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Date: 9/3/2001 Time: 5:48:24 PM Remote User: Comments Great art and innovative site! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: 9/3/2001 Time: 10:56:25 PM Remote User: Comments Sequoyah sez "your art photography and fine art photograpy site is the GREATEST! Mama sez: "THAT's MY DAGHTER!" -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: 9/4/2001 Time: 4:20:37 PM Remote User: Comments One superb gallery where art is not just a subject, it is art. Excellent presentation, always evolving content and always interesting. Well done, Helyn ! Don't ever stop. Best wishes and many thanks for the journey through your galleries. George Bradford -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: 9/4/2001 Time: 9:09:38 PM Remote User: Comments This site holds such creative works, imagination seems to flow through every page! Have never seen the likes. Beautiful wonderful artwork! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: 9/6/2001 Time: 10:18:36 PM Remote User: Comments I Love Shirley Cross' work, its some of the best I have ever seen ! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: 9/8/2001 Time: 9:35:47 AM Remote User: Comments The work Helyn Davenport and Staff is doing promoting other artist is one of the nicest things a person could do. The huge amount of work she puts into this is amazing. Thanks for being the one you are Helyn (and Staff) ! Best Regards from : René Asmussen - Denmark -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: 9/9/2001 Time: 3:27:20 PM Remote User: Comments Thank you all...! THe artists here are an inspiration in their art, and the grandest people I know. I love doing for all of you. I enjoy your work and your hearts. :) PixiPort is PixiPort only because of the wonderful artists she has in her galleries. Thank you again for allowing me to show your creations to the world. Helyn and "Staff" Sarge....:) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: 9/9/2001 Time: 4:19:53 PM Remote User: Comments Testing frim me to you!!!! Love ya! Mom -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: 9/9/2001 Time: 10:11:18 PM Remote User: Comments Great site! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: 9/12/2001 Time: 2:34:36 PM Remote User: Comments Most excellent works. Enjoyed the site immensely. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: 9/12/2001 Time: 2:37:27 PM Remote User: Comments Great technique and subject matter "Reflections". EMMETT 9/12/01 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: 9/14/2001 Time: 8:55:28 PM Remote User: Comments Creativity and artistry that not only inspire, but instill a desire to try and go the 'extra mile' to perhaps approach the beautiful professionalism on dispay in this gallery. OUTSTANDING, one and all!! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: 9/19/2001 Time: 3:37:02 PM Remote User: Comments It is like a art museum! Presentation is unique,one really enjoys the images in full view. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: 9/19/2001 Time: 3:38:55 PM Remote User: Comments Love it! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: 9/22/2001 Time: 8:37:22 PM Remote User: Comments Very beautiful collection of art. It is nice to see such a well formatted website for the "advertisement" of newer artists. Thanks! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: 10/7/2001 Time: 7:14:30 AM Remote User: Comments The best site I know, Helyn! Fantastic pictures, inspirational poetry - and love the "Quotes". The discussions and forums are really interesting and the printing facility on giclee papers makes for a total all round, need no other, place to make a Home Page. You work very hard, and we appreciate everything you do. Thanks. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: 10/18/2001 Time: 1:05:48 AM Remote User: Comments I really love this work! Powerful images. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: 11/20/2001 Time: 4:03:52 PM Remote User: Comments Just Purosing -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: 11/27/2001 Time: 10:52:14 AM Remote User: Comments Spent a little time here looking around. Like the photo manipulations! - Kurt Nimmo -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: 11/28/2001 Time: 5:21:15 AM Remote User: Comments -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: 12/3/2001 Time: 2:08:07 AM Remote User: Comments -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: 12/3/2001 Time: 2:12:07 AM Remote User: Comments FABULOUS SITE! PLEASE FEEL FREE TO PERUSE MY WEBSITE AND IF YOU ARE INTERESTED , WOULD LOVE TO LINK UP! I LIVE IN SYDNEY AUSTRALIA REGARDS CORRIE -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: 12/10/2001 Time: 11:24:31 AM Remote User: Comments I search alot on the web for good websites with digital images, but this is the best one i have seen. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: 12/13/2001 Time: 9:55:19 PM Remote User: Comments most excellent work, It's a really great site -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: 12/17/2001 Time: 12:26:24 PM Remote User: Comments How do I get to see your photos ? I missed where to click -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: 12/17/2001 Time: 3:05:50 PM Remote User: Comments Hello all..thank you for all of the wonderful comments! Do so appreciate..and happy to see many enjoying the artists on PixiPort. PixiPort is a vast site so have tried to make different ways to aid the guests in viewing images. The directory you can acess from home page and lists the artists galleries,also on top of many pages is a script with links to the galleries and different parts of PixiPort...Also clicking on the PixiPort banner takes you to home if you get lost hit the banner! :) In the galleries if you click on an image it goes to enlarge view...and opens another window for this enlarge view. On PixiPort E-Zine which you can access from home page, is where the Photo of the Month and much imformation,links and photos to be found. This site is updated daily and is a very active community and we welcome all to jump in the discussions and to leave comments to the artists. Next guest is Dec 20th..and will be a very different type of photography..:)) Thank you from all of us on PixiPort.... Helyn -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: 12/19/2001 Time: 12:08:49 PM Remote User: Comments Your site just looks better and better all of the time. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: 12/21/2001 Time: 7:25:24 AM Remote User: Comments nice -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: 12/26/2001 Time: 4:21:18 PM Remote User: Comments Heyln I have been browsing this site for a few days there is certainly a lot to see. The artist's you have onboard are a very talented group, I also appreciated the Photoshop tutorial .You sure have come up with a unique approach to the arts website. I will be sending you many new visitors and linking to you from my site (hope you can handle the hits, LOL) . I can see how much time you have been spending on this project (along with all your other endeavors). I want to thank you for finding the time to keep in touch and for all your encouraging words ..Eric Root (vegasphotog) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: 1/10/2002 Time: 8:36:16 PM Remote User: Comments Imagine onwards! you keep me amazed. Daystar -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: 1/18/2002 Time: 3:17:39 PM Remote User: Comments I am always impressed with the work I find in the galleries. Some of the photos are so very beautiful and just make a person want to walk into them. I always come away refreshed after MY 'walk' thru the galleries. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: 1/24/2002 Time: 4:22:38 PM Remote User: Comments great -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: 1/29/2002 Time: 1:54:41 PM Remote User: Comments Thanks your site was really ueful and really interesting, thanx again! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: 1/31/2002 Time: 10:34:20 AM Remote User: Comments Cool artwork, i like this site very much. Please visit my web site and tell me what u think about my work. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: 2/2/2002 Time: 10:34:04 PM Remote User: Comments The photography is excellent. I have enjoyed looking at them. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: 2/7/2002 Time: 5:19:05 PM Remote User: Comments Very nice work..from everyone. Web site is very well arranged. Keep up the Great work. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: 2/24/2002 Time: 10:57:03 PM Remote User: Comments it's a bloody ripper. mate -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: 2/28/2002 Time: 8:15:43 PM Remote User: Comments Hi! i'm miki. i'm 17 yrs old and loves art. I'm taking museum attendands for this years course. And i'm loving it. It's my first time to visit this website and i think it's the best artwebpage of all i've seen. Lot's of pictures and greeting cards to choose from to send to someone you love and close to you. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: 3/3/2002 Time: 4:52:14 PM Remote User: Comments -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: 3/3/2002 Time: 10:32:02 PM Remote User: Comments I really enjoyed the images by David Mendelsohn. His use of color is so refreshing, but I was really impressed with his artists' statement. I love the idea of "zen within the frame." -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: 3/4/2002 Time: 11:59:07 AM Remote User: Comments this is the first time visiting this site and there is only one word. beautiful! great anticipation for new artists and work. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: 3/17/2002 Time: 7:24:57 PM Remote User: Comments -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: 3/26/2002 Time: 9:12:29 AM Remote User: Comments this us an awsome site i've only been here once and im 15 and i want to be a photographer and this is photography is so beutiful and awsome -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: 3/26/2002 Time: 9:12:50 AM Remote User: Comments this was an awsome site i've only been here once and im 15 and i want to be a photographer and this is photography is so beutiful and awsome -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: 4/4/2002 Time: 2:24:05 PM Remote User: Comments My husband and I think it is great, and the artists are doing exceptional work. Did not know that there is such good digital work out there. We would love to be a part of it and would like to know if you are excepting new members into your group. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: 4/4/2002 Time: 2:26:20 PM Remote User: Comments I meant accepting, not excepting. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: 4/4/2002 Time: 2:31:15 PM Remote User: Comments Forgive me. I meant accepting, not excepting. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: 4/28/2002 Time: 2:23:51 AM Remote User: Comments Powerful. Helyn's images are moving and inspirational. I have never seen art like this. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: 5/14/2002 Time: 6:26:58 AM Remote User: Comments Hi, Wow, what a great site. It shows just what can be done with digital photography if you have a heart and imagination with lots of talent. Thank you for sharing this beautiful imagery. Dennis Fielding. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: 5/16/2002 Time: 6:40:02 PM Remote User: Comments Excelent web sight. Found names of photographers I know. Will come back often. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: 6/7/2002 Time: 4:35:57 PM Remote User: Comments Photograhic art collection that rules! Very pleasing to some hobby-photographer's eye's. And also good collection of arts at all... greetings by Paul Geisler - -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: 6/13/2002 Time: 11:43:07 AM Remote User: Comments no bad -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: 6/21/2002 Time: 7:50:35 AM Remote User: Comments for people who have real sense in artit seems to be an boon gkil -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: 7/4/2002 Time: 8:16:14 AM Remote User: Comments Tu pagina es realmente bella. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: 7/6/2002 Time: 6:04:23 PM Remote User: Comments Lo ringrazio per il vostro comments!Helyn molto gentile -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: 7/6/2002 Time: 6:04:49 PM Remote User: Comments Le agradezco por su comments!Helyn muy bueno -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: 7/6/2002 Time: 6:05:18 PM Remote User: Comments Je remercie tout le vous de votre comments!Helyn très aimable -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: 7/6/2002 Time: 6:05:41 PM Remote User: Comments ????????????comments!Helyn ???????????????? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: 7/6/2002 Time: 6:06:07 PM Remote User: Comments Eu agradeço-o para seu comments!Helyn muito amável -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: 7/10/2002 Time: 6:18:11 PM Remote User: Comments FIRST RATE ! AS A PHOTOGRAPHER,AND A PHOTOSHOP FREAK... I'D JUST LIKE TO SAY FIRST RATE !!! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: 7/13/2002 Time: 1:55:38 AM Remote User: Comments Pixiport Your website is simply great. One of the very best!! Thank You for being here, Dubi Roman -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: 7/14/2002 Time: 7:38:38 PM Remote User: Comments An artistic masterpiece, congratulations and thanks. Agustin Sorhegui. Palma de Mallorca. Spain. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: 8/15/2002 Time: 8:38:20 AM Remote User: Comments Brilliant collection/selection PixiPort,Inc Copyright © 2001 by PixiPort,Inc. All rights reserved. Revised: 15 Aug 2002 08:38:21 -0400 .


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