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A word or an idea becomes a recurring theme in my head. I write them down, I try different moods, different approaches- whatever feels fitting- I score lines out, I re-work sections, I read and re-read….and then something solid is formed that I am comfortable to accept as an extension of ‘me’.

MiPo Poetry Winners
Tryst Poetry Winners 2004

Greg Summers
The natural world is filled with surprises and energy that runs in cycles and circles. It is a direct contrast between the mechanical, man made world that is set at angles with patterns that repeat themselves in a monotonous drone of noise, color and shape.

Dan Perkins
Dan is semi-retired. He has two degrees in Social Work and works as a psychotherapist. He has done considerable writing, however has not published his poetry or muses. His poetry and muses are taken from his many personal experiences and come from the heart. He writes for those who have found love and also for those who lost love. It is his desire that A/all who visit here and his web sites find a peaceful and serene place to relax and enjoy themselves be they with a loved one, seeking solitude or the solace of being with old and new friends. So, relax, enjoy and come back soon.

Sequoyah Sez
Writing is as much of me, myself and I as the covering of my skin! Senses seem to become more keen as I age...awareness of the oneness of life more dear... Nature-speak more important !Fleshed passion is gone but taking the place is spiritual compassion...much more comfortable!

I find that this delightful aging ,with ensuing change of values, only convinces me that personal identity fades and there is a gradual melding into the whole…

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