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October 2006


Congratulations to Shirley Cross. Pixiport has signed Shirley with Out of the Blue a licensing agency.

Bruno Sanfilippo not only creates beautiful music but photographs as well. We have added a photo gallery for him and list his site where you can learn more about this fascinating artist.

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  • Patrick R. McMullen
  • Nathan Brusovany
  • Lucio Valerio Pini
  • Phil Preston
  • Bruno Sanflippo-"INTRO"
  • Robert Johnson
  • Jeff Galbraith
  • Ayhan Duman
  • Mark-Steffen Gowecke

  • Nathan Brusovany

    Brusovani's Ark of Spirit is the result of common effort in visual art of two brothers. The elder, Yuri Brusovany, is a painter. He is the founder of transrealism, a new artistic method. The younger, Nathan Brusovani, is a photographer and a digital designer.

    Art critics have been unable to define Brusovani's works, so they have had to do it themself. They call it "transrealism and multiplication" - the subjects, scenes and qualities multiply among themselves, creating a complex combination of emotions, ideas and images.

    Brusovani's world of art is transparent: it is as if one theme in their images shines through another, acquiring fresh nuances while preserving and strengthening the traces of its origin.

    Nathan, the photographer, has been studying photo art under the influence of his elder brother, trying to get a sensitive and complicated picture of transparent reality through the skillful use of double exposure and unusual lighting effects.

    Everything in Brusovani's art is more real, more alive than in real life. Nathan Brusovani`s photography can be seen at exhibitions in Israel. He is now exposing his work in the Internet as well - www.uniart.net

    Nathan Brusovani, was born in 1956 in Leningrad. In 1978 he graduated from Leningrad University with the Master's degree. While studying there he also completed a course in scientific photography. For the next eight years under the influence of his elder brother, an artist, he has been studying photo art in home laboratory. During the same period of time Nathan also taught Hebrew and was active in Jewish cultural life. He participated in various underground exhibitions in Moscow and Peterburg. While still in refusal he succeeded in smuggling out some of the negatives of my works into the USA and Israel and later the album of this works was published. In 1987 Nathan received permission for emigration from Soviet Russia and with his wife Anna and four children came to Israel where they are living now. In Israel Nathan participated in many exhibitions, among them the personal exhibition in Jerusalem Theater in 1997.

    Lucio Valerio Pini

    I’m mainly a photographer. I look not for the new, but for what’s at least different, uncommon, surprising, fun, magic, absurd. I don’t care for reality, I don’t care for the certainty of what’s in front of my lens, I care for the creativity, the fantasy, the invention, that can gush from a cultured thought. Between the certain and the uncertain there’s a possible space, for example in dreams and in fables.

    The subject of my pictures, mostly, is the woman in her infinite and mutable aspects of being and looking.

    All the artists of the past centuries and all the artists of today, like Robert Rauschenberg, Henrich Maria Dravinghausen, Egon Schiele, Magritte, our Rinaldo Mantovani, Giorgio De Chirico, Antonio Donghi. I like Pop-Art as well as Impressionism and Baroque.

    Born on 1/1/1935 in Rome, Italy, where he lives, dwells and works. Got a degree in Sociology. Began photographying in 1988. Attended numerous photography courses run by masters like Franco Fontana, of whom he considers himself a disciple, Giuseppe Pino, Giorgio Lotti, Ferdinando Scianna, Alberta Tiburzi, Alberto Schommer, Maurizio Galimberti.

    Ran courses on photography and history of the photographic image in several sites including the Second University of Rome Tor Vergata. Won prizes, awards and acknowledgements for works he presented in numerous collective and personal exhibitions. Exhibited Polaroid works on 1996 at the Galleria Randazzo, Roma. Showed works on Polaroid film and Copy Art in personal exhibition "Polafotocopieimmagini" at Associazione Culturale "Interno 7", Roma.

    Was invited on november 1997 by Claude Nori from Paris to participate in a collective exhibition on the New Photography in Italy at the Galerie Municipale du Chateau D'Eau of Toulouse in France, where he presented his Polaroid works.

    Had his photos published by Italian magazines like: "PHOTOGRAPHIE MAGAZINE", "ZOOM", "REFLEX", "FOTOGRAFARE", "GEN TE DI FOTOGRAFIA", "IL VENERDÌ di Repubblica", "RL Regione Lazio", "ARRIVEDERCI" of Alitalia, RCS' "ANNA", "CALUMET", Polaroid's "P", the Spanish one "FV FOTO VIDEO ACTUALIDAD" which granted him a portfolio and the cover, the Mexican one "FotoZoom".

    Italian publisher "EDITALIA" published a volume titled "IMMAGINI DI ROMA". Was in the editorial staff of the photographic magazine “PHOTOGRAPHIE MAGAZINE”, years 1997/1998.

    Phil Preston

    Phil Preston lives in Buckinghamshire, UK and has been interested in photography for about thirty years. Although an amateur and largely self taught, he has had a number of his photographs published in UK photography magazines over the years. His main areas of interest are landscape, nature, architecture, and more recently, digital imaging, with a preference for pictorial, aesthetically pleasing images rather than straight record shots.

    About two years ago Phil became aware of digital imaging, and soon realised this was a useful tool for his photography due to the level of control available for manipulating images. Phil has continued to develop skills in this area, and although still using conventional film for image capture, he feels that photography's future is digital.

    Phil's images in the PixiPort Guest Photographer Gallery are fairly typical of the photography he is doing at present, featuring locations such as the Royal Botanic Gardens Kew (London), Snowdonia National Park (Wales), and Canary Wharf (London). More of Phil's work can be seen at his website (http://www.digital-fotofusion.co.uk).

    Bruno Sanflippo-"INTRO"

    Through his contemplative music intended to transmit something else than emotional stimulus or simple entertainment. It obsesses itself with the search of different things, the amazing, magical and deep. In dreams, there’s no imagined thing that’s too absurd, too strange, his music comes from that inexhaustible and shameless source.

    Recorded and mixed at Onix Studio Barcelona, Spain, spring 2006
    All music by Bruno Sanfilippo except InTROsacro with Alio Die (Stefano Musso)
    Bruno: Piano, synths, samplers, various acoustic instruments, nature & ambient sounds and computer processing
    Mastered by Max Corbacho at Luna Alta Studio Graphic Design: Ximena Contreras Cover Photo: Helyn Davenport

    Visit Bruno's site for more information on his music and to purchase his CD's.
    http://www.bruno-sanfilippo.com/InTRO% 201.htm

    Robert Johnson

    Unique black & white decisive moment/documentary photographs of life in Worcester, Massachusetts. (1969-1981) Hometown of Robert Goddard, Abbie Hoffman and Denis Leary. Included are classic images from various locations throughout the United States.

    Jeff Galbraith

    I live and work in Saint John New Brunswick on Canada's east coast. I first got into photography in the mid eighties, but only dabbled in the art until the fall of 2000. It was then that I decided to learn all that I could about photography and apply that knowledge to making a part time career of the art.

    Since then I have launched a web site (fall of 2001) and have been very active in online photo contests and forums. I have also sold prints locally and have had one of my shots published as regional magazine cover image. In the future I plan to keep expanding my knowledge of the fine art of photography and hope to create many images that will bring enjoyment to others.

    Artist Statement: Often the world around us becomes so familiar that the beauty and wonder of it are overlooked. It is my goal to take a closer look at the ordinary and hopefully expose its ability to please and intrigue us. I only hope that I can bring a smile or a bit of wonder to people through my photography.

    Ayhan Duman

    Ayhan studied Arts & Interior Design at the Institute of British Designers/London and Industrial & Photo- Design at the Gesamthochschule Kassel/Germany under guidance of professor Ell and professor Neusuess.

    Past his graduation, he founded the AMD Studios in Munich/Germany where he soon became a most sought after photographer due to his intrigueing lighting style and in-camera photo-compositions. In late seventies there were no dedicated computers like in our present day, so the images Ayhan created aroused quite a turbulence.

    This lighting style finally became refined over the years and led to a lighting system which was named the Magical Mystery Torch®, inspired and borrowed from the Beatles LP, the Magical Mystery Tour. Basically this lighting style is a mongrel based on the "slit-scan" motion-control technique which was used in the Stanley Kubrick film "2001-A Space Odyssey" and the classical "Light Painting" but with an additional movement of the "Camera-Lights- Object" group, which leads to these pseudo-three- dimentional images.

    All images are camera originals (4x5" transparencies) and without any post image manipulation. Not even the "Woods" image has been post-manipulated, the plywood was bent to form the shape and held by three sets of thin black monofile behind the set, invisible for the camera. These samples here may not show the effects the big prints reveal, (up to 50") the originals show a very sharp image with a softly overlapping/melting secondary image. Hard to describe really, one has to see the real thing!

    The Puppet for instance; this puppet was part of the shot for the Yves Saint Laurent Cosmetics, it's merely 5" high, not any bigger than the image displayed here. There are more than 12 different lights on this tiny model, leading to a very subtle but effective image. Again the Magical Mystery Torch® was applied, leading to this moody effect. In 1997 Ayhan put most of his analog equipment aside and decided to go full digital, invested vast amounts in hi-tech electronics and hi-res digital image capturing and processing hardware/software under one roof which of course is an advantage in the advertising community.

    Yet the digitally created and processed images do not necessarily reveal the so called "electronic" look, most of the time even the most experienced pro has a hard time deciding which images are digital or conventional. More information on Ayhan and his work can be found on his site http://www.amdphotodesign.com


    Mark-Steffen Gowecke

    YEAR 03 by NOYCE Amazing new video by fine art photographer Mark-Steffen Gowecke NOYCE YEAR 03. ENJOY!

    Mark's photo galleries

    Born in 1965 in Bad Harzburg/Germany. Studied Communication Design - focused on film/video. Since 1997 I have been working in Cologne as a freelancer: editing TV-reportages (including the Gotthard Base Tunnel), graphic-design, book-author (mainly about Adobe Premiere), short filmmaker, DVD authoring etc.

    Patrick R. McMullen

    I began my interest in photography when I went to Israel in 1975. I had bought my first SLR camera on the way there in England. I knew then that I would become serious about it from then on. I entered one of the photos taken in there into a statewide contest (Michigan)and won an honorable mention. I felt my first taste of recognition. I continued to evolve into more personal subject matter. My photography was purely black and white for the first several years and is still a passion for me to take a good black and white to this day. I have been fortunate enough to travel to several different countries including much of the southwestern U.S.A. Much of my photographs include these places I have been. I try to include the unusual, the uncommon and the most beautiful sights I have witnessed in my life. I hope that my images tell something about myself in their content. I am currently a member of the local are league here in Daytona Beach, Florida where I reside.

    I am mainly concerned with interpreting what I feel is "right" about any subject I take as a photograph. I trust my emotions before I trust my intellect. This is my guide. I always am quite sure of myself when I have found what I'm looking for in capturing a subject. It is an emotional response to what I see that dictates the outcome.

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