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A big welcome to the first edition in 2007, and I hope that you will enjoy this Newsletter as much as I have enjoyed putting it together this week. Today we see the first of our "Archive." features, which will run for the next few months. No more waffle from me, onward we go -and just "enjoy."

Bodo was born in Heidelberg (remember "The Student Prince"?) - and works as a Photo Artist. We are pleased to welcome him to Pixiport, and his Gallery here consists of a wonderful set entitled "Heidelberg in Blue." This is a new interpretation of the Heidelberg Romanticism with contemporary digital photography. You can visit his home page HERE, but before you do be sure to check out his Pixiport Gallery.

Dominic was born in England in 1959 and started his career as a press photographer at the age of sixteen working for local and national newspapers. Finding himself constrained by the technical limitations of photojournalism he returned to college in 1982 to study commercial and advertising photography and developed an interest in multiple exposure techniques using large format cameras. After a brief spell assisting advertising photographers in London he opened his own studio in 1986. Dominic's work is exhibited internationally.

This is digital manipulation with a twist. The mind needs time to adjust to these images, to whisper to itself "What is going on here." There are questions in these images, but sometimes exactly what they are we are not sure. We have to think of Salvador Dali when we explore these pictures, an artist who tickles our little grey cells into life, making us linger over the print, exploring every inch. Let your imagination run wild and take a look at his site. Please note that the images do contain some nudity.

The advent of Digital Photography has opened up new horizons for those Photographers who have a disability. The constraints often encountered with Darkroom work have been replaced with Digital cameras and computers, and this has been welcomed by many organisations. The Abilities Arts Festival announces itself as "A 10-Day-long celebration of Disability Arts and Culture." The festival is being held in Toronto during the period 18th - 28th October 2007. The closing date for entries is 1st May 2007. We are pleased to support this event.

I took this image in Rotterdam, and like many Photographers I was actually inspired by another "peer." His name is KEVIN SAIDLER, and his portfolio on Pixiport entitled "Loneliness is everywhere." was my inspiration. I have now reached the age of 57, and have travelled the world on my own. Kevin has produced a Gallery which truly represents some of those feelings that being on ones' own can produce. All the emotions are here - just take a look.
Madalina writes - "I was born in and spent all my 23 years in some remote corner of Romania. I've been playing with images and colors all my life, ever since I can remember... crayons, watercolor, oils have been my medium... and always have I had lots of dreams and deep needs to express them. I stopped painting for a time when I entered faculty (Journalism), trading images for words, but my need for visual expression never went away... After about two years, I had discovered another form of painting: photography, painting with light. Still truthful to painting somehow, the photographs, taken digitally, were afterwards turned into something else... closer to the images in my head... Digital photography, photo manipulation or digital art, its terminology is unimportant; the message is what needs to stand out... All the pictures I make are snapshots of an inner world, of a revised and reinterpreted reality, frozen moments or frozen ideas... concepts I turn on every side... They hold no universal truth; they only speak about me... I am every character in my pictures, even if it is not me posing, but for a few self portraits. So here are my tools of trade: my dreams, my camera, and Photoshop. I've been taking photographs for about three years and I'm still learning and discovering. I am self taught, never got the chance to study art in university."

Well, for someone with no formal Photography education, these images are outstanding. Just enjoy the ambiance.
To many people having your material exhibited in an Exhibition might provoke a few nerves, but I have that feeling that David Griffiths will be taking things in his stride when he exhibits in the New Member's Show at the Quayside Art Gallery, Pensacola. David is an ex Navy Photographer and the proud recipient of a Humanitarian Medal, which he earned during the evacuation of Saigon. The Exhibition, entitled "Diversity in Art," runs from the 3rd January to 7th February.
Regular recipients of this newsletter will realise that there are many features on this site which are "timeless." So, we will feature here some of the great "archive" pages - articles and features that our new viewers will not have seen, but which are still interesting enough to take a second glance at - even if you are already an established "Pixiporter."

This week we feature an article written by JAMES AUSTIN M.A., A.C.E. - which tells us about the art of HAIKU Photography. Never heard of it - well you are not alone, but I am sure that after reading this article you will have gained yet another word to add to your photographic vocabulary.
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Ken Windsor. Newsletter Editor.
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