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June 15th 2003 
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Dear Helyn,

Due to the imense popularity of the poster series, a sales team has been developed for in person one on one sales to galleries, gift shops and other commercial entities that present a sales opportunity. This sales team is able to not only generate sales but is available to follow-up on any leads that are presented. To that end any and all sales leads for the posters can and will be followed up on in a timely fashion. The sales team is charged with creating sales opportinities and ensuring that sales and exposure to the posters are ongoing continually. If anyone needs a personal sales call made please contact sales@pixiport.com and one of our sales professionals will respond quickly.

Many of the posters continue to receive very positive feedback. The artists always appreciate such encouragement and support. Additional new poster galleries will be presented and made available in the near future. Watch this newsletter for those as they are announced and posted.

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  • Patrick Loehr
  • IT'S A WHAT?
  • Images To Inspire
  • PBI - Spectrum Purple Gallery

  • IT'S A WHAT?
    The Voice Behind The Lens - Michael Dubiner
    IT'S A WHAT?
    (A false morel of course)

    One early morning in April I was walking my dog in our front yard and I came across what appeared to be several mushrooms in, shall we say, an unusual shape. Not heeding my own advice, I did not have any camera with me. Worse yet, instead of rushing into the house and getting one, I came out a leisurely couple of hours later and the mushrooms had withered in the Florida heat.

    Several days later, as I approached my dogs favorite spot, the strong musky smell of the fungus was evident several yards away. This time, as soon as the dog had done her business, I went into the house, put a close up lens on my Nikon D1X and shot away. Because the mushroom was in shadow and I was not using a flash, there was little depth of field. I therefore wanted to get a shot where the plane of the subject was parallel to the plane of the CCD.

    I had a few other opportunities to make images of these unusual looking mushrooms over the next week or so. After that, they were gone. The image I chose to show is the one that most closely resembles the male sexual organ, which is what originally drew these fungi to my attention.

    I did some research on the Web into this uncommonly shaped mushroom. I learned that what I was seeing was likely a false morel. An edible morel is a mushroom that, as it's name implies, can be eaten. A false morel is a mushroom that resembles, and is occasionally mistaken, for the edible morel, with sometimes disastrous results. They are often poisonous.

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    Images To Inspire
    Ken Windser Internet Art Journalist All good things have to come to an end, and I guess I have had a good run for my money as the saying goes. The fact is that pressure of time and constraints on actually showing individual images have conspired to make it very difficult for me to continue this series.

    Over the past months I have managed to show you thousands of images from Photographers and artists world-wide. It has been a pleasure to have been a part of Pixiport, and I am sure that others will take over where I leave off. This is not the last edition, that will be next month when I present my own very personal in- depth look at the images and Photographers who feature on the Pixiport site itself, my own way of saying "thank you" to my hosts.

    This month, with permission from the Photographer, I am going to take an in-depth look at a site which "hit me between the eyes" when I saw it for the first time only a week or so ago.

    JACKY LEPAGE is a Photographer from Belgium who came to my notice through his images of Jazz musicians. Oh no - I can hear you moan, I know Ken likes jazz, is this going to be just an excuse to feature boring people playing what we consider to be "boring music."

    Far from it folks - this is something rather special, here we will see images of grace and power, images of the famous, and the not so famous, and, well yes - people we aint even heard of.

    I will look at his non jazz work a little later, but right now, straight into the images.

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    PBI - Spectrum Purple Gallery
    Photo Board International's (PBI) newest Spectrum Gallery is up for viewing. The Color Purple is PBI's featured color this time.

    Beautiful art on spectrum and please check out the red and blue galleries! Bob Snell is the administrator for PBI which is a free membership and all work is reviewed before acceptance. Workshops, discussions and more happen on PBI. Join in on the education, sharing of information and fun available through PBI.

    Fine art Photo by Sam Norris of PBI.

    Visit Spectrum Galleries

    Patrick Loehr
    We welcome Patrick Loehr to our galleries. Three galleries of" Art Landscapes", "Western Art" and a wonderful unique "Western Gothic" gallery creating art that will have you smiling.

    Photography is a tool I use to better understand my place in the world. Ultimately the images I create are an attempt to connect with the people, places and ideas that came together to bring me into the world

    I am a Colorado based photographer specializing in digital photographic manipulation. My image making is an exploration of the passage of time. This exploration is expressed in different ways through different subject matter. I often find myself examining points in history where fact blurs into fiction, where truth becomes myth, and the familiar becomes unfamiliar.

    My Western Fine Art imagery features subjects that exist somewhere between the old and the new west. The cowboy imagery explores a vanishing lifestyle unique to the American west. These images examine the historical roots of a distinct breed of western character.

    The landscape imagery in this series explores the complexity of the modern west by interpreting a semi- rural landscape undergoing rapid change.

    The manipulation techniques used throughout this series strive to exhibit a raw and organic aesthetic essential for the subject matter. These multi-layered images are created by deconstructing and eventually rebuilding an image through a process of merging layers of photographed organic material.

    The Western Gothic Gallery represents a different approach to interpreting history. This series evolved through exploration of a favorite theme, namely our collective relationship to a forgotten past. I've always been interested in the points of family history where facts are muddied and often exaggerated, and eventually reality is transformed into myth. This series takes elements from my own family history and twists them into something completely unrecognizable.

    In my Landscape and Architecture imagery I often explore themes of isolation, decay and rebirth. I am drawn to these themes because, to me, they represent mortality and define the nature of human history.

    Patrick Loehr

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