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Photo Of The Month Winner

Shirley Cross, Queen of Romance, is our Photo Of The Month winner. Congratulations Shirley!

Shirley's fantasy photos are inspiring and she indeed is the Queen of romance on Pixiport. Shirley recieves as POTM winner from Digital Art Supplies , Photographic papers, a bit of almost everything package.
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We thank Digital Art Supplies for sponsoring POTM. Please visit them for they do indeed have not only the best prices but they have wonderful service. We are proud to have them as sponsors.

Shirley was born and raised in Oregon. She is a "young" grandmother who loves her family. Her great passion is photography.

She was always artistic: drawing and painting from an early age,trying to get 'art' photos with her brownie camera. She became serious about photography around 1984.

Shirley graduated from New York Institute of Photography in November 1991. Her photographs have been published in several magazines and calenders, and have won awards both nationally and internationally. Beginning in 1988 and each year thereafter,her photos have been included in THE BEST OF PHOTOGRAPHY ANNUAL, which is published by PHOTOGRAPHERS FORUM magazine.

For the last three years she has had photos accepted for the Austrian Super Circuit,the largest photo salon in the world. In 1999 she received medals both in Austria and South Africa.

Fantasy and futuristic,spacey things fascinate her. At the same time she is an incurable romantic who loves flowers and the wild natural settings. Her latest thrill is using the computer to bring her imagination to life. Shirley enjoys creating art that is pleasurable and uplifting and sometimes amusing.

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Ciro Antinozzi
Ciro Antinozzi has a new gallery on Pixiport. Surreal, artistic expressions of delight. He is a Fine Art and Commercial Photographer.

Ciro was born in Salerno, Italy in 1953, received a degree in Geology and has been a professional photographer since 1984.

His office and studio are in Salerno, where he specializes in photographing people, still lifes, and unique photos of fruits and vegetables.

His slide archives include over 20,000 catalogued photographs that are distributed all over the world, including Italy, Germany, U.S.A., Mexico, Malaysia, and New Zealand, though various international agencies.

Many of his photographs have been used extensively by leading advertising agencies such as Saatchi & Saatchi, Leo Burnett, Ted Bates, Ata Univas and others.

Ciro works with three photographic formats : five Nikon bodies, two Hasselblad cameras and a Sinar body with all the appropriate lenses.

Most all of his work is done on digital equipment. His unique style and quality images are a joy to look at and are always memorable.

Carol Tipping has interviewed Ciro, you will enjoy this indepth conversation between these two artists.
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His commercial photography can be seen here. Visit Ciro's Commercial Gallery

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PBI / Tiger Internet Solutions

PBI has a new home and is running with a Tiger in the tank!! We have a new host Tiger Internet Solutions. Chris Batcheller is the owner and gives us one on one service. PBI is not a number lost in a sea of users. PBI is blazing fast now and without errors!

Tiger Internet Solutions has been providing Internet services for over 2 years. We offer web design and web hosting. We can develop your next multimedia FLASH, eCommerce or database application. From the basic web site to the complex internet application we have what it takes to get the job done. We know that the web is an important part of your business. That's why we work so hard to bring you dependable web hosting and the best customer service. When your business depends on the web, you can depend on us! All our plans are Unix Based with Ensim WEBppliance Control Panels.

Web Development Internet Technologies:

Chris also is a database programer (yes he knows codes!) He will have a forum on PBI, Web and Internet Questions and Tips. We welcome Chris to our PBI family.

If you are in need of a reliable full service host, database creation, e-commerce and more visit Tiger Internet Solutions.

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PBI / Bob Snell / Eric Root

To go along with the new home for PBI Bob Snell PBI Director has revamped the forums. New fourms and also new layout to make is easier to fine what you are looking for.

Eric Root is keeping the technical parts of PBI running smooth and if you have any problems with PBI email Eric (Wardog) at vegasphotog@lvcm.com or wardog@photoboardinternational.com.

If you have ay suggestions for new forums or any ideas you would like to exchange we have forums on PBI to post these to. We do want to hear what you would like to see on PBI.

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David Mendelsohn

Interview by "Zen Within The Frame" Ken Brody Professional Photographer
Christopher Robinson Managing Editor www.outdoorphotographer.com www.pcphotomag.com

David Mendelsohn's work has a life of its own. It catches your eye, grabs hold of your soul, and pulls you deep into its framework, so that ultimately you feel as the image. You become aware if the rain splattering off your back as you strain to read the headlines on a taxi driver's newspaper. You can smell the characteristic aroma of the burning cigar, held perfectly poised in the wrinkled hand of a green-clad man with a white mustache. You marvel at how much this man resembles the stark white skull on the wall beside him. Or, perhaps, how much they differ. No matter, certainly they belong together. Well known for his highly graphic, award-winning commercial photography, Mendelsohn did not start his professional career behind a camera. " I came to photography through a rather indirect path," he recalls. "I always had some interest in the medium after my dad gave me his old Argus C3, around my 12th birthday, I toyed with the camera and a makeshift dark room to some degree, but it was simply another one of my interests."

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