Featured Photographers for March On PixiPort
Judy Mandolf
Her images have their genesis in her original photographs which are scanned into her computer, collaged, "painted" and otherwise manipulated by various software programs. They are then printed on textured paper with archival inks and sometimes further enhanced by applying various paints and pencils to the surface.

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We invite you to visit the featured photographers galleries for March. Presently featured are Judy Mandolf and Joep Steinmeijer.

Joep Steinmeijer
The Flying Dutchman

Joep Steinmeijer is a Renaissance man, vigorous in his pursuit and expression of artistic discoveries and pleasures of life but it is his eyes, and the photographic lens, that shows us what others may have missed. While his numerous websites offer a variety of subjects and reveal a more detailed portrait of himself, it is his photographs that we felt compelled to show here. To view the range of his mastery one must visit his sites; we need to warn however that some of the material contained within may be fitting for adults only.

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We strive to bring to PixiPort galleries the highest caliber photographic art.Please enjoy the exhibits and by all means let the artists hear from you.

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