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Ken Windsor is a writer and Photographer who writes on many subjects. He is best known for his contributions to the world of Photography. He now only writes about Photography on PixiPort - this is the only place where you can now read his current work His images have been exhibited in many International Colour slide Exhibitions. He has now retired from International competition, but still contributes his images and advice to the forums on PixiPort's The Quill In Focus and PixiPort's unique discussion portal - PBI.


Art Of Internet Photography
Ken Windsor-Internet Journalist

It is with an open mind that I embark upon this new series. We are about to explore a vastly uncharted world. A world where the mediocre mixes with the brilliant, a world where virtual unknowns can share the stage with the worlds' greats. This is the world of "Internet Photography."

I will be looking at images which appear on Internet sites around the world, and trying to explain why these images appeal to me, and why, in my opinion, they are great images of their genre. You might not always agree, but hey - that will be good for some stimulating discussion.

This whole genre of "Internet Photography" is in fact a complex one. Just look at the following list of elements that have to come together to make a good image on the computer screen.

You have to - find a reliable company to host your internet site, scan the images to an acceptable size and quality, adjust the image for contrast brightness and saturation, decide on the presentation format (thumbnails, slideshow etc) keep download times to a minimum without sacrificing quality, and finally keep the viewers interested by constant updates.

Are you finished yet - you bet your sweet bippy you aint ! You will also have to decide if your aim is to just to present your work for the enjoyment of others, to provide a showplace where your talents can be presented, or to go the whole hog and present the images as part of a commercial site where clients can purchase your prints directly from the site.

Then there is the question of Copyright - a massive subject in itself. How do you protect your images, do you want to, or do you need to. The mirror image here is also how do you ensure that you are not infringing on the copyright of someone else, however unintentional.

All of the above issues will be touched upon in this series, but hopefully most of the meat will arise from discussions that ensue. My main aim will be to present images for you to savour, and maybe talk about through those long winter nights or balmy summer evenings.

All the images you see in future articles in this series will be fresh images, that is they will not have been featured by me in any previous series on any other site. However, to start with today, just as a taster, I am going to feature a mixture of images old and new. This will allow me to set the scene, and introduce you to the complexities of this new world of Photography on the Internet.

So, relax, curl up in that favourite chair, and begin this wonderful journey. I will start with the image which, in my opinion, shows the pinnacle of quality that can be achieved on the "Net" - an image which certainly had my readers going "ooh" with delight.

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