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 News Updates December 13th 2002 
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  • Dear Helyn,

    For First Time Ever on the Internet an opportuinity to own a "One of Kind Photo Art Image" from one of our distinguished Award winning photographers.

    Pixiport will be featuring selected artists to create a one time only, signed photo with no editions and no reprints. Each month artists will be featured in this new portal on Pixiport. We will be announcing the complete details on Pixiport on December 15th. Feel free to "Forward" a copy of newsletter, to all of your friends and business associates that might be interested in collecting a "one of a kind".

    Thomas Barby

    My wife and I work together as a team. We visit many art galleries and find that only a very small percentage of the work, we find to be inspiring. Contrary to many other artists, we both have a strong belief that imagination plays a tremendous role in our body of work. While most photographers catch a glimpse or a moment at the right time and turn it into something by cropping or bringing out the beauty in the world around us, and some manage to do this extremely well, we on the other hand create images that don't even exist or are impossible.

    Every single one of our images has to pass what we like to call the "so what?" test. If a combination of two or more negatives put together doesn't touch us or have any particular meaning, we toss it. We try to combine images and sometimes the results can be disappointing. A giant clock in the middle of the ocean can be an unusual image but if we look at it and say to ourselves: "So what?" This means it isn't good enough. If instead, an ocean liner is going down a "funnel-type" hole and we entitle it "Shortcut to China," it takes on a whole new meaning. The picture takes you into an imaginary world where you can see the captain telling the passengers to fasten their safety belts and get prepared for the descent, and so on.

    At times we come up with ideas beforehand, try to materialize them and it works. At other times, it is an accident and the ideas come afterwards, when the image is already finished and the concept has yet to be understood. It is almost as if we are learning constantly through the process of creation.

    We travel a lot to take photographs of different things and places. Sometimes we use an image several years later, but only when it fits, like the perfect piece in a puzzle, and completes our latest project. Some images are composed of negatives that are separated by a decade in the actual time that we had taken them and only come to life when they found their perfect match. It's the combination of two or more negatives that give birth to a completely unusual vision, but most of all, the title we give the final image is the glue and the substance of the piece.

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    Tryst Featured Artist
    Tryst's Feature Artist, Helyn Davenport is an accomplished photographer/artist, website designer and CEO of

    Because of Helyn's 's extensive portfolio, a career spanning over twenty years, a fascinating and revealing perspective on life and art, this interview is the first of a three-part series. In this and future issues, Helyn discusses her professional and personal life, artistic beliefs, her artwork and career objectives. Tryst is honored to present, Helyn Davenport

    Mia: As interchangeable and loosely-used term as Art has become, between photography and art, I find the line of distinction is blurred. When I think of professional photography, I often equate it to portrait sittings, family pictures, scenery, slick ads for tourist attractions, etc.; whereas, "art" may be more subjective in that it encompasses personal tastes and every type of media. Philosophy, genetics or physics, for instance, might be included in the realm of art, but I would disagree being somewhat of a purist in my beliefs that art is based upon imagery and creativity. I consider all poets, painters, sculptors as artists, but not all artists are poets, painters, or photographers. By the same token, I might add all poets are writers, but not all writers are poets and I would think this would hold true for photographers?

    In viewing your photography, which has been digitally altered to fit your personal vision, "art" seems more of an adequate description of your work. Helyn, in your own words, how would you describe yourself: a photographer or an artist?

    Read on...

    Corrie Ancone
    Corrie Ancone is a professional photographic artist residing in Sydney, Australia.  One of my favorite replies by Corrie was, "no worries mia" as she conceded to all my requests cheerfully.  Not only is Corrie's work stunning and captivating, the artist herself commanded my respect and admiration instantly.- Mia Editor of Tryst

    Drawing my inspiration from mythology and nature, my creativity stems from my lust for finding and exploring sympathies between the human body and natural textures. Using the technique of sandwiching stills, I create new visual and emotional images, often painterly and surreal. Abstract landscapes and a pantheon of contemporary mythological beings , charged with sensuality and tinged with more than a hint of eroticism.

    Born in Holland I migrated to Australia 1953 settled in South Australia where I attended Primary and Secondary education.

    1963-68 I studied many other art-related subjects part time, including Fashion Drawing and Design, and working as a lingerie designer.

    1968-1971 , I studied a Diploma of Fine Arts in Adelaide, South Australia at the S.A. School of Arts, where I was introduced to photography as part of my course (3 lessons) I majored in Painting.

    In 1973 I had my first painting exhibition .By that time I had set up a darkroom with friends as I had developed a BIG interest in this medium (I was pregnant at the time) voila baby!  I got into baby pics and I was OFF!  I never looked back.  I practiced and experimented and read and read, for the next two and a half years . I landed myself in the freelancing world by accident, through my peer group, in the Film Industry, as a stills photographer!  It was a very creative time (the 70's) and everyone was doing theatre, film, art, music.

    In 1976 I had my first showing as a photographer in a group show . I was singled out very favorably by the critics and my confidence was boosted....In 1978 I had my first solo show in photography (exhibitions are all listed on the exhibition page).  During those last years I was also teaching various Art classes.

    In 1981 I traveled to UK and Europe where I landed myself a job traveling with and documenting the Dutch Theatre Group, KISS. On returning to Australia in mid 1982, I toured an exhibition of this work Nationally, as the group performed in various places. When in Sydney on tour, (living in Adelaide South Australia) I was interviewed by the late great master of Australian photographers, MAX DUPAIN, for a review article in the Sydney Morning Herald Newspaper. It was very favorably written and I was hailed as "blessed with golden fingers" in his critique.

    I returned to Adelaide, ran several photographic b/w workshops and returned to freelancing in the photographic industry.  By this stage I was heavily experimenting in the darkroom with overlays (the old sandwiching technique) but only in b&w, with toning and hand coloring added.  I continued to exhibit.

    In 1986 I moved to Sydney, NSW, to further my career and broaden those horizons.  After much settling and hustling was back in the freelancing world. In my art, I began experimenting with overlaying transparencies. I was totally engrossed in the technique and obsessed by the colours collisions and its tendency to create new dimensions with a painterly effect! ...fulfilling my creativity and imagination that had been so trained as a painter.

    In 1990 I had my first solo show in Sydney with the transparency overlays that I had created all printed on archival ILFO chrome paper with some B/W's as well.  A great turnout, I was heralded as the 'Queen of Overlays'.  More shows followed in Sydney and other States in Australia.  Today, I continue to freelance with many clients in the Arts and Entertainment, Film, Music Industries; with Community Services and Documentaries.  I am currently liaising, preparing for another show.-Corrie Ancone

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    Tantra Bensko
    Expecticide These are visions of a time that desperately needs people to lift the veils of deception put over them by secret societies, the Illuminati, religious cultism, mass mind control...allowing them to be drawn into the faked terrorist attacks of 911, forced vaccinatations, and homeland security, and the stealing of souls. These are visions passionately brought to you by Tantra Bensko, whose website has an extensive compilation of links in the "leap" section about these and other subjects by excellent journalists. She also has many other pieces of art there that are more surreal and sensual and quirky, as she not only reacts to world around her, but adds her own eccentric beauty to it. She has been well published and displayed internationally. She lives in mist.

    Visit Tantra's feature on Underground.

    Full Story

    Bob Snell
    For more than 30 years, Bob Snell has sought the elusive photo, where time, light, and subject, come together as one and make one stop and look at a photo as more than snapshot, but as a recording of a unique moment in time that has been preserved in a special and unique way. He is always looking and observing animate and inanimate objects to see if they have a special message to leave behind.

    Though it may sound a bit bizarre, there are times when he senses a flower or animal that that actually alerts him that they want their photo taken, for which he obliges, more often than not. The one thing that photography has instilled in him, is that by looking at his surroundings for a photo opportunity, it has forced him to slow down enough to not only "smell the roses", but to photograph them as well.

    By turning down the volume on everyday mundane pressures, it has allowed him to see much more of the beauty that exists in everyday objects. The creation of his web site, , has been a labor of love, to where others may go to see the many faceted views that he has come across. Having been in the business world, it is not until recently that he has found the time to exhibit his work on the west coast, and now on the east coast, for the first time.

    He is self taught through reading and communicating with various photographers from around the world, that have given their critiques and suggestions, that have been taken to heart and made him a much better craftsman, than anyone would have thought possible, without formal studies and training. Only the viewer can make the judgment whether or not he has achieved a level of success in this medium.

    Bob Snell has added a new gallery on Pixiport, Fruits and Veggies. After you check out his gallery be sure to visit his website as he has really added to his many galleries! Wonderful work Bob!

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    Ricardo Bez-Duarte
    Memories and Solitude, a glimpse of Elegance and Grandeur the simplicity of the whole:Nature

    Journey with fine art photographer Ricardo Bez-Duarte and glimpse this master of simplicity and experience the beauty of the world.

    Visit Work In Progress...

    Photo Of The Month
    Photo of the month winner is fine art photographer Ricardo Bez Duarte. His work is inspiring and unique and Pixiport is proud to have his art gracing her galleries.

    Digital Art Supplies is sponsor of Pixiport's Photo Of The Month .

    Bit of (Almost) Everything Multipack This multi-pack includes 2 sheets each of the best quality coated ink jet art papers, photo papers and canvas. The papers are all sized 8.5"x11" (for a total of 50 sheets).

    Congratulations Ricardo! Email Ricardo at

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    Boyan Yurukov
    Photography is the chosen medium to project my inner vision into the world.

    Photography is much like learning to see,as it for the very first time,the essence that lives and luminesces within everything.It is miraculous visual music that can be heard and felt.My hope is the viewer to "hear" it too. "Photography --the strongest way of seeing"-Edward Weston When I look at anything through a camera I sense another world, another reality beyond what I see. Work:Freelance Photographer,combining all experiences from the past.

    His photographs have been published and exhibited in magazines,books,newspapers and galleries in Bulgaria,Europe,USA and Canada, and some are in numerous private collections.Boyan`s photography has won him many awards throughout his career as a professional photographer past 25+ years. Working in both in color and black and white,his photographs display an admirable quest for the harmony and essence of his subject.

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