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Jan 2001 
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  • PhotoFiction
    PhotoFiction:writer-designer-photographer Glenn Osborn presents short stories based on his interpretations of photography art featured on PixiPort.

    Walter's Reflection

    No one was more surprised that I when we discovered that Walter Osiris was an identical twin. It explained a lot and left layer upon layer of meaning revealed.

    Walter and I had been lovers at one time, a few years ago. On more than one occasion,

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    Dean A. Bloomfiled

    Autumn's Tears
    While I slept the artist mixed
    Autumn hues to touch the earth
    Simple beauty, held, transfixed
    Fall's colors bright rebirth.
    A single stroke, a scarlet blaze
    gold, copper, crimson leaves
    Heaping piles mark the days
    canvas born of painted trees.
    Autumn's glory soon shall fade
    passing with the falling leaf
    weeping leaves will fill the glade
    like painter's tears, Autumn's grief.

    Copyright 1998-2002 Dean A. Bloomfield

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    Sequoyah's Quill

    Each bent close to say the plea
    "Don't leave me please, don't leave me",
    As child to Mother and Mother to chlld
    Begged by each repeatedly
    Lips formed the words as voices faded
    But meanings stayed as once were stated
    Promises made never to be broken
    My Mother died but stayed as spoken!
    The presence of her still around
    The love between us still a bound
    Sequoyah 1/28/2001

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    The Quill In Focus
    In keeping with our tradition as we strive to be the preeminent online portal to the arts, a new dimension has evolved"The Quill In Focus". This medium brings together writers and poets to futher the creativity and expressions of artists as viewed through written interpertation.

    A division of PixiPort,Photo Board International, is our new portal for our artists discussions, workshops, reviews, technical questions and information. Check the calender for upcoming events!

    Special thanks to George Bradford master webdesigner and art director of Global Art Gallery for designing PBI. His award winning designs are known world over for their unique beauty and functionality in the demanding world of marketing methodology on the internet.

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    The Art Of Internet Photography
    Ken Windsor
    It is with an open mind that I embark upon this new series. We are about to explore a vastly uncharted world. A world where the mediocre mixes with the brilliant, a world where virtual unknowns can share the stage with the worlds' greats. This is the world of "Internet Photography."

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