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December 2001 
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  • e-Digital Photography Magazine
  • Point! CounterPoint!!
  • Shirley Cross Photograph Published

  • e-Digital Photography Magazine
    e-Digital Photography Magazine reviews PixiPort Fine Art Photography Gallery.

    One of the things I like most about writing the web reviews is the fact that I must take time from my busy schedule of creating portraits and running a business to find sites that will be of interest to you, the readers. I don't take this charge lightly and spend a considerable amount of time searching for sites worthy of our knowledgeable readers. Like most subjects you can find on the internet, you must sift through a lot of sand before finding gold. I'm happy to report that Pixiport is a site worth sifting for.

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    Point! CounterPoint!!
    DIGTIAL PHOTO ART REAL? How far is to far? Tim Stone and Carol Tipping debate.....

    Well, first of all, I suppose we should decide the scope of this conversation. There is a whole gamut of digital manipulations that we could discuss. Photographs are manipulated in so many ways: contrast enhancement and color balancing, simple blemish retouching on portraiture, removing unsightly objects in otherwise beautiful landscapes, and more durastic manipulations in texture, color, and combining multiple images. Some of these manipulations are readily taken for granted, to the point of being expected. Others, in the hands of those

    Visit PixiPort's Point! CounterPoint!! and join in the ongoing discussion.

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    Shirley Cross Photograph Published
    Popular Photography Digital Imaging Guide on newstands now has published Art Photographer Shirley Cross photo "Fiery Redhead"

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    Galaxies Of Delights
    PixiPort Features Astrophotographer Jason Ware who brings us galaxies of delights with his Astro Photography Photos.

    Astro Photos Gallery....

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