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 Focus On Happenings August 2002 
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  • Dear Helyn,

    There are just over 60 days remaining before the PixiPort Expo here at the Gold Leaf Gallery in Deland begins.

    Details are coming together quickly and the excitment surrounding this first annual event builds daily. Nine of the fourteen photo artists participating will actually be in attendance for the openning reception.

    For futher details and specifics please see Pixiport Expo in this edition.

    Photographers Featured

    This month we bring you 5 surperb art photographers that will have you in in another world! The world of Fine Art Photography.

    Y O R H A M   R U B I N
    R E N A T A   R A T A J C Z Y K
    R I C H A R D  R O W N A K
    R O D R I G O   F E R N A N D E Z
    R O B E R T   C O R I M E R

    "I have always been a dreamer but at the same time grounded, with my head in the clouds and my feet on the ground I try to take the viewer into another world. The world of the human imaginary".Robert Corimer

    My art is a never ending window to my reality. Working as a graphic designer, photographer, or artist makes my world a variety of expression which I value greatly".Richard Rownak

    Yoram Rubin was born in Tel Aviv, Israel in 1945. He studied archeology at the Israel Museum and became the curator of the Massada Museum, Dead Sea, where his interest in photography began (1968-1970).

    Renata Ratajczyk is an internationally acclaimed photographer and a digital artist specializing in photo illustration, fashion and fine art portraiture. In her distinctive dream-like and visionary images she often merges reality with a fantasy world.

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    Dan Perkins
    The Poetry and Muses of Dan Perkins

    Dan is semi-retired. He has two degrees in Social Work and works as a psychotherapist. He has done considerable writing, however has not published his poetry or muses. His poetry and muses are taken from his many personal experiences and come from the heart. He writes for those who have found love and also for those who lost love.

    It is his desire that A/all who visit here and his web sites find a peaceful and serene place to relax and enjoy themselves be they with a loved one, seeking solitude or the solace of being with old and new friends. So, relax, enjoy and come back soon.

    Hands Of Time

    As I sit in the twilight, entranced by the flickering candle
    My mind drifts back to the happiest of times...
    Time spent together...

    We were much younger then and
    So much in love...
    We often told each other of our love...
    We touched often, holding the other tight and close
    You always gave the best hugs...
    Where has that time gone...

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    PhotoFiction-Glenn Osborn
    Sparks Fly From Her Strings

    She is dreaming of Mozart. She sees him through an open window, playing the pianoforte, then stopping to annotate his composition, then resuming. She carries a viola.

    She sees herself pass through the brick wall of his residence and emerge into a room lit by candles burning low. Maestro is resting, or contemplating, his forehead on the pianoforte. She raises her instrument to play a gypsy rababah and in the instant before her bow touches the strings a bolt of lightning slithers into the room and with its finial, delicate finger, licks her palm and she begins to play. It is as if a cornered animal has begun to scream, a leopard or a Tasmanian devil or a badger, snarling, bursting out into the room like the shattered doors of hell.

    Maestro jerks up his head and spins on his stool, his eyes wide with fear, and yet his heart absorbs the music, which it knows but has never heard. He stands and faces her. She is naked and enraptured, oblivious to him. Her music fills every corner of the room and bleeds out into the street. Maestro begins to weep and then to dance. He cannot help himself. She opens her eyes and sees him in a blur of motion and picks up the beat.

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    Pixiport Expo:
    Pixiport Expo:Photography: Art in Focus

    Expo Hosts: PixiPort.com & Gold Leaf Gallery

    Expo Location: Gold Leaf Gallery,110 North Woodland Blvd Deland, Florida, USA

    Expo Opening Reception: Friday October 4, 2002 6- 9PM

    Expo Artists Cocktail Party Saturday, October 5, 2002 6- 9PM Hosted by PixiPort

    Expo Headquarter Hotel: Deland Holiday Inn Convention Center. Telephone 386-738-5200.

    For those flying, Daytona Beach International Airport is 16 miles from the hotel.

    Invitational only, International and National artists include, Ciro Antinozzi,Fred Leavitt,Bob Snell,Carol Tipping,Peter O'Neil,Shirley Cross,Judy Mandolf,Rene Asmussen,Greg Summers,Paul Biddle,Helyn Davenport, Michale Dubiner and Graham Z Seidman.

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    Digital Art Supplies
    WInner of July Photo of the month on Pixiport Phil Preston recieves from our new sponsor, Digital Art Supplies, 50 sheets of multipack photo paper.


    We are very pleased to welcome Digital Art Supplies as our newest sponsor. The addition of this wonderful company to the Pixiport family exemplifies our ongoing commitment to seek and bring on board only the best that will properly cater to the Pixiport artists.

    We are very selective in the kind of sponsor organizations it accepts. We look for solid relationships in a sponsor and likewise seek a mutually beneficial arrangement in the sponsorship selection process. Digital Art Supplies meets all of the criteria mentioned above and offers a multi-faceted menu of products. Please show your thanks to each of our sponsors by patronizing their business.

    Pixiport currently has sponsor opportunities. Quality companies interested in learning more, please contact Helyn at helyn@pixiport.com for specific information.

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    Ciro Antinozzi
    Ciro was born in Salerno, Italy in 1953, received a degree in Geology and has been a professional photographer since 1984. His office and studio are in Salerno, where he specializes in photographing people, still lifes, and unique photos of fruits and vegetables.

    His slide archives include over 20,000 catalogued photographs that are distributed all over the world, including Italy, Germany, U.S.A., Mexico, Malaysia, and New Zealand, though various international agencies. Many of his photographs have been used extensively by leading advertising agencies such as Saatchi & Saatchi, Leo Burnett, Ted Bates, Ata Univas and others.

    Ciro works with three photographic formats : five Nikon bodies, two Hasselblad cameras and a Sinar body with all the appropriate lenses. Most all of his work is done on digital equipment. His unique style and quality images are a joy to look at and are always memorable.

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    Ciro Antinozzi-Interviewed
    Closeup with Carol Tipping

    How did you start selling your work? Was that work made, using a computer?

    I started in 1979 as a geologist (I have a degree in this subject) in fact I took many pictures when I was looking around for my research. I began to use the Macintosh in 1990 and then my work was enriched by it. But in early '80 I made many pictures using the double exposures and the "sandwich" technique duplicating the slides...the results were good but not comparable to the computer composite files we can get today. In 1984 I started to sell my photographic work and I can say that's all right because my pictures are around in many countries where I sold them (U.S.,Germany,New Zealand and ...Italy). In the last time I got some assignments from Germany by really big industries as Gottwald- Demag.

    Do you have a favourite category of photography? (Do you prefer Fashion, or Still Life - or maybe you prefer your Computer Effects pictures? )

    My favourite photography is all that hits my imagination as pure emotion, this may be happen as a technical fact or a creative work. I prefer composite computer photo, the effect must be produced by the unusual composition (unreal, dreamlike), really I don't like the computer generated landscapes we can see on computer magazines.In brief the ideal picture may be a balanced cocktail of images.

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    Opportunities For Artists
    August 1 Fullbright tradional lecturing and research grants available. No fee. Includes a stepend for 2 months to one academic or longer as necessary.

    For information,contact the Council for International Exchange of Scholars,3007 Tilden St. NW,Suite 5L,Washington,DC 200008-3009,

    phone 202/686- 7877,email apprequest@cies.iie.org or visit the website www.cies.org

    August 16 The Tenth Annual Deland Fall Festival of the Arts seeks artists for a juried fine art and crafts festival.November 23 and 24,2002. $25,000 in prize money is available. Over 200 hundred artists participate and over 60,000 people will attend the festival. $25. application fee and $150. space fee.

    To recieve an application,write to:The Deland Museum of Art,600 N Woodland Blvd.,Deland,Fl 32720-344, phone 386/734- 4371; email festival@delandmuseum.com or visit www.delandfallfestival.com

    September 6 Thomas Center Galleries in Gainsville,Florida is issuing a call to artists for its regional juried show. FLORIDA RESIDENTS ONLY: all media Awards.Juror Kerry Oliver-Smith,Harn Museum of Art.

    Send SASE to Amy Vigilante Dickerson,Thomas Center Galleries,city of Gainesville,Department of Cultural Affairs, Station 30,P.O. Box 498, Gainesville Florida 32602.

    No phone calls please.

    September 13 A Shenere Velt Gallery of the Workman's Circle/Arbeter Ring, Southern California District, has issued a call for artists to participate in a juried exhibition entitled "Globalization" to be displayed November 12,2002 through January 3, 2003. Submit slides of up to 3 wall-hung works in any media except ceramics and jewelry that explore such topics as energy and the enviroment, labor, health, wealth, poverty, and class, multinational corporations, immigration, human rights, media, culture, and education.

    For a prospectus, send a business size SASE to A Shenere Velt Gallery, 1525 S. Robertson Blvd, Los Angelous, CA 90035 or call 310/552-2007.

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    Words Of Art
    Dr. Robert Belton has taught the history of art and art theory at McMaster University, the University of Western Ontario, and Queen's University, where he received two awards for teaching excellence in 1992.

    He currently teaches at Okanagan University College in Kelowna, B.C.

    Dr. Belton has published two other books with the University of Calgary Press: The Theatre of the Self: The Life and Art of William Ronald (1999) and Sights of Resistance: Approaches to Canadian Visual Culture (2001).

    F I G U R A T I V E

    Any expression of one thing in terms of another thing, by means of language that rejects the literal in favour of a figure of speech or a trope. Strangely, audiences often forget to consider the figurative in visual images -- particularly photography -- even though they readily recognize that common speech is riddled with figurative expressions like "she was on cloud nine." Visual images are no less figurative, ranging from pure conventions like personifications to more imaginative tropes.

    Artwriters sometimes use "figurative" simply to mean that an image contains recognizable images (i.e., that it is not abstract or non-objective). Since this usage does not distinguish between literal and figurative in the sense given above, it is considerably less precise.

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