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 Newsletter Subtitle July 1, 2002 
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  • Ben Arieh
  • Rey Lopez and Pierre Jolivet
  • Dubi Roman
  • POTM-Phil Preston
  • Full Moon Rising
  • PixiPort Expo
  • PBI-Workshop

  • Dear Helyn,

    Pixiport brings you established and upcoming photographers this month.

    Ben Arieh

    Born in Geneva,Switzerland 1926. In Israel since 1948.Photographer for 28 years at the Faculty of Architecture,Technion-Haifa. Ben-Arieh works mainly with the methode of photomontage.His photographs are composed of a number of negatives,which were taken at various locations and times,and were assembled by him into final prints in the darkroom. In the artist's pictures there frequently appear female nude motives, which seem to connect themselves with imaginary scenery. The result is the creation of a differently reality, which emerges from the unconscious and is related with the world of myths and archetypes. On the other hand, in his portrait pictures,as well as in the nude,the artist aims to express the personality of the models, as well as his own inner truth

    For me, photography as a two-dimensional surface,which translates three dimensional reality,created in me a feeling of deficiency. I wanted to express an additional dimension,a fourth,not of time - but of spirit: not only in the psychological/ philosophical sphere - but something deeper,that emerges from the subconscious. During the course of time,I understood that "association"is the way for me,in which the soul hints a complex contents of awareness. So it became clear to me that the camera by itself with her (objective!)lens,is not objective at all- in the same way that the result, the photograph,is but the personal interpretation of the photographer.

    From here the way was short to the medium of photomontage,which is the combination of various elements in one picture. This between them produces interactions,affinity, dialogue and the creation of a new reality. for me photomontage is the expression of mood, of spirit scenery, where all the elements meet: fire,earth,water and air - and Woman who contains all these inside her. In my photomontages frequently appears the image of the female nude. This is the subject that corresponds to my sensuality, but also to something deeper that is linked to cosmic nature, to universal mythes and archetypes. Nude photography is in fact a portrait of more intimacy, allowing direct expressions,without masks - both of the personality of the model as well as that of the photographer. Woman,more than Man,has roots into life. Eve is the mother of all life ! Therefore I agree with the the French Photographer Jeanloup Sieff who said:" I do not believe in God, but the Woman is the proof of His existence."


    1970 Beith-Sokolov, Tel-Aviv
    1974 "Situation", Israel Museum, Jerusalem - group
    1979 "White Gallery", Tel-Aviv
    1982 "M. Valentine Gallery", Paris
    1982 "Shai Danon Gallery", Tel-Aviv
    1983 "Graphica 3 Gallery", Haifa
    1983 "Nikon Gallery", Zurich
    1984 "Zoom Portfolio", Paris
    1985 "Camera Obscura", Tel-Aviv
    1985 "Galerie Claude Perrain", Paris
    1986 "La Femme", ZOA House, Tel-Aviv - group
    1986 "Nikon Gallery", Zurich - group
    1986 "Camera Obscura", Haifa
    1986 "Fotografie Forum Frankfurt", Germany
    1987 "City Museum", Nahariah
    1988 "Moment Gallery", Hamburg - group
    1990 "Burgtheater Galerie", Ratzeburg, W. Germany- group
    1990 "Stara Galeria". Warsaw - group
    1990 "Galeria Biala LDK". Lublin - group
    1991 Karo, New Gallery, Haifa
    1992 Grand Prix Photographique, Geneva - group
    1993 Western Galilee College Gallery
    2000 Technion - Haifa
    2001 "Hottentot"Gallery - Haifa
    2001 Centre Culturel Francais - Haifa

    The National Library in Paris has acquired twelve photographs of the artist's various exhibitions.

    Visit Gallery.....

    Rey Lopez and Pierre Jolivet
    Rey Lopez joins Pixiport galleries with his B&W street scenes. He presents us with a look at the world around him. I know you will enjoy peeking into his world.

    "I have an inner burning to be the best, thats what drives me." Rey Lopez

    Pierre Jolivet B&W photos of buildings are a study in designs,light and form.

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    Dubi Roman
    Dubi Roman adds his black and white photography to our galleries. Dubi was last months featured guest with his beautiful color photographs of landscapes.

    "Black and White Photography is one imagery way of loosing reality for the benefit of a more personal point of view, nostalgic touch and the shaping of a universal environment. Black and White Photography might add a strong image, timeless lives to make it even stronger. Although I mostly create my Images in colors, I can't resist the beauty and charms of the Black and White's."- Dubi Roman

    Visit Gallery............ »

    POTM-Phil Preston
    Phil Preston wins this month's Photo of the Month with this outstanding photo. Phil's perfection in his photography creates a harmonious balance that enhance the visual experience of his photographs.

    Congratulations Phil!

    You can see more of Phil's beautiful photos on Pixiport and on his website www.digital-fotofusion.co.uk.

    Visit POTM............. »

    Full Moon Rising
    A new gallery by Helyn Davenport, "Full Moon Rising" shows another side of Helyn's creativity.

    Helyn's work has evolved from her journey through self- discovery and her gift of visual expression to one of today's most widely acclaimed photographic artists. Each of her art pieces express her individuality and artistic talents.

    "Rewarding photography comes from building on existing styles rather that repeating them. In order to develop ones own style, it is important to have the courage to think freely, expressively and inventively." Helyn Davenport

    The Full Moon Series will be shown at the Pixiport Expo in Deland Florida- October 4th-15th 2002.

    Visit Full Moon Rising...... »

    PixiPort Expo
    Pixiport Expo:Photography: Art in Focus"

    Expo Hosts: PixiPort.com & Gold Leaf Gallery
    Expo Location: Gold Leaf Gallery,110 North Woodland Blvd Deland, Florida, USA
    Expo Opening Reception: Friday October 4, 2002 6- 9PM
    Expo Artists Cocktail Party Saturday, October 5, 2002 6-9PM Hosted by PixiPort
    Expo Headquarter Hotel: Deland Holiday Inn Convention Center. Telephone 386-738-5200.
    For those flying, Daytona Beach International Airport is 16 miles from the hotel.

    Invitational only, International and National artists include, Ciro Antinozzi,Fred Leavitt,Bob Snell,Carol Tipping,Peter O'Neil,Shirley Cross,Judy Mandolf,Rene Asmussen,Steve Bingham,Greg Summers,Paul Biddle,Helyn Davenport,and Graham Z Seildman .

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    Bob Snell's Photo workshop on PBI, Photo Board International has a unique catagory with "Shoes" as the theme of the workshop.

    Everyone is letting loose on this catagory and the photos are wild to say the least! Scarlets "Jelly Scandels",Shirley Cross's romantic feathered shoe,Bob Snell's hooves are just a few of the creative imagery being produced by these fantastic photographers!

    Shirley Cross won the PBI's Special Color Project on Bob's Photo workshop forum. All of the color sections can be viewed at Spectrum Gallery.

    Visit PBI.......... »

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