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 Featured Guest-Updates May 2002 
In this issue
  • Darkness and Light: The Duality of Lucio Valerio Pini
  • The Art Of Internet Photography-Ken Windsor
  • PhotoFiction-Glenn Osborn
    Photo by Greg Summers
  • CloseUp-Carol Tipping
  • Tantra Bensko
  • Spectrum Gallery
  • PixiPort Expo

  • Greetings!

    Pixiport has been busy as usual this month. New Featured guest photographer Lucio Valerio Pini from Rome Italy, Glenn Osborn has a wonderful new story for us "Hunting On Lake Hope" along with Greg Summers photograph, Ken Windsor is taking a new direction with his "The Art Of Internet Photography" and Carol Tipping delights us with her interview of art photographer and writer Elena Ray.

    Carol Tipping Caterpillar Portal a new subject "For, or Against Cloning". Wonderful how she explains and uses the visual step by step guide in all of her image editors. Be sure to check out her archives. Photo Board International has really been active and now has Eric Root's" Vegasphotog PC Technical Corner "where he not only posts great information but also answers any technical questions you may have. Spectrum Gallery from PBI is growing fast and the art is fantastic!!

    Darkness and Light: The Duality of Lucio Valerio Pini

    This month we have a Featured Guest Photographer who comes with a warning label.

    We feel the work of Lucio Valerio Pini conveys an important, timely and relevant message-but part of it is violent and real, so caution is urged to viewers of his first portfolio.

    It is with a firm belief of not censoring art that expresses what is part of the human experience that we bring you Mr. Pini's work, which creates a union of reality and art. However, we urge you to read the artist's statement first to understand what you will be viewing and why he has chosen his particular means of expression.

    In his fourth gallery, Lucio Valerio Pini expresses the beautiful and lyrical side of his extraordinary talent with a collection of fine art photography that will delight and add to your experience on PixiPort.

    Visit Gallery....

    The Art Of Internet Photography-Ken Windsor
    This article looks at some of the basics of "Internet Photography." It is important to understand that both viewers and presenters have many different reasons for surfing the net, and adherence to a few basic rules will make the journey a more enjoyable and profitable experience for us all.

    The world wide web emerged as a major source of information, but, as we all know, pages of text without images can be incredibly boring.

    Looking at a page on the net, your perspective is very different to that of reading a newspaper. Although you may not realise it, the eye and the brain reacts to a printed page by immediately looking for the headline. Yes, you may have seen the image first, but you always skip it momentarily and look for that all important headline.

    Your mind says "hey the image is there, but what is this all about, I can come back and look at the picture in a minute, but at the moment I really want to know what they have to say.

    With an internet page, the brain reacts to design and visual stimulation in a more subtle way, with the graphic design elements being of far greater importance. .

    I see a few raised eyebrows here, but look at it this way. You go into a shop to buy a daily paper, and maybe you have at most a dozen to chose from. Whatever your interest, look for the same alternatives on the net and you have many many more sites, all competing for your time.

    A badly designed home page, uninspiring images, and the viewer will just move on to the next site.

    To illustrate my point, let us assume that we are interested in finding a hotel in London.

    The first site we find is this one, a large group of Hotels, should be good.

    Read on... »

    PhotoFiction-Glenn Osborn
    Photo by Greg Summers
    Burke is standing in the water naked. The reeds and cattails surround him and rustle in the wind. The sunlight glints off the water and he squints, every muscle taut in the hunt. A redwing blackbird notices Burke is invading his territory and squawks loudly, alerting the blue heron Burke was approaching just thirty feet away. It's the closest he's ever come to one, and now the great bird lifts its wings, brings them down once, sharply, and lifts from the water, sloping away across the pond.

    Burke curses the little black bird and wishes he could grab the little bastard and crush its bones, knowing it hasn't enough meat to bother cooking. But the heron, that would make a fine meal and perhaps he could fashion a headdress of its feathers.

    A frog croaks as if ringing the bell for the end of another round and Burke slices back through the muck. At the water's edge, he finds a patch of dry grass and sits down to wash his feet then lies back in the sunlight. Overhead the sky is clear and azure, so deeply blue he can see stars. He folds an arm over his forehead, shading his eyes and smells the murky water, listens to the wind in the reeds.

    H U N T I N G    O N    L A K E    H O P E

    Full Story........ »

    CloseUp-Carol Tipping
    Interview with Elena Ray/Photographer Writer

    I want to jump right in and ask you - about the images of the figure in the desert, with the black bird, seductively - yet menacingly, stalking ? There is a hint that the bird is your "shadow". Can you explain your meaning of "shadow"? is it your "shadow side" or "dark side? " A part of yourself? Or is it to do with fear?

    The raven/shadow is definitely stalking the suited androgynous figure. Our shadows, both literally and figuratively, stalk us. Shadow, for me, entails those self truths which we deny, fear, and ignore. We become superficial, neurotic, etc, when we avoid the shadow issues of life. Shadow deepens life-ask any painter! The driving concept behind "Immigrant" is the recognition and integration of both the shadow element and the androgynous element(s) . Libertina, the main character in "Immigrant" is played by one actress. She is a man wearing the Zoot Suit, a woman in red, and a repressed shadow figure beneath a black veil. The black veil hides her and also flies, a metaphor for Raven. The images all relate to each other in this way.

    Full Story »

    Tantra Bensko
    Work of Olympia, Washington Photographer Tantra Bensko Wins Place in International Juried Exhibition in New York.

    The work was one of only twenty-three works of art selected from among thousands of entries from all over the world, by Guest Curator Dick Lopez, who judged the work from slide entries. Mr. Lopez is the founding director of the Long Island Center for Photography and is a noted photographer himself.

    Tantra Bensko's photographic art can be found in numerous magazines, such as The Pedestal Magazine, Branches Quarterly, Exquisite Corpse, Raven Chronicles, and Samsara. Her Polaroid work won a ribbon at the Salon Mondial in Luxembourg. Her art is showing in several other galleries internationally, including London and New York. Locally, she is having a solo show at the Voyeur May/June called "Reality Burn!".

    Tantra also has won the ribbon at Salon Mondial in Luxembourg and was accepted into the Photography 2002 show in New York. She will be the featured artist in The Pedestal Magazine in Exquisite Corpse and several images published in Logascene and Samsara Magazine.

    Visit Tantra's Gallery on PixiPort »

    Spectrum Gallery
    The "Special Assignment - Colors" is located in "Bob Snell's Photography Workshop" of PhotoBoardInternational.com, which is a division of PixiPort.com and linked to the "Spectrum Gallery" on Pixiport. There has been a tremendous, growing audience for both of these unique Photography Web Sites.

    Each section is based on a color theme,so far red, green,blue,yellow,green,white ,purple and pink is the next one going up. All work is from PBI,(Photo Board International) a photography art related discussion board with workshops,tips,information and the best on the net are onboard.

    The board is open for free membership and members are "reviewed" before acceptance to insure that only serious photo artists and photographers are accepted.

    Visit Spectrum.......... »

    PixiPort Expo

    International and National artists include, Ciro Antinozzi,Fred Leavitt,Bob Snell,Carol Tipping,Peter O'Neil,Shirley Cross,Judy Mandolf,Rene Asmussen,Steve Bingham,Greg Summers,Paul Biddle,Helyn Davenport.

    I am just urging those of you coming to the October Expo for Pixiport to please make your hotel room reservations with the Holiday Inn Deland as quickily as possible. They are filling up fast and rooms will soon be unavailable. The code for our Expo is PFA.

    The nights are October 3,4,5,& 6. the heavy nights are the 4th & 5th. Please don't be shut out of a room at this conveniently located top quality hotel. The phone number is 1-800-HOLIDAY and use the PFA code. You will be taken care of promptly.

    We have media-press from many countries coming to cover PixiPort Expo.

    PixiPort Expo Countdown...... »

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