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 PixiPort's Updates June 1st 2002 
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  • "Swans of Ireland "
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  • Greetings!

    Pixiport, a "Portal To The Arts" is an online venue for photographic artists to showcase their works and offer educational and informational opportunities to art in photography to the public.

    Each month different international photographic artists are showcased. The site is available in twenty different languages, offering true international access.

    Showcasing the work by "Fine Art Photographers" to the eyes of the general public, for appreciation and education through this online exhibition is our ongoing goal. Presently underway, is the bringing together the works of several leading photographic artists from the Pixiport site, in an exhibition in a real time gallery, in Deland, Florida this coming October, creating a further"Portal To The Arts".

    Photo Board International a division of Pixiport is a photographers and writers members only discussion board. Pixiport director Bob Snell is the administrator of PBI and has created many photo forums on PBI that have brought together education and fun for all artists.Experts in photography Photoshop,giclee printing and technical advice for the internet are also favorite forums on PBI.Eric Root of Vegasphotog.com joins Pixiport's team as technical advisor on PBI as well as an active forum for PC advice.

    Painting With Light

    Our Featured photographers for the month of June are,Michael-M von Karkawski,Palinchak Mikhail and Dubi Roman. Stark black and whites,creative images to colorful landscapes these fine art photographers have painted a spectualr exhibition on PixiPort.

    "As a nature photographer I strive to present nature in a natural form, to conserve the uncertainty, the misty mood and emotion." The technique I use is based on changing planes of focus, soft focusing and scattered light, that gives a romantic and impressionistic effect, colored in the colors of dreams". Dubi Roman

    Ukrainian photographer Palinchak Mikhail has over the past 15 years displayed his work in more than 300 exhibitions in the USA, England, Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Hong Kong, Denmark, Spain, Italy, Luxembourg, and France. He's even exhibited at the prestigious Royal Photographic Society. He is the winner of countless prizes and awards. Palinchak M Mikhail

    For four years he was a student of Art Academy in drawing. First steps in photography are only nature , landscapes. In future years Michael was working in an advertisement agency.He has published multimedial CDR titled Italy and is working on photoillustrations for other books."A portion of the activities in my work, I paint in oil on canvas, I then make the image through digital manipulation and I also draw. I have many of my ideas expressed in my photography through my art while trying to capture their images through the camera lens." Michael M von Karkowski

    Visit Photographers Galleries....

    Infrared Photography Gallery
    We have added a infrared gallery with Photographer Bob Snell.

    This have added another dimension to the art of infrared.Creativity and artistry combined with imagination brings a new life to this art form.

    Bob Snell represents the legions of amateur photographers that are self taught, read all the latest photography magazines, and looks at every photography web site he comes across. Having been involved with art studies at University of Illinois, he appreciates form, composition, and lighting which he attempts to bring to his photography. Having used Photoshop for over 5 years, he feels that he is starting to uncover some of the artistic capabilities of this inventive program. Taking interesting photos is like a fine wine, which only gets better....as he ages.

    Gerald Parker B&W Documentary
    We welcome Gerald Parker to Pixiport's black and white gallery portal.

    Gerald Parker is a Boston M.F.A. graduate, and a N.E.A. recipient.

    His work has been seen in one man shows and housed in private collections through out the country.

    He has been photographing for twenty five years Mr. Parker's photography emerges as a unique combination of artistic influences and the basic tenets of documentary and reform photography.

    Visit Gallery.... »

    Üzeyir Lokman CAYCI
    He is a poet, a writer, a versatile artist... He was born in 1949 in Bor that is one of the beautiful cities of Turkey. He attended primary and high school there. And then he graduated as an Architect - Designer of Industry from The Fine Arts Academy of State in Istanbul.

    His important works are, Akamlarn Dura , Karar, he has many poetries, stories and articles as well. It was called every body attention to his fine arts drawing / painting pictures since 14 years old. His poetries were translated into French by Yakup YURT who loves art.

    The Reward of Eagerness was given by The Radio NPS of Holland in 1999 and The Reward of Palmares was given by The Organization of Les Amis de Thalie in France to him. He placed in a poem competition from the same Organization at the same year too.

    Read Poetry..... »

    Weekly Photo Updates
    Photo artists on PixiPort update with a new photograph each Saturday in Photo Art Gallery.

    Stop by and see what your favorite photographer has created this week.

    <...Photograph by Judy Mandolf and Ken Windsor...>

    Visit Gallery.... »

    Spectrum Gallery
    Photo Board International's forum with Bob Snell is really showing colors!

    Twice a month Bob picks a new color or color combinations for the photographers to create works that are placed in Spectrum Gallery.

    Each gallery is color coded,red,black,white,pink,yellow,green,blue,purple and next up is the red white and blue.

    PBI (Photo Board International has a very active community of photographers.This Board will be seen and read by experts from around the world and will truly be the best communication vehicle in the world of Photography. Whenever you visit, and we hope it will be daily, check the "Announcement" Forum for any new late breaking news. Enjoy PBI and share with others, who in turn will share with you, many of the secrets of their success. .

    Photo by Jeff Galbraith

    Spectrum Gallery...... »

    Digital-Photofusion Gallery
    Digital -Photofusion exhibitor is Janet Parke's a fractual artist. Beautiful inspirational art.

    Janet Parke lives and works in Memphis, Tennessee, as a ballet teacher and choreographer. She began exploring fractals in 1997 and had her first solo exhibition two years later. Since then, her work has appeared in several exhibitions worldwide, including "The Frontier Between Art and Science" which toured Europe and South America. Her "Libellen" won an Award of Excellence in the 2001 Toray Digital Creation Awards.

    "The medium in which I work is Fractal Art. My studio is my computer screen, and I use specialized mathematical formulas as my paints and brushes. Each element of my image - shape, color, texture, light, and shadow - is controlled by these formulas and I, in turn, control the formulas by manipulating their parameters and numeric values. I form each image from a collage of fractal layers which merge and interact to create the finished work. Once completed, the image is rendered at the appropriate size and printed in continuous tone on photographic paper.

    As an artist with a background in music and dance, I am inspired by their common elements - the rhythmic repetition of the fractal shape, the graceful, sweeping curves and spirals of color, the dramatic use of texture and light. Creating and combining these elements is comparable to composing a symphony - the basic fractal structure is the melody, the shapes and colors are the voices of different instruments, and the texture like the various sounds of the percussion section. Together they become a rich and complex dance of color. I enjoy the challenge of painting with numbers, but despite its mathematical base, fractal art, for me, is a very intimate and passionate means of expressing the creative spirit." Janet Parke

    Visit Digital-Photofusion.... »

    Photo Of The Month
    June's photo of the month winner is Judy Mandolf.

    She will recieve a 20 x 24 Giclee print sponsered by PixiPort-BlueHeron.

    Congratulations Judy!

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