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PixiPorter Newsletter July 17,2006
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  • Thomas Barbey
  • Morris Alkalay
  • Jim Stimson
  • Brian Belefant
  • Dubi Roman

  • Greetings!

    We have the most talented photographers in the world here at Pixiport and its my honor to bring them to you. Please sit back, browse, and get lost in these amazing photos.

    I think the hardest thing about doing this newsletter is breaking away from all the galleries and actually writing. I hope you enjoy this isssue as much as I enjoyed putting it together.

    Yvonne Emerson

    Thomas Barbey

    Thomas Barbčy was born in Connecticut in 1957, and was taken to Europe by his parents when he was six months old. After Italy and Germany, came Switzerland where he lived for 17 years. All his schooling was in French. He left the University of Geneva after one semester to pursue a career in the music business. After entering the Italian music charts, he moved to Italy and stayed there for 15 years. He successfully pursued the music business to pay for all his bills and kept photography as an expensive hobby. He then owned a full blown photographic studio for Fashion photography in the early 90s and finally moved back to America in 95. Today he lives and teamed up with his wife Suzanne who is also a photographer in Southern California where they work on black and white surrealistic images that they like to call "photomixage".

    Thomas Barbčy Artworks, L.L.P. was formed in 1999 by Thomas Barbčy and his wife Suzanne Barbčy, a former model who decided to venture on the other side of the camera. Our inspirations for our work come from many years of traveling all over the world, everyday life and from some of our favorite artists, such as René Magritte, M.C. Escher or Roger Dean. We bring our Mamiya RB 67 or several old Canon AE- 1s wherever we go to shoot our photographs. The process of the montage starts with concept. It is then followed by the exposure and selection of the negatives. The design is then created by carefully choosing printing procedures as combination printing; sandwiching negatives together; thereby printing them simultaneously; pre-planned double exposure in the camera; the re-photographing of collaged photographs; and/or a combination of the above. We finish off the process by touching it up on the computer at the very end. The pictures can be appreciated without knowledge of their technical virtuosity. Photographers run deep in our family. Now and then we will take old negatives out of the family archives and use them in our work. We hope you appreciate them as much as we do.

    Artist Statement My wife and I work together as a team. We go to many art galleries and find that only a very small percentage of the work, we find to be inspiring. Contrary to many other artists, we both have a strong belief that imagination plays a tremendous role in our body of work. While most photographers catch a glimpse or a moment at the right time and turn it into something by cropping or bringing out the beauty in the world around us, and some manage to do this extremely well, we on the other hand create images that don't even exist or are impossible.

    Morris Alkalay

    Morris Alkalay born in Istanbul 1946 embarked on his photography career on 1980 in Tel Aviv, at a time he worked for a Marinland as the curator, being also in charge of the photography department that generated press releases and annotations for displays. Actually his love and interest for photography dates back to a Red Sea diving safari in 1976 at a time he did not yet photograph. There observing an Underwater Photography course, watching the divers measuring distances, using underwater flashbulbs and taking notes on pads, all underwater, he became thrilled by the whole magical process.

    Jim Stimson

    Jim Stimson's photographs of the western landscape are published in a wide variety of books, magazines, and calendars. He has authored a number of articles and his work has appeared in Smithsonian, Backpacker, Earth, Wilderness, Outdoor Photographer, Camera and Darkroom, and View Camera magazines and in Audubon, Sierra Club, Nature Conservancy, Museum of Natural History, Browntrout, and Mono Lake calendars.

    Brian Belefant

    Brian Belefant was recently named Photographer of the Year by the International Color Awards for images he photographs through various liquids.

    Brian loves ideas. He's always looking for ways to challenge conventional thinking. Two years ago, Brian invented an entirely new camera filtration system, something that gives his film an ethereal, otherworldly look. He's spent the past two years testing the system, both on still and motion picture film, and last October he filed for a patent on it.

    He is constantly looking for the right projects to work on. Projects that use that part of his brain that sees things a little off-center. They don't have to be film or writing or photographic projects. They just have to require innovation and maybe a little subversion.

    Dubi Roman

    Dubi Roman has always loved Impressionist painting. He sought a way to express an Impressionist vision of nature through photography - to see things in terms of light. Dubi Roman not only captures the play of light in the fields and forests; the shimmering images of a physical landscape. His works also suggest a different light. The stretches of wild flowers in the wood, the dark trunks of trees, are suffused with a more mysterious light; a spiritual radiance emanating from Nature.

    This mystical light can be traced to Dubi Roman's roots in Safed and the Galilee. Born in Haifa in 1957, his father's family has lived in the mystical city of Safed in the Upper Galilee for five generations. His grandfather Yitzchak Roman was a Safed artist and sculptor.

    Although Roman lives in the city, he constantly escapes to Nature for sustenance. As is evident in his work, he particularly loves the forests. And yet his purpose is not simply to portray Israeli scenery, but to go beyond the specific place to the universalism of nature. To achieve serenity of spirit, the harmony he has been seeking all his life.

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