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For many years Pixiport has strived to become a portal to the Arts, a place where the old meets the new, and a place unlike no other on the Internet. We have now reached a point where we need to find a reliable "Server" base, somewhere that can host our site without the constant breakdowns associated with our current arrangement.

We need a place or a system which will combine our basic needs into one good reliable package. This package will have to recognise the need to maintain a large database of imagery, be always available to our viewing audience, and above all to be cost effective. The ideal solution is to use our own server, probably on a lease basis, but all avenues need to be explored at the present time.

If you have been one of the thousands of Artists or Photographers who have benefited from our coverage over the years, or have any thoughts on how to obtain the corporate sponsorship necessary to maintain our level of commitment to you, then we really want to hear from you - fast!

Please contact HELYN direct, her contact details are on the Pixiport home page HERE

As I write this paragraph the poor lady is battling against the dreaded winter "flu" - but do be assured that she will answer all your e-mails, and if you are living within the USA then please do provide your telephone contact details as well.

Surreal Fine Art Photography
Lucio was born on 1/1/1935 in Rome, Italy, where he lives, dwells and works. He has a degree in Sociology and began his photography in 1988. Running courses on photography and history of the photographic image in several sites including the Second University of Rome Tor Vergata has enabled him to pass on his considerable skills to others. A multi award winning, exhibited, and much collected Photographic artist, he says " I look not for the new, but for what is at least different, uncommon, surprising, fun, magic, and absurd. I donít care for reality, I donít care for the certainty of whatís in front of my lens, I care for the creativity, the fantasy, the invention, that can gush from a cultured thought."

It is not often that we can bring you actual video clips of current news events, but when we found out that one of our featured artists had been chosen to exhibit his work on a local morning TV show then we just had to show you this clip. Here is Emmett talking to Rosemary Plybon on the WFMY News 2 Good Morning show.

A review of the audio-visual concert given by David Allison as part of the Celtic Connections Festival in Glasgow.

The results of our 2007 contest HERE

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Photography polariods
Regular recipients of this newsletter will realise that there are many features on this site which are "timeless." So, we will feature here some of the great "archive" pages - articles and features that our new viewers will not have seen, but which are still interesting enough to take a second glance at - even if you are already an established "Pixiporter."

We are most definitely in the "instant age." Everything has to be done "now" - we do not want to wait for anything. No more waiting for days to see our photos developed by the local drug store, we have digital, the instant coffee in our photographic world. Of course the real innovation in instant photography came with the Polaroid camera. These were not just instant images, they were, and of course still are, images with a character of their own. Sit back and enjoy how some of our artists have interpreted the characteristics of this enduring piece of photographic equipment.
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From the very outset we have been committed to presenting the very best in Photography and Art to you - our audience. The concept of asking for paid subscriptions has always been foreign to us. However, keeping this site fresh and making sure that our readers are given every opportunity to enjoy all the latest trends does cost money.

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Ken Windsor. Newsletter Editor.
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