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  New Fine Art Photographers August 12, 2002  

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POTM Scarlet James

Jeff Galbraith

Rodrigo Fernandez

Kristi Sutton

Nathan Brusovany

Subir Chatterjee

Kurt Nimmo

POTM Scarlet James

Scarlet James is August Photo of the Month winner. Our POTM is sponsored by
Digital Art Supplies.

Congratulations Scarlet!
POTM Gallery

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Pixiport has added to her Elite fine art photography galleries. Color and B & W photographers. Please welcome them to Pixiport!

A tip on Pixiport, the Banner logo on all galleries is linked to home page so if you get lost in her vastness, just click the banner and your back to home page!

We are looking for a few good writers and if you write about photography, art or something you think would be of interest to our community please contact Pixiport.

  • Jeff Galbraith
  •   Often the world around us becomes so familiar that the beauty and wonder of it are overlooked. It is my goal to take a closer look at the ordinary and hopefully expose its ability to please and intrigue us. I only hope that I can bring a smile or a bit of wonder to people through my photography.

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  • Rodrigo Fernandez
  •   In his artwork, Rodrigo utilizes multiple methods to gain the unique photo images that he creates. These include the use of graphite, acrylics, and collage technique as enhancements to his photo images.

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  • Kristi Sutton
  •   The viewer is best able to embrace the true essence of my work once they allow themselves to dwell in it, exploring the sharp contrasts of life, death, hope and despair that are tailored into the emotions of human experience. Using a collection of different abstracted photographs, I illustrate stories of mythical fantasy combined with gut reaching reality.

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  • Nathan Brusovany
  •   Art critics have been unable to define Brusovani's works, so they have had to do it themself. They call it "transrealism and multiplication" - the subjects, scenes and qualities multiply among themselves, creating a complex combination of emotions, ideas and images.

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  • Subir Chatterjee
  •   I believe sometimes, some forms objects moments like silence, absorbs the mind, frees it of petty detail, and serves as a visual guide a means for penetrating through the "realm of multitudes". The mind freed of 'logic' and 'formal definitions' can overcome the rational and cross into a world devoid of labels and categories. Where 'understanding' comes before analytical comprehension.

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  • Kurt Nimmo
  •   If there is a message in my work, it is one of continual bemusement at the often chaotic and seemingly haphazard patterns as people spread outward from the urban core, moving in all directions across the wilderness, erecting fast food emporiums, freeways and strip malls etched by the slow yet deliberate forces of an indifferent nature.

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