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Sept 1, 2002 
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Pixiport's metamorphosis !

Expanding her ports of call, Pixiport is undertaking a voyage under new sails. With new artists and writers onboard and sailing the winds of artistic inspirations, she is once again re-inventing itself . The changes will be noticed throughout the entire site as George Bradford of Hellford Designs, has designed the new Pixiport Logo and the galleries are being worked on to fit into the new look.

There are many new exciting photographic artists that will show their work and continue to keep Pixiport as the leading photographic web site in the world. "At each moment she starts upon a long, long journey and at each moment reaches her end...All is eternally present in her, for she knows neither past nor future. For her the present is eternity." (From Goethe's 'Fragment on Nature' and sent in by photographer Subir Chatterjee )Please feel free to "forward" a copy of this newsletter to your friends that appreciate looking at and reading about the latest in collectable fine art photography. Join us on our voyage and discover Fine Art Photography.

Thanking you in advance, for all your support, as usual, Helyn Davenport.
Head Pixi
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in this issue
  • The Voice Behind the Lens
  • Paul Bracey
  • Jeff Krewson
  • Monte Nagler
  • Alexei Kozlov's and Marina Khlebnikova

  • Paul Bracey
    Hopefully, people looking at these images will see things as they haven't seen them before. Part of the goal in creating these images has to be to show things in a new light, or as the case may be, in a revealing darkness. Part of the goal has to be to strike a certain, indistinct chord that reverberates with a familiarity beyond what is actually being seen. Sometimes the goal is to intentionally bring ideas from the subconscious to the surface, often building upon improvisational techniques as part of the process. Yet another part of the goal has to be to reconcile the difference between opposites, color and monochrome, line and form, simplicity and complexity, truth and fiction.

    Finally, some part of the goal is ultimately to allow the viewer the joy of discovering a meaning behind each image, even if it is their own meaning (with a nod to Derrida's "freeplay of the signifier"). When blessed with the courage, determination, and good luck to show work, it is often quite refreshing to learn that it speaks to others too. This is a cause for great pride. It is like someone heaping praise on your child. After all, the work is not you, but something that became itself through you. Like good deeds and children, it is often tempting to describe them in great detail, pointing out each feature worthy of praise, but in the end, it is usually best to let them speak for themselves.

    As it is with raising children, family and friends prove ever so helpful with their wit, insight, honesty, encouragement, and support. I think it is important when writing a statement like this, to offer them a sincere, "Thank you."

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    Jeff Krewson
    Born in 1958 and raised in the Pacific Northwest of the United States of America. I started out in Oregon, staying just long enough to graduate from Franklin High School in 1976. Within a month I had moved to Seattle, Washington, where I am to this day. My interest in photography was roused when I started backpacking in 1986. Touring through the incredible scenery of the Cascade and Olympic Mountain Ranges I wanted to have something to show of it. Thus came my photographs.

    In March of 1988 the Photographic Center Northwest became my source of formal instruction when I signed up for a certificate program in "Fine Art Photography". The program was completed with a thesis show at the PCNW in June of 1999.

    My time is now divided between my growing portraiture business and the creation and marketing of my "fine art" color and black and white landscape and nature prints. Fate has been kind and in the years I've been offering my work it has spread itself around the world. My hope is now to spend the rest of my life in this happy and challenging endeavor.

    When I am not working on the photography I spend my time in the recording studio that I keep. I have played piano/keyboards since the age of nine and very much enjoy making my own recordings and playing with others.

    At their simplest I believe that my photographs are really a public dialogue between myself and my God. That dialogue has often been a source of great joy and is the core reason my photos exist. As to exactly what is conveyed in that dialogue I must beg your indulgence as I can only describe it as a sense of hope for a time when all of life's most difficult questions are answered. (Heaven?)

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    Monte Nagler
    Monte Nagler began photographing seriously after studying with Ansel Adams. "It was during that period of intensive work that I realized that making photographs is a way to experience beauty instead of just looking at it," Nagler says. He believes that photographers should communicate feelings that are inside them. Through their photographs, a photographer should be saying: "This is what I saw and felt and I'd like to share that!"

    Monte's photographs, which have won numerous awards, are found in many private and public collections including the Detroit Institute of Arts, the Center for Creative Photography in Tuscon; The Brooklyn Museum; Nikon International; The Ford Motor Company; General Electric Corporation; Diamler Chrysler Corporation; General Motors Corporation; BASF Corporation; Compuware, and IBM. Galleries and agents throughout the country also represent his photography.

    Monte is a noted writer, lecturer and teacher of photography. He has conducted many classes and seminars throughout the states. Not only does he write a nationally syndicated photography column, but he is also the author of two highly successful photography books; How To Improve Your Photographic Vision and Statements of Light. Frequently, he is called upon to judge contests and to speak on photography topics on local radio and television shows.

    Monte is the National Fine Arts Photography spokesperson for the Chevrolet Tahoe and is a recipient of the prestigious Artist in Residence Award from the Farmington Area Arts Commission. He is also a member of the esteemed Camera Craftsmen of America, one of 40 members worldwide. In addition to many award and acknowledgements Monte has received, the State of Michigan Senate and House have honored him with proclamations for his contributions to fine art photography.

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    Alexei Kozlov's and Marina Khlebnikova
    Much was written about the works of Alexei Kozlov's and Marina Khlebnikova. This is probably the brightest photo tandem in all St. Petersburg. They have worked together since the mid-90.s, gradually their model- photographer collaboration grew into a co-authorship of two talented artists. In 1989 Alexei Kozlov.s first appearance in mass media was the result of his shining victory at the first National Erotic Photo Pageant, ironically he officially became the first and the last of the great Soviet photographers of this genera.

    By 1990 Marina graduated St. Petersburg.s school of clothing design, with honors. After graduation she worked as a fashion model, participating in various shows and commercials. Her high professionalism and her strong creative potential didn.t go unnoticed. Since the late 90.s numerous St. Petersburg photographers have been inviting Marina to participate at their shoots, not only as a model, as a stylist and designer as well.

    During this time Marina finds her true collaborator in Alexei Kozlov, who was developing absolutely new techniques in works with negatives. His new method of distorting the enamel of the color negatives produced unexpected and emotionally expressive effects without the use of computers.

    Due to the miniature size of each frame, this labor- intensive process takes up to two weeks to develop one shot. Rapid aging of the image on film limits the amount of prints and requires meticulous discipline and concentration.

    The photo session is rehearsed and drawn out in advance. They create variations of hairstyles, make up, custom outfits, footwear, and accessories. The cities top models make special appearances and sometimes if necessary the fashion designers themselves take part in these photo sessions. The overhead of this work is quite high and the resulting work involved compares to that of billboard advertising. Although the high cost, this duo doesn.t put money ahead of their art. Their strategy does pay off. Every new exhibition is a shock and emotional explosion. These artists are not fond of mythological gems. You will never find corny symbolism, which is a characteristic of erotic photos of the past such as a lonely tree, which symbolizes the archaic cosmos or the apple or any other deep thought nonsense. They create using a different matter. Feelings! The instruments are color and motion. The colors allow them to conduct emotions and the partial nudity of the model makes the motion graphic. The condition of the environment permits the images to go beyond time frames. Color with plastic execution turns the images into powerful energy streams.

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    The Voice Behind the Lens
    The Voice Behind the Lens-Writings on Photography and Beyond
    Michael Dubiner

    "As many photographers instinctively know, image making is intimately tied to their identities-it is part of who they are. Because of this, in my view, photography should be made part of the image maker's life on a daily basis. I have divided this article into two parts. Part One discusses how society, economics and the subconscious fuse image making to the photographers identity.

    Part Two will discuss the how to, the practical and technical issues of incorporating photography into our daily lives.

    After intensively exploring many genres over the last 30 plus years I have, in recent years, focused on Street Photography as an outlet for my photographic energies. Street Photography is somewhat of a misnomer as it can be practiced anywhere people are photographed in the environment in which they are found.

    For some, myself included, being a photographer is as much a state of mind as it is a hobby or a way to make a living. The passion-almost obsession with image making, equipment and technique that many of us experience, has as much to do with our identity as it does with the final product. I am a lawyer by training but often, when asked what I do, I say "I am a photographer". The final product adds to that sense of identity. The image gives us a certain immortality-at least for as long as the image lasts and is seen. This longevity is only available in a limited number of fields, the arts being prominent among them. Our images sometimes speak for us, letting others into our minds, what we are seeing and thinking and sometimes who we are, or who we want them to think we are.

    I am fortunate because photography is a good fit for my writing. I enjoy and get satisfaction from writing, particularly when my images do not give full expression to what I want to convey. Writing also gives me a chance to share my thoughts on the world in general, photography, technique, my images and the images of others. Michael Dubiner

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