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 Communique January 15 2002 
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  • Greetings!

    New on "The Quill In Focus is" Photo Art Reviews by Mia. We are delighted to have Mia review art on Pixiport. Photographer Subir Chaterjee is Mia's first review on Pixiport.

    Our art auction is live and we hope you will spread the word! More new portals coming up so stay tuned to Pixiport for the best the art world has to offer.

    Please let the artists and writers hear from you...feedback is important.

    Photo Of The Month Winner

    Richard P Wazejewski and Claire A Waterhouse are winners of the Photo of the month. Congratulations!

    They work collaboratively in their creations, constantly throwing ideas back and forth, from the collection of source materials, initiation of an idea to final conclusion and print.

    As POTM winners they receive form sponsor Digital Art Supplies assorted printing papers. Winners Package

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    Photo Art Reviews-Mia
    Mia, editor of Tryst Ezine reviews Black and White photographer Subir Chatterjee art. Mia has been writing poetry most of her life in between traveling, sculpting, painting and sleeping. She graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a Bachelor's degree in English, Creative Writing. Her work has been published in 3rd Muse, Atomic Petals, Comrades, Cayuse-Press, Little Brown Poetry, Kitty Litter Press, Lotus Blooms, Mentress Moon, Mipoesias, Paumanok Review, Pierian Springs, The Poet's Canvas, Three Candles, Wired Art/Wired Hearts and others.

    When studying photographs in any setting--whether in a walk-in gallery, in print, or on the internet, what I have come to appreciate is its timeless quality, originality, perspective and knowledge of one's subjects, as well as, composition. Subir Chatterjee's B&W Photographs on Pixiport's site, Gallery-C20, are quiet, reflective pieces that have a calming effect. There is strength to be gained from Chatterjee's compositions. His work literally has a Zen quality to it. It is simple, understated but elegant.

    To define elegance is to understand how the eye perceives objects in a setting. A cluttered, or busy composition fatigues the eyes and often indicates poor use of white space. On the other hand, I think of photographs that can be static, empty or lacking in atmosphere, mood and, or organization. While color can often make up for lack of balance not so with B&W photographs--flaws are much more apparent and difficult to cover up. Therefore, while I may be more critical towards black and white photography, my appreciation for its craft is far greater. .

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    Jeremy Webb
    Although much of my recent work is digital, I was a traditional film photographer long before I picked up my Photoshop/Applemac combo, so most of my work I describe as "photography-based" digital. I try to combine the best of my traditional photographic skills with the almost endless creative possibilities of digital image manipulation in a controlled and restrained way. Much of my work is inspired by the sensual and the surreal, and a desire to impart some simple truth with clarity and directness, but also to touch a nerve by focussing on uncertainty, the unexpected, or the deliberately ambiguous.

    For the past 3 years I've been selling my work as limited edition fine art digital prints, in editions of ten only, and have exhibited widely throughout the UK and had work featured in many publications, most recently being featured and reviewed in the British Journal of Photography (BJP) in November 2000. In 2001 I was awarded first prize in the Kentmere Awards (digital section) for my image "The Witness", and in 2002 I was a merit-awarded finalist in the London Photographic Awards (LPA.5) for a digital image created in response to a wonderful poem by Maya Angelou, "Come And Be My Baby".

    My work is strongly influenced by surrealists, Ladybird book illustrations, sci-fi art, Fuel, hypnosis, the styles and traditions of 70's & 80's album cover art, 90's advertising, Irving Penn, Francis Bacon, and modern visual culture generally.

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    Fine Art Auction
    Pixiport is presenting a series of auctions of art by selected photo artists and artists

    In order to bid in an auction, you must first register with Pixiport. There is no charge for registering. On every item in an auction, a minimum bid and a minimum increase is set by the seller. Bids will not be accepted as a lower bid than either the opening bid, or the current bid plus the minimum increase. If an inappropriate bid is placed, a bidder will be notified immediately that their bid has not been accepted, and is provided with a form to correct the bid. Any current high bidders who are overbid at this time will receive notification by email.

    Original collages, not digitally elaborated , film and digital photos as well as an occassional fine art objects will be available.

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    Renata Ratajczyk
    Renata Ratajczyk joins Pixiport's professionals galleries.

    Renata Ratajczyk is internationally acclaimed photographer and a digital artist specializing in surrealistic photo-illustration, fashion, fine art portraiture and nude studies. By digitally enhancing her photographs Renata creates dream-like images merging reality with a fantasy world. For her images she has won several international awards.

    Renata's photography and digital studio - Light Vision is equipped with all necessary equipment to meet high standards for printed media, as well as for designing images suitable for the Internet. Renata's images have been published in a variety of books, magazines (several covers), on CDs, posters, greeting cards, in calendars, as well as they have been used in advertising. Artist's fine art work is in possession of many international art collectors. Renata has also participated in many shows and her artworks are available for viewing in numerous Internet Art Galleries around the world.

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    Dan McCormack
    The work in this exhibition by Dan McCormack not only harkens back to the past but explores new advances which this past century has brought to the medium of photography. McCormack proves through these pinhole images of the female body that this medium can no longer be considered the poor cousin of the art world. Rather, photography under this artist's watchful eye is now on the same level as easel painting and the other "fine arts" which have a longer and more illustrious history. Viewing these images makes it impossible for those who feel that photography is a "craft" rather than an "art" to continue to hold such beliefs. Besides being photographs, Dan McCormack's images can certainly be considered a form of painting on the highest level. Yet, instead of the paint brush, the artist uses some of the technological advances that our modern world has given us to fill his "canvases".

    The images of the female form, which McCormack so beautifully captures, are both mysterious and electrifying The power in these works comes not only from the masterful handling of the medium but also from their commanding sense of presence. Not only are these images evocative in the broadest sense of the word, but they also appear as lyrical statements. The gracious curves of each body are as harmonious as a grand opera or a symphony. They ebb and flow as a crescendo causing the viewer to sit up and take notice. Viewed as a whole, these works can be likened to Pablo Picasso's powerful, distorted nudes. Yet this is where the similarity ends for McCormack takes these twisted and elongated forms and injects them with a dose of 21st century color. The vibrancy of the work is a tribute not only to modern technology but more importantly to the gifted eye of the artist. The lesson to be learned by viewing these photographs is that form, function, and color, used in the proper way, are tools that allow a talented artist to create masterpieces. McCormack's images are truly masterpieces

    Twentieth century photographer Andre Kertesz once commented "...anyone can make a photograph of the human body. It is the sign of a true artist when he can infuse the ordinary figure with a special sense of wonder." How true this is of Dan McCormack's work! He takes the literal and allows us, the viewers, to be transported to worlds without boundaries. The female nude is no longer just a nude female but a supple and allusive form bordering on the poetic and the profound. While pinhole images have enjoyed a long and illustrious history, McCormack's images, made by using this simple and direct method, are far from being simplistic. His female nudes gyrate with energy. They sing to us sweet arias. They challenge our perception of how the human body should look. Yet, more importantly, they transport us to a dream-like environment where anything and everything is possible. In the stillness of these delicate images there is a powerful voice calling out. As viewers we must stop and listen for it is only then that the true meaning of each work rises to the surface.
    - Wayne Lempka Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art State University of New York - New Paltz

    Dan currently heads the Photography program at Marist College in Poughkeepsie, New York where he teaches photography classes and an Introduction to Digital Media class.

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    Carol Tipping
    Carol Tipping is Digital Photo Artist 2002. Digital Photo Art magazine, (Creative Monochrome, U.K.) has run a competition over the year, in bi-monthly submissions. In four out of five rounds of the competition, Carol gained the number one placing to win the title and a Fuji 6 million pixel digital camera. Digital Photo Art is publishing the winning entries and of course, giving pixiport a glowing mention. Digital Photo Art is one of the best digital photography/art magazines around, is published in the U.K and is now distributed in America. It is well worth a subscription which can be ordered on www.cremono.com (For the 2003 DPA competition, the first entry has the deadline of January 31st 2003)

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    Steve Edelstein
    Twenty-two years ago a well-known gallery owner whose advice I still respect told me that I had to develop "a style" if I wanted to become a successful photographer. As you can see, for the most part, I have not been able to follow her advice. For twenty-one and a half years, I shot color slide film exclusively, then made my own Ilfachrome prints in a local darkroom. About six months ago, however, my wife "hired" me to take some photos for her company's newly upgraded web-based training program. Unfortunately, creative differences soon led to my quitting (or being fired, depending on whom you talk to). In any case, she wound up hiring an illustrator and I got to keep the digital Canon G2. We are still happily married.

    Most of the images you will see here were originally shot with a Canon A-1 SLR on Kodachrome or Velvia using natural light, then scanned onto a Kodak Photo Disk and manipulated in varying degrees on my desktop computer using Corel Photo Paint 9. I have had virtually no formal training in either conventional or digital photography, but seem to get by on what others (mostly relatives) say is my "good eye," sense of irony, and use of color.

    I began entering photo contests shortly after moving to Atlanta. My photos have appeared in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, "Photography Southeast," a juried exhibition held during the Arts Festival of Atlanta, Brown's Guide to Georgia, "Atlanta Magazine," The Jubilee Arts Festival, "Photographer's Forum," "The November Show," juried by the Whitney Museum of American Art, the High Museum of Art's presentation, "Electric Blanket," and most recently in "Art of the Golden Generation," a juried exhibit at Kennesaw State University. I have also had individual shows at the Spruill Center for the Arts, the Atlanta Photography Gallery and sever local galleries.

    In "real life" I am the chief attorney in HUD's Southeast Regional Civil Rights Office. I am a native New Yorker but graduated from the University of Wisconsin- Madison, where I received both my undergraduate and law degrees with honors. In May 2002 the Atlanta Federal Executive Board named me "Outstanding Federal Employee of the Year."

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