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The PixiPorter August 2, 2006

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Scarlet James

Ciro Antinozzi

John Flatz

Jeff Alu

Mark-Steffen Gowecke

Domenico Foschi

Bobbi Doyle-Maher

Ricardo BŠez Duarte

Misha Gordin


Scarlet James

What inspires me, I don`t know,anything, Everything, only something Listening to music, looking at a picture Sitting, standing, dreaming in silence Television, A Film, A Word, Nothing An art gallery, A Book, other people`s work Panic Fear What motivates me? all the above and more or less Why?

SCARLET is a photographer whose work is exhibited and sold in galleries in England and America. Her images have been bought by greeting card companies and have been published in magazines. She discovered photography a few years ago and worked in black and white. One day she saw the magic of Polaroid and "fell in love". Their SX-70 film allows her to manipulate the emulsion before it dries and paint on oils and dyes to give a more 'painterly' effect. This technique also makes every picture an original piece of work. Later, inevitably computer technology arrived in her life - she came out of her darkroom into the light. It has been and remains a passionate and exciting journey.

At the start of the millennium Scarlet's "Manipulated Manipulations" exhibition was shown at the Barbican Centre, London and around the UK - it is now in Flordia. She became an associate of the Royal Photography Society in 1998. The images here are a sample of her work.

Scarlets Gallery


Welcome to another Fabulous addition! Kick back, relax, and let these amazing artists sooth your soul. Enjoy the view. Sincerely,Yvonne Emerson

  • Ciro Antinozzi
  • Ciro was born in Salerno, Italy in 1953, received a degree in Geology and has been a professional photographer since 1984.His office and studio are in Salerno, where he specializes in photographing people, still lifes, and unique photos of fruits and vegetables.His slide archives include over 20,000 catalogued photographs that are distributed all over the world, including Italy, Germany, U.S.A., Mexico, Malaysia, and New Zealand, though various international agencies.

    Many of his photographs have been used extensively by leading advertising agencies such as Saatchi & Saatchi, Leo Burnett, Ted Bates, Ata Univas and others.Ciro works with three photographic formats : five Nikon bodies, two Hasselblad cameras and a Sinar body with all the appropriate lenses.Most all of his work is done on digital equipment. His unique style and quality images are a joy to look at and are always memorable.

    Ciro's Gallery
  • John Flatz
  • I first found photography by taking an elective course at a local college and have been fascinated with it for over 20 years now. I am visually enticed by things that I see. I can lose myself in a scene with a certain quality of light or an interesting arrangement of shapes.Many times I go back to a place to shoot and reshoot in different conditions..

    I get a satisfaction from making something that is all my own ideas and if other people like it, I get another kind of satisfactionfrom that, too.

    John's Gallery
  • Jeff Alu
  • I'm a 3D Artist/Animator who has begun taking black and white photography in an attempt to get back to the basics of light and shadow. Many of my clients demand high-impact, colorful graphics, which have their place to be sure. But it can often become overwhelming, and the act of doing black and white photography clears my mind a little.

    My photos tend to be graphic in nature, and I try to look for strong leading lines. Some have described by photos as "3D", which I suppose comes from doing so much 3D work. I do allow myself to alter the images in Photoshop, using dodging and burning. I've found this to be such a great technique for isolating subjects or bringing out emotions. I didn't dodge and burn at first, but now I do it on every image.

    Jeff's Gallery
  • Mark-Steffen Gowecke
  • Born in 1965 in Bad Harzburg/Germany. Studied Communication Design - focused on film/video.

    Since 1997 I have been working in Cologne as a freelancer: editing TV-reportages (including the Gotthard Base Tunnel), graphic-design, book-author (mainly about Adobe Premiere), short filmmaker, DVD authoring etc.

    Mark's Gallery
  • Domenico Foschi
  • I believe Art has many functions, among which being a vehicle which allows us to explore our own and the Universal truth An artist also has the duty to support the statement that beauty has infinite facets and that light and acceptance are the necessary ingredients to reveal beauty in everything and in every aspect of life , as horrible as they may be . Eyes are deceiving, truth lies in the heart. This is my signature statement in my website.

    My photography is strictly influenced by memories, life experiences. The images are road- maps to my inner world , sometime testimonials of a found past , sometime symptoms of roads yet to explore .

    Dear Friends and Patrons, Domenico Foschi here... One of my images from Venice will be part of the silent auction at the Jferrari Gallery on August 12th in Atwater Village.There will be lots of art by many talented artists, and it is for a very good cause: the funds raised from this event can help a great deal for the care and education of children in Peru. Thank you, And all the best, Domenico Foschi http://www.dfoschisite.com/

    Domenico Foschi Gallery
  • Bobbi Doyle-Maher
  • Bobbi Doyle-Maher, a self-taught artist, is a native of East Tennessee where she has painted and exhibited her work since 1974. Her work is displayed in homes and businesses throughout the U.S. and abroad. She combines her traditional paintings with photographs and found objects to form what she refers to as, "The perfect union of paint and pixels." "When I create art, time ceases to exist. I am caught up in the act of creating. It's a new world, a world close to the divine and I could fall over the doorstep into eternity with the brush still in my hand and not miss a stroke." Bobbi Doyle-Maher

    Bobbi Doyle-Maher Gallery
  • Ricardo BŠez Duarte
  • This exhibit is basically a reflection focused on Solitude considered as an intense and concentrated experience of inner self, in a few words, pure unpolluted ego.

    From this point of view, everything, detected in nature, humanity, and artifacts is worth of pondering and respect.

    I was influenced by Proust's idea as revealed on "Remembrance of Things Past" that reality is perceived only through memories systematically analyzed.

    I constructed virtual memories from the data caught by my camera and my photographic insight , reprocessed in the computer ,and created an specific mood suited to the expression of my deepest feelings with the aid of excerpts by Schubert and Schuman.

    Ricardo's Gallery
  • Misha Gordin
  • My web site was launched in March of 1998 and since then I have received numerous responses from visitors all around the world. I appreciate your interest in my work and sensitivity revealed from your letters. Many of you asked about my background and my thoughts on photography. I hope this response will help you to understand my work and philosophy behind it.

    I was born in 1946, the first year after the World War II. My parents just survived hardships of evacuation and returned back home to Riga, then under Soviet occupation. I grew up among Russian speaking population of Latvia, and Russian culture become my root culture.

    I graduated from the technical college as aviation engineer but never worked as such, instead I joined Riga Motion Studios as a designer of equipment for special effects. I was in my early twenties and mostly ignorant about art. At this time social realism was an official culture of the country and I did not care about it too much. Information about modern western art was hardly available and my knowledge of it was highly limited.

    I started to photograph when I was nineteen, driven by desire to create my own personal style and vision. I was involved in portraiture and did some documentary shots, but soon realized the results did not satisfy me. I put my camera aside and concentrated on reading (Dostoevsky, Bulgakov) and cinematography (Tarkovsky, Parajanov). I was constantly looking for the way to express my personal feelings and thoughts using photography.

    Misha's Gallery
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