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April 2002 
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  • Elena Ray-Photographer Writer
  • Ken Windsor-The Art Of Internet Photography
  • Misha Gordin-Professional Commercial Gallery
  • New Black and White Photography Gallery

  • Elena Ray-Photographer Writer
    New Addition to Pixiport's "The Quill in Focus" is Elena Ray,photographer and writer.

    She pursues me
    it is my very soul she craves
    and to be me
    as her
    to pour my center in her mold
    to have my mold to hold her center
    But I am clever
    I keep my shadow shifting
    contorted distorted
    I am not afraid to frighten
    I can dance with devils
    who delight in her torment!
    they dearly love to thrill me
    an angel in their midst.

    Elena's Gallery......... »

    Ken Windsor-The Art Of Internet Photography
    If your image has been chosen to be reviewed here you are in great company, as you will be rubbing shoulders with some of the worlds' greatest image makers. So please make yourself comfortable, get your ticket punched, and come with me on a journey into the wonderful world of Photography and Art on the Internet. .

    THE BEST OF THE WEB Presenting the very best images from Photographers web sites throughout the world.

    All Photographers who have their own web sites need to attract viewers to their sites. A well designed home page is always a good start, and although I am biased, I do think that the "golden quill" on our "Quill in focus" entry page is a good example of great design. A home page design which caught my eye was this one

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    Misha Gordin-Professional Commercial Gallery
    Misha Gordin joins the Exclusive Updated New Commercial Gallery on Pixiport.

    I take my commercial commitments very seriously. My commercial work reflects a stile of my artwork of this particular time. But there the similarity ends. I don't mix commercial ideas with art ideas. They have completely different purposes. Commercial ideas are light and are to sell the product. I try to make them classy, mysterious and most of all eye-catching. There is nothing light about my art images. I dive deep for inspiration. " - Misha Gordin

    Full Story »

    New Black and White Photography Gallery
    I've been 40 years discovering that the queen of all colors was black." Auguste Renoir

    We have updated our B&W gallery and hope you enjoy the view.

    "Meticulous may be a good way of describing my work. To be sure, the quality of light and shadow is equally important. As a matter of fact, I consider those elements as an essential part of the design. But for me, without visual order, an image fails despite the content. All things must be considered. Harmonies must be present for the message to be fluent. It all must come together symphonically. If there is too much noise, at least for me, it is difficult to hear the melody. I assume as much for the audience. It is an Eastern experience when I shoot. An attempt at Zen within the frame." - David Mendelsohn

    Visit Pixiport's B&W Gallery..... »

    Phil Artez B&W Art Photographer
    Featured this month is Phil Artez
    "It is like a long journey and a mirror of myself where I can be always on the move." Phil Artez

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