March 2006 
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" Practice is the best of all instructors."- Syrus 42 B.C.

 Featured-Martin Hensen
 Black and White Photography

My name is Martin Henson I was born in 1952 in West Yorkshire UK, where I still live now. My photography background started at an early age of 12, my first camera was Kodak Box Brownie, my love of the country side of which I live in has inspired me to capture it in a style that I have developed over the years.

I take only mono images this has been a passion from the beginning from the wet darkroom and now to digital, for me BW opens ones artistic side free from colour mono provides images of light, shade and texture, simplistic yet powerful in shades of grey where light is ones friend not to fight against but to use as a tool in the creation of fine Art mono images.

My influences over the years have been many; Ansel Adams, Fay Godwin, Bill Brandt, any many more, all of these showing that through monochrome there images were of such quality that they will live with us for ever a testament to the popularity of the medium in a world now where colour is so easy to produce.

Over the years I have produced BW images from the wet darkroom and the move to digital was a big learning curve, but with the internet now sharing ones work and knowledge is a wonderful thing to be able to do, my site has grown in popularity rapidly since its launch, with 1000 unique hits per month and nearly 300 BW landscapes to view, feature galleries, prints to buy, a learning area where I share my editing techniques for others to try with PDF tutorial downloads, the site was also recommended by Amateur photography magazine last year which increased the interest in B&W Plus there’s a link to my dedicated BW forum a place not used as a showcase but for learning the art of BW imagery,

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 Call for Entries
 Photo Contests

Call for Entries: PHOTOGRAPHY COMPETITION 2006 Juried Photo Contest presented by TCB CAFE Publishing & Media The Photography Competition 2006 is an international photography contest organized by TCB-Cafe Publishing of San Francisco. The contest aims to develop and raise the visibility of photographic and graphic creative talent, in the form of a competition and the resulting book publication. The culmination will be a beautiful hardbound photographic book, showcasing the competition winners, and gracing the libraries of museums, galleries, individuals and collectors.

PHOTO CONTEST THEME The 2006 competition has two separate book themes: 1) A Smile is Worth a Thousand Words DESCRIPTION: Humans are the only living creatures that can smile, and for that reason smiles are unique. Some may even say they are a gift from beyond. But smiles can mean much more than just happiness and mirth. They can be mysterious, fashionable, sexy, deceptive, inviting, friendly, or even alarming. They can indicate good health or bad, and can make the recipient's day unfold in joy, or descend into misery. Smiles must be interpreted, and those interpretations can be worth hundreds, if not thousands, of words. (...and not all of them need come from close-up portraits) 2) Super Heroes DESCRIPTION: Super heroes have always existed, both real and imagined. Photography and graphics allows the artist to now capture and illustrate those fictional and non-fictional persons (and animals) as never before. Photographers and graphic illustrators are invited to show us the Super Heroes in our world, or not of it. To read more about the contest, go to the TCB-Cafe Publishing website at, or go directly to the contest information at Date: January 1, 2006 - March 30, 2006 TCB CAFE Publishing & Media LLC "New Ideas for a New World"

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 Mark-Steffen Gowecke
 Photography and Videos

Born in 1965 in Bad Harzburg/Germany. Studied Communication Design - focused on film/video. Since 1997 I have been working in Cologne as a freelancer: editing TV-reportages (including the Gotthard Base Tunnel), graphic-design, book-author (mainly about Adobe Premiere), short filmmaker, DVD authoring etc. Visit Art Videos

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 Mario Pischedda
 Photography and Videos

We have four galleries of Mario Pischedda art photography. He has also updated his video section with another short take. Enjoy! Mario's Video Portal

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 The art of Digital-Monochrome
 by Martin Hensen

Under normal non extreme lighting conditions the modern camera of today will give a well balanced exposure for highlight and shadows, in some circumstances fill flash will also improve things further but where flash is not practical editing techniques in your photo editing software will enable you to fine tune the exposure short falls in the highlight and shadow regions to produce a well balanced image.

But there are times when in say landscape photography to produce a dramatic shot of the lighting manifesting itself in front of you the only way to capture this is to shoot into the light this in turn presents a problem for your camera as to what exposure it will set in either manual or auto, what will happen is that it will generally be fooled by the brightness of the sky area and underexpose the image leaving the foreground with no detail at all or so little data that even adjusting the exposure slider in the Raw converter will not bring out the shadow detail needed, so a method of capturing both highlight and shadow detail is need to provide the right kinds of exposure to produce workable data in these areas, below is a detailed explanation of how to achieve this using two Raw images of the same subject but at different exposure levels then using theses to produce an image with both areas giving acceptable highlight and shadow detail., the image I have chosen as an example is one of very high contrast in the sky area and a dark foreground one that would be impossible to produce using on exposure.

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 Ayhan Duman
 Commercial Fashion

Introducing Ayhan in few words is really no easy task, since he's no ordinary photographer but a truly multi-talented person, combining a composer/song writer, a blues & jazz guitarist, an artist and a filmmaker all in one.

Long before digital imaging was available, Ayhan had a reputation in producing highly intriguing images applying in-camera-composition and motion-control techniques, blended together with his "Magical Mystery Torch" lighting system, which aroused attention and recognition world-wide.

Today, with the high-end digital studio at his command, it's no surprise that he turns out even more intriguing eye-catchers, which do not necessarily reveal the typical computer effects look. Images which do look computerized, may in fact be straight-forward shots and those which might look ever so simple and shot off the hip could be the result of a long day's shooting plus extensive but carefully balanced digital manipulation.

It's always a great pleasure working with this humorous person and a relief to know that no matter how difficult and challenging the task, Ayhan will come up with a perfectly satisfactory solution, masterfully executed.
Leigh Thornton McGuinness

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