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September 2005

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  • Digital'05: EXQUISITE

    Fine Art Surreal

    When I first saw the work of Jane Andrews on Pixiport I presumed her images were digitally manipulated as they are so intricate, clever and masterly executed.

    Then when I learned they were oil paintings, I was even more impressed.

    They are Power Full and in the nicest possible way weird and wonderful fantastic fantasy or they???

    I was also immensely impressed with her Curriculum Vitae it is extremely wide and varied.

    So I became intrigued and asked her how and where it all began.

    Hi Jane then and how did you discover you had artistic abilities.

    Did you draw, sketch, scribble as a child.. were you given a paint box, supported and encouraged or was it a secret escape, journey, adventure?

    Jane: Like all children I had a rich and varied imagination! I have two specific memories around creativity as a child, first was my attempt to customize my new bedroom, having been given my own after sharing with my brother, drawing and scribbling on the wall, I was probably 3 or 4, for which I was punished and moved back in with my brother, probably only for a night or two, but it was a shock and has stayed with me! I also remember a hedge up the road where we lived with light coloured leaves and being wonderfully content decorating it with flowers and all sorts, quite on my own and out of sight.

    And yes, I always enjoyed drawing, I won the odd art prize after the age of twelve, but it was never seen as a particular asset, I was offered a place at Epsom Art school at 15, having attended Saturday morning life drawing classes there, but this was vetoed by my parents. >From that time I was busy being a rebel without a cause! I did however continue to draw, painting faces on the wall of a bedroom in London I remember, and the odd life class etc.



    Sadly and strangely I wrote this statement for the National Museum of Women in the Arts exhibition in Florida that I was showing with earlier this year 2005.

    It was entitled "The Woman Who Inspires Me"

    "Fay is an extraordinary woman and photographer. Starting in the 60`s she boldly went into landscape and saving the environment . I became addicted to photography after I had been to her workshop where she taught me to see; to look. She came to my exhibitions and still encourages me although I have gone `digital`."

    On March 5th this year I rang her to ask if I could put her name forward to the National Museum of Women Artists, Washington.

    She sorta said OK we chatted, then I was off to Florida. A mutual friend emailed me the news of her death. Unfortunately I was unable to attend her funeral or her Memorial.

    When I got home and met local friends in town everyone was and still are sadden by our loss. She was brave and true.

    A "character"

    A staunch supporter of what she saw as right, the Land and Environment, and much more. She for me, still held excitement and energy for her craft, art, her ability to want to learn and teach.

    When in Rye we might go for tea, when she had her huge retrospective at the Barbican, London she was surprised I was able to `stay up that late` for the opening. She made me larf in 2000 I had an exhibition at the Barbican I told her, "but mine was tiny and near the toilet the Toilet?? No Fay near the toilet."

    I love her .

    scarlet james August 05


    Fay Godwin

    1931 Born Berlin, Germany, father a British diplomat, mother an American artist. Educated at various schools all over the world. 1958 Settled down to live in London. 1966 Became interested in photography through photographing her young children. No training. 1975 Publication of first co- author book, The Oldest Road, with writer J.R.L. Anderson. Exhibitions from the series toured nationally. 1978 Recipient of major award from Arts Council of Great Britain to continue landscape work in British Isles, much of which is included in Land. 1984 Start of British Councils overseas tour of Landscape Photographs. 1985 Publication of Land. Major exhibition of Land at the Serpentine Gallery, London. 1986 South Bank Show their first full-length documentary to feature a photographer. 1986/7 Fellow at the National Museum of Photography, Film & Television, Bradford. 1987/90 President of the Ramblers' Association, UK. Then life vice president. 1990 Awarded Honorary Fellowship of the Royal Photographic Society. 1990 six week lecture and workshop tour of New Zealand. 1992 Awarded Honorary Fellowship by the Royal Incorporation of Architects in Scotland. 1995 Award from Northern Arts for the Year of the Visual Arts, and from the Erna and Victor Hasselblad Foundation to work on the contribution of small farmers to the character of the Cumbrian landscape. Major retrospective at the Barbican Centre in London 2001, with accompanying publication, Honorary Doctotorate of Arts at De Montfort University, 2002. Died, May 2005 aged 74.

    The Times, Tuesday May 31st, 2005

    Fay Godwin

    February 17, 1931 - May 27, 2005

    Acclaimed photographer with a striking ability to recognise and reflect the components of a landscape

    FAY GODWIN was one of the supreme exponents of that most English of obsessions, contemplation of the British landscape. As a landscape photographer she had no betters and few equals in a career stretching over 40 years. Her output was prodigious: thousands of images, all memorable and many sublime. Her photographic compass, in black and white until 1999, was narrow but superbly controlled and perfectly directed to her view of herself and her mission: "I've been called a Romantic photographer and I hate it. It sounds slushy and my work is not slushy. I'm a documentary photographer, my work is about reality, but that shouldn't mean I can't be creative."

    Digital'05: EXQUISITE

    Digital'05: EXQUISITE Helyn Davenport's 3 images Demure, Dance of Hibiscus and Pink Lady will be on display. ASCI's 7th International Digital Print Exhibition October 1 - January 15 New York Hall of Science Reception: Oct.2, 2-5pm The New York Hall of Science 47-01 111th Street Flushing Meadows-Corona Park Queens, NYC 11368 This year's exhibition, will examine what artists and scientists would like to show us about the nature of the exquisite in all of its ramifications.


    LAST CHANCE CAFÉ Bless your Father for you have sinned, You've been dining without a menu for your hungry heart. Demanding the divine and finding it in the absence of anything sacred.

    When all options have been exhausted and desperation for salvation from the curse of life still remains, you resort to The Last Chance Café.

    Somewhere under the rainbow you swap the final engagement of your mental and physical satisfaction for the glory of Santa Claus in an ill-fitting mu-mu

    This is an exhibition about the Could-Have-Been-So- Beautiful, the abyss, the lust, the masquerade, the stab in the dark, the lone star, the hope, the ridicule, the laughter and the Desperation Celebration, set to a disco beat.

    All work will be viewed through the interruption of a smoke machine and strobe light on site at The Residence gallery. A screening night will accompany the exhibition comprising of short films(10 min. max). In addition, there will be an interactive speed-dating performance and more to be announced!

    WANTED: PROPOSALS Paintings, drawings, sculptures, photographs, videos, music, fashions,...

    Performance Artists: Performance Artists including those wishing to perform as Speed-Dates, are required!


    The renaissance talents of Timothy Sens are beautiful expressions of artistic style that is immediately recognized as a unique and persoal statement of color, texture and form. His creations are masterful interpretations in the mediums of jewelry design and fine art nature photography.

    His career as an artist spans some 30 years and includes owning and operating a gallery of fine jewelry for 10 years in Boulder, Colorado showcasing primarily his own designs. Timothy resided in Boulder from 1977 to 2003 and currently lives in Austin, Texas. Timothy's interest in photography began in the late 70's. As his skill in creating precious gold and gemstone jewelry grew, Timothy found that he needed a photographic record of the unique designs that he produced for his clientele. Being self taught as a jeweler, he felt confident that he could master photography as well. Timothy was fond of using outdoor settings as backdrops for his jewelry photography. At this point, he quickly gained a deep appreciation for the color and texture of the natural world as seen through the discriminating camera lens.

    He states: "The parallel that impresses me most about jewelry and photographing nature is the lovely, saturated and pure color that is found in gemstones and in the light present in the natural world. My passion is to capture these colors on film." Timothy currently markets his jewelry to clientele in Austin, Texas through Clarksville Gallery and Wimberley Glass Works, in Houston at Hansen Gallery and J. Cotter Gallery in Vail, Colorado. He has won several awards with his jewelry design and his photography has been published in a number of trade magazines and publications. He also markets limited edition fine art photographs. Timothy Sens jewelry and photography is admired and appreciated by many collectors. Whether jewelry or fine art nature images, his artistic statement is pleasing to behold and a joy to own. Read Artist Statement


    My name is Natalia du Motier. I was born in Colombia, South America. I came to United States in 1990 and I proudly became a citizen in 1996. As the sensitive, creative type, I have always been interested in art. I love drawing and painting and visiting museums. I also have a passion for jazz music. I just graduated in June 2005 as a Graphic Designer. I have been exploring the area of Digital Art only for two years now. So as a beginner, I'm still learning and trying to develop my own style. Even though I had a good training at school, much of what I have learned has come from spending long hours on the computer (I use Photoshop) manipulating my digital pictures.

    I find inspiration in almost everything around me. As an artist, I am always seeing things new, always thinking about the possibilities. I do not like to limit myself, so I'm open to new ideas and concepts. I believe my art is just a reflection of experimentation because when I'm creating a new piece, I'm always thinking about what can happen if I apply this or that technique. So I like the element of surprise that comes with it. I create art because it brings me joy. As I stated before, I just graduated from college. I have just started my journey. I do want to build my career as a Graphic Designer and continue to grow as a Digital Artist. I have a lifetime of learning and I'm excited about it.

    Feautred Photographes

    August brings us featured Pixiporters from past featured artists. Corrie Ancone, Bethany de Forest, Michael Isenberg, Bobbi Doyle-Maher and Fred Leavitt. Enjoy!

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