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March 2006 - Vol 1, Issue 2
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We have been late with newsletters but are getting back with our schedules. Our featured artists now come out in mid month. We have created a new toolbar with links to parts of Pixiports galleries. The Pixiport Fine Art Photographers is free, customizable and gives you a complete set of powerful tools to make your browsing faster, easier and more fun! http://pixiportfineartphotographers.toolbar.vmn. net/

Adam Blai comes from a long line of artists going back to the founding of the Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia and the old world masters before that. Art is an essential part of life, as is exploration and discovery. The juxtaposition of these two drives has led to this refinement of an uncommon form of photography: light painting. Over a number of years the skills, techniques, and tools themselves have been developed. These images are not computer rendered; they are hand created over one long exposure. The color, intensity, and in some cases special effects, are all hand created. In some cases there is no subject and the light itself becomes the subject.

Adam is currently working almost exclusively with one model, leading to a depth and growth in the work not experienced before. This partnership will manifest a book soon, hopefully in mid 2006. Works are on display in the Douglas Albert Art Gallery in State College, Pennsylvania. Works can be commissioned for both artistic and commercial ends.

Taking black and white photographs is for me the most natural way to express myself artistically. I try to envision the subjects I am shooting without color, wich I often find a distracting element. This way I can consentrate on lines, shapes, forms and shadows - the little details that people for the most part overlook. When it comes to the subjects I choose to photograph, I have found that certain places have a special kind of attraction on me. These places I visit over and over again under different lightning conditions, trying to capture them the way I want. Some of my best black and white photographs are taken only a few hundred meters from where I live. This proves the point that you do not have to travel to exotic places to find good motives. I often feel that the motives come to me, rather than the opposite. I am constantly trying to improve my photographic skills in terms of expression and motives.

The photographs I take are maybe my perspective on the world around me. Perhaps I am trying to capture the world the way it should have been, rather than the way it is. I often wonder if people perceive my art the same way as I do myself, since this is a very personal thing. I do not like to explain my photographs. It is up to the invidual observer to find out what my photographs mean to them, which feelings they evoke.

live in Son, a small village on the banks of the Oslo Fjord. This area is a paradise for photographers, with its beautiful landscapes and it’s ever changing climate. I like to experiment with light, and I often use strange and varied subjects. I use photos to express my thoughts and use my emotions to give them their titles. I’m educated as a Health secretary and work in a doctor’s office near my hometown. I love working with people, something I also experience as a photographer.

I am an amateur photographer who uses her camera to tell stories. I believe that every picture has something to say. I have many interests but only one passion, photography! I sometimes make my own little project where I make a series of pictures with a special title. My last project was related to the serious subject, drug abuse. I have been doing photography for about 5 years now, and find it more and more interesting everyday! I see a good photo opportunity almost every day, so I never leave my home without my camera.

New photos by Dubi Roman. Dubi Roman has always loved Impressionist painting. He sought a way to express an Impressionist vision of nature through photography - to see things in terms of light. Dubi Roman not only captures the play of light in the fields and forests; the shimmering images of a physical landscape. His works also suggest a different light. The stretches of wild flowers in the wood, the dark trunks of trees, are suffused with a more mysterious light; a spiritual radiance emanating from Nature.

This mystical light can be traced to Dubi Roman's roots in Safed and the Galilee. Born in Haifa in 1957, his father's family has lived in the mystical city of Safed in the Upper Galilee for five generations. His grandfather Yitzchak Roman was a Safed artist and sculptor. Although Roman lives in the city, he constantly escapes to Nature for sustenance. As is evident in his work, he particularly loves the forests. And yet his purpose is not simply to portray Israeli scenery, but to go beyond the specific place to the universalism of nature. To achieve serenity of spirit, the harmony he has been seeking all his life.

As the Impressionist painters went out of their studios to paint Nature, Dubi Roman achieves his surfaces, not primarily by manipulation of the image in the darkroom, but in the very act of taking the picture outdoors. The first exposure is taken slightly out of focus, and is followed by a second shot from a subtly different position. "A tiny movement of the body, and I can capture nuances that change the entire reality," says Roman. "I can never entirely predict the final image. Many elements come together. Many gates are opened." Dubi Roman initially studied medical instrumentation, and then turned to film and television. He has worked as a video editor for Israeli Educational Television since 1983. All the while, he has refined his skill as a photographer studying professional photography through The New York Institute of Photography. He is married and has three boys, and today lives in Tel Aviv. These photographs are part of an exhibit to celebrate A Hundred Years of the Jewish National Fund which will be shown worldwide beginning October 1, 2001

Helyn Davenport
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