques and emotions available in photographic art that can be utilized by aspiring and experienced artists alike.

A popular feature on the site is Pixiport's Roundtable. This is an educational forum of photo artists with professional, commercial and art photography backgrounds, discussing various photo/art topics. It is moderated by Helyn. The ongoing goal of Pixiport is to showcase the work of leading photographic artists. If you've gotten the impression that there's a lot of good information and terrific images here, you're right.

Since there's so much to see here, I'd suggest you go to the 'Contents' page first. Everything is neatly labeled and you can just click on whatever section you'd like to visit and get there immediately. Don't miss sections for photographers (there is poetry also) include Helyn's galleries, the work of my buddy David Mendelsohn, and the work of the featured guest, who when I looked in October was well know photographer and writer Jim Zuckerman. Make sure to also see the September 11 Memorial work done by Bob Snell. Whether you'd like to join in a discussion, ask technical questions, be inspired by high caliber work or purchase a stunning Giclee print, is a site worth many repeated visits.


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