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July 2002 
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Dear Helyn,

Pixiport has been busy and growing as usual! Updates,new Photographers, and reviews.

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  • Art Of Internet Photography
  • 2003 International Digital Art Awards
  • Focus Gallery-Review
  • Featured Photographers
  • Conventional versus Conceptual

  • 2003 International Digital Art Awards
    CALL FOR ART WORKS - ENTER NOW! You are invited to enter the 2003 International Digital Art Awards (IDAA).

    The IDAA features both online and hard copy international touring exhibition in Australia, USA and Russia (other locations TBA). The IDAA exhibition will also be published in Digital Photography and Design magazine. Top 5 artists will also receive profiles in Dimi magazine. The major award is the Laurence Gartel Award for Excellence. Over 2,000 images received last year and more than 1.4 million people visited the online exhibition at World Digital Art.com. The IDAA is sponsored and supported by: EPSON Australia Digital Photography & Design Magazine World Digital Art.com Digital Image Makers International New sponsors will be announced shortly.

    The IDAA seeks to present digital works by artists who represent art par excellance to a global community. More than 35,000 members consisting of art professionals, media, academics, art museums and galleries support the IDAA - At the very least this is an excellent branding opportunity for artist seeking to promote their work

    TO ENTER SIMPLY SEND: 1. Up to 3 images - file format JPG @ 72 dpi and 100kb maximum file size. 2. Please include your name and a short artists statement (300 words max) 3. Nominate the most appropriate category eg. Photo- manipulation, Fractal, 3D, mixed media etc... Send entries to: mailto:giznad@ozemail.com.au Closing date for entries 1 November 2002 (PLEASE get your entries in EARLY!) Results announced January 2003 - all winners will be contacted directly. The IDAA is FREE ENTRY open award (and invitational by the executive) to all art professionals

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    Focus Gallery-Review
    Your arrival at IN FOCUS may bring some nostalgic notions of visiting the Great Plains of our great country. Your eyes will be drawn to the immense area stretching all the way to the horizon and the wondrous diversity of the land in between. Here, however, you will need to use your mouse and scroll down the page through it's expanse of thumbnails leading to samples of artists' work.

    Most of the works presented here are by a diverse group of the digital arts visionaries and the range of the intellectual and creative properties is a vast as the aforementioned Great Plains. Not intending to either describe the digital art nor facilitate its disciplines, I simply wondered around trying to take a glimpse of the gallery's exhibitors and found it nearly impossible. What a fantastic array of explorations and manipulations; from abstract and pure lines to fantasy subjects.

    A few artists need to be mentioned and the rest to be apologized to for not visiting them: Steve Danzig, (Above photo by Steve) Tim Mullins, Gamini Kumara, Michael Karkowski ... superb works located in "a gallery for those individuals using digital manipulation/generation as an art form".

    Review by George Bradford Director of Global Arts.

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    Featured Photographers
    Pixiport's featured artists this month are Rey Lopez,Ben Arieh and Pierre Jolivet. Great photographs from street scenes to surreal art. Digital and analog.

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    Conventional versus Conceptual

    Do I point my camera outwards to the existing world or turn it inward towards my soul.

    Am I taking photographs of existing reality, or creating my own world, so real but non existent.

    Results from this two opposite approaches are notably different and, in my opinion, conceptual.

    Photography is a higher form of artistic expression that places photography on the level of painting, poetry, music and sculpture. It employs the special talent of intuitive vision. By translating the personal concepts into the language of photography, it reflects the possible answers to major questions of being: birth, death and life.

    Creating an idea and transforming it into reality is an essential process of conceptual photography.

    Today's conventional approach, with a few exceptions, completely dominates Art Photography. But introduction of digital photography can change this balance. The ease of producing altered realities, will bring a new wave of talented artists, who will use it to express their special world of visions, with all its meanings, symbols and mystery.

    In a world of high technology will you still believe in truthfulness of a photograph?

    And does it matter?

    To me it matters. In all these years of creating conceptual images, I tried to make them as realistic as possible. My technical abilities have improved, allowing me to broaden horizons for my ideas.

    But this is not the most important part of the process.

    The poor concept, perfectly executed, still makes a poor photograph.

    Therefore, the most important ingredient of the powerful image is a concept. The blend of a talent to create a concept and the skill to deliver it - those are two major building blocks of creating a convincing conceptual photograph.

    It is not a new idea to manipulate photographic images. As a matter of fact all images are manipulated to a certain degree. The real power of photography emerges when altered reality is presented as existent and is expected to be perceived as such.

    An obviously manipulated image is a trick that shows a lack of understanding of the unique power of photography - the belief engraved in our subconscious that what was captured by the camera has to exist. In the best examples of successfully manipulated images the question "Is it real?" does not arise.

    My first introduction to digital manipulations showed me how similar analog and digital techniques are. Each has it's bright and dark spots. At this moment I don't see any reason to switch to digital. I still prefer glowing quality of original print and the laborious process to achieve it. Yet, I believe, that it is only matter of time before digital technology replaces analog and the conceptual approach will receive well deserved place in Art of Photography.

    I also want to believe that, many years from now, artists will continue to develop the language of photography, understanding and preserving its unique power.

    Misha Gordin

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    Art Of Internet Photography
    Ken Windsor-Internet Journalist

    As I get further into this series of articles, I find that my levels of expectance are definitely rising. What would appear as a good image when I started is now probably only rated as reasonable.

    Some of this is due to the writing equivalent of becoming "punch drunk", but mainly it is because the standard of photography on the Internet is continually reaching new heights of excellence.

    Whereas it used to be the normal procedure to be able to pick one outstanding image from a gallery or site, I am now faced with individual subject galleries where each and every one of the images is sometimes quite exceptional.

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