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Meeting Renée Falcke August 18, 2003

  Dear Helyn,

This special edition of the PixiPort Newsletter is a unique opportunity to meet a very unique and well versed former UPI photo journalist, Renée Falcke and view many of her tremendous photographic images. The wealth of knowledge, experience and insight contained in this exclusive interview with Renée conducted by Mia for PixiPort is certainly a treat.

Renee has known and worked with a real who's who of individuals including Charles de Gaulle, Pierre Cardin, Yves Montand, and novelist Margueritte Yourcenar while capturing unique and rare images of these people through the camera. Experience meeting Renée and enjoy the journey that both the interview and her wonderful photographic images takes us through.

Meeting Renée Falcke
Interview by Mia

First, some minor clarification between a press photographer and a photojournalist: A press photographer works for a newspaper; whereas, a photojournalist presents a news story primarily through photography with a supplementary written copy. I've noticed in the few weeks I've been corresponding with Renée Falcke that I've used both terms interchangeably and wondered which title adequately fit Renée. After interviewing Renée, whom I've come to know on a more personal level I realized neither description really suited her whole being. For one, journalism often demands sensationalism and capitalizes on "newsworthy" events. But what is considered newsworthy to some becomes questionable to others when ratings are the primary force behind a media's intent to sell.

For true syndication, newsworthy is the headline grabber, an immediate response to a situation without much regard for the human-interest story. The story comes later in the form of flash bulbs, microphones shoved in people's faces, and answers jotted down hastily to inane questions such as, "how did you feel about losing your entire family?"--Well, just how would anyone feel under such tragic circumstances?! As a viewer I am appalled by this degrading approach to stripping the person of his/her dignity. Not far behind are tabloids with their gossip columns and tell-all approach. So I felt reluctant to classify Renée as a photojournalist. Renée, however, has no reservation about how she perceives herself:

Renée Falcke

"You have to understand that I am not an artist. I am a photographer and a journalist, working on a very high level."


I, on the other hand, disagree. Because Renée is a photographer with a keen insight and interest in the individual person, she is a storyteller always writing stories in her head.

She and I are in the same business of interviewing people. She interviews people with a camera, and I with a pen. In many ways, we act as mirrors letting the subjects choose us rather than us choosing them. It is the artist in us wanting to capture a mood, spell of a moment, the photos that could inspire or tell a story that stay with our readers. When Renée relates a story, it adds another dimension to her photos.

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PixiPort is very pleased to have the opportunity to bring this very special and unique photo journalist and her wonderful work to our readers. Please feel free to let Renée know how much you enjoyed meeting her and viewing her images.

Thank you to Renée for availing herself to PixiPort for this interview, which has allowed us to gain some insight with Renee and experience her outstanding photography.


Helyn Davenport
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