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15th December 2006
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It is strange to think that 20 years ago the thought of Photographers and Artists being able to display their creations to a world wide audience was not even a "dream." Now of course, the world-wide web has enabled anybody with talent, (and many without!) to display and sell their images at the click of a button. Here at Pixiport we strive to maintain a site that represents the very best, Quality with a capital Q.

However, as most of you will know, there are still some sharks out there in these waters who will try anything to con you out of your money or your creative works. We have recently been informed of a scam in which a so called "customer" made an offer to purchase images using American Express Gift Cheques as payment. When the Cheques arrived they were for a far greater sum than that agreed for the sale, made up of several $500 USD cheques.

It transpired that the largest denomination American Express issue in gift cheques is $100 All we can do is warn you in the very best tradition of "Hill Street Blues" to "Be careful out there." Ensure that payment is always made in a form which leaves you in no doubt that the purchase is genuine. Never part with your goods until you are satisfied that payment has been made with legitimate funds, and above all trust your instincts.

I still feel a sense of intrigue when I view images of "Russia" in the 1960's. The Gallery that Leonid shows here is truly reminiscent of that age. The thumbnails are sepia toned, which adds to that feeling, yet when you view the full image it explodes into a colourful representation of a moment in time.

art Photography
The image you see to the left is from his Gallery here on Pixiport. Ricardo Baez was born in Caracas, Venezuela, and he has just released a new set of pictures on his personal web site. These are portraits, striking - almost "in your face" at times, yet with a subtle blend of character, time, and place.

Black and white images share the stage with sepia and colour, with a restrained use of "blur" helping to lead us in to some of the images.

Scarlet is one of our longest serving "Exhibitors" - and a multi-talented photo artist. Here she is pictured at the opening of her exhibition at the Deland Museum of Art. Regular viewers to Pixiport will be familiar with her work, but it is always good to put a face to the name. You can get a taste of her work by looking at her Black and White Gallery, or by clicking on the link below you can go to her main Digital Photography Gallery.

From the very outset we have been committed to presenting the very best in Photography and Art to you - our audience. The concept of asking for paid subscriptions has always been foreign to us. However, keeping this site fresh and making sure that our readers are given every opportunity to enjoy all the latest trends does cost money.

If you have enjoyed your visit with us, then maybe just once a year you can think of us (and what better time than Christmas!) - and just make a small donation via our Paypal facility. Thank you all for your continued support.
Regular recipients of this newsletter will realise that there are many features on this site which are "timeless." So, starting next month, we will feature here some of the great "archive" pages - articles and features that our new viewers will not have seen, but which are still interesting enough to take a second glance at - even if you are already an established "Pixiporter."

This image by Patrick McMullen. - Just a taste of things to come.
We hope that you have a wonderful Festive Season HELYN DAVENPORT

We leave you with a scene of Christmas in Glasgow.


Ken Windsor. Newsletter Editor.
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