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January 2006 - Vol 1, Issue 1
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Dear PixiPort,
Winners of Pixiports first fine art photography contest are: First place color, Brian Beaney, BW Ame Curtiss, 2nd place, David Griffths, 3rd Denise Alder, 4th Sandi Wheaton and 5th J. Donian. Conrgratulations to all!

Featured artists this month are: Gary Tweadwell, Brian Beaney,Kevin Salder and Michael Brown.

Born in west London in 1956, Gary Tweadwell has had a life long interest in the Arts. However it is only recently that he has realized his ambitions and found the time to focus on the various projects, which have been evolving over the years. This has culminated in a body of work that he feels reflects his artistic outlook. “ I have always sought to achieve an almost ‘timeless’ quality about my work, a fusion of both Classical and Contemporary elements to produce work that defies fashionable styles ”

Since I retired from the world of reprographics and printing, I am now able to devote all my time to my own art. The advent of digital photography has allowed me to extend my creative work and explore the image beyond the moment of capture. I have developed my style to merge the inspiration of the scene with the reality of photography. The images are digitally enhanced with light, mood and atmosphere that I hope will epitomize the peace and tranquility of the scenes and landscapes. Much of the work has been about the east coast of England but I am now extending my work inland and searching for scenes suitable for this style. Brian Beaney

Shane J Settle My primary interest as a photographer is to show God's beauty through simplicity. I look for patterns and simple elements to photograph and try to exclude the extraneous. I often shoot in low light conditions, cloudy weather, or fog. My roots are grounded in black and white photography. However, I have recently been experimenting with the elements of color in my images. Perhaps the one thing that has had the most influence on my photography has been a switch to digital capture. I utilize Photoshop quite extensively in creating the final print. I am not necessarily interested in showing exactly what I see when the image is captured but rather a translation of that scene. On the other hand, I do not do any radical transformations of the original image. Most of my techniques are similar to what would be done in a traditional darkroom such as dodging, burning, and contrast adjustments. Visit Gallery

Michal Kraus Photography Freelance career: Began my freelance career working part time for advertising agencies in Israel. In 2000, began working on a personal project travelling to Zanzibar Africa , Australia , New Zealand , Asia , Europe and U.S.A with the intention of illustrating the yet unspoiled culture. Regularly Photograph International courses at The Academy For Security And Anti Terror Training in Israel. Exhibitions in Art Galleries , large format photography on Canvas. Large experience in individual portraits , family portraits , children , extreme sports , events , sports , underwater , Photoshop and other image processing softwares. Use both digital and stills. My strength is noticing what other people ignore. Capturing parts of a whole – abstract forms in nature; the face. The action of life is what I search the planet for. I seek and I find these moments that are so fleeting and I keep them alive forever. Currently I am traveling slowly through the globe , working on projects and pursuing goals. I freelance and many of my photos have been used by ad agencies. I have made no changes to my images , they are as is. I am a former photography student at an art school , Photography and Film Private Collage “Camera Obscora” specialty in Stills and Studio photography, Computers, image editing (Photoshop). Visit Gallery

Ben Hess I began taking photographs in college after my father handed down his manual Nikon camera and ancient darkroom enlarger. Since then I have focused on black and white photography and feel that the simplicity of the medium can often say much more about the image than the image itself. I try to make photographs that encompass an eclectic range of subject matter, from street photography and abstract, to landscape and scenic images. Regardless of the subject, I strive to capture a unique moment in time with each image, with the hope that the viewer will be struck as if by a recent memory or fading dream. Visit Gallery

Lian Wang For the past 5 years, I've developed my appreciation for the texture, the shape, and the tone of wonderful dreamlike settings in black-and-white photos. Previously, I usually took color pictures. But on one occasion, I discovered the fantastic feelings of black- and-white ones. I'm usually more interested in finding new areas to doing photography, but I don’t care for reality, I more care for searching after cultured thought in the back of certainty. Once I find a uncommon and surprising subject, I infuse my emotions and feelings into the photographic work, which will definitely lead to my great satisfaction. Visit Gallery

Enjoy The Journey!

Helyn Davenport
Pixiport Fine Art Photography

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