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In today's fast paced world, we are more apt to react to a favourable, fascinating image, rather that taking the time to read a half page of text, describing the features of a particular product. Very few photographers have the ability to grasp what the company is trying to portray and then come up with a photograph that will catch the reader's eye, as they flip the pages of a magazine, or drive by a billboard at 70 miles per hour. We are honored to have some of the most exciting commercial photographers in the world, as members of our exclusive site.

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Professionals Of Commercial Art Photography

  •  Misha Gordin
  •  Ciro Antinozzi
  •  Ayhan Duman
  •  David Mendelsohn
  •  Renata Ratajczyk



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Born in Salerno / Italy 48 years ago, Ciro Antinozzi in the 1980 got at a Geological degree. He became a professional photographer since1984.

Ciro Antinozzi works in Salerno where is his photographic studio for the still life , foods and people. Besides he made a slide archivium over twenty thousand photographs electronically catalogued and distibuted all over the world by international agencies (Italy,Germany,U.S.A.,Mexico, Singapore, New Zealand).

His shoots was used by advertising agencies as Saatchi & Saatchi, Leo Burnett, Ted Bates, Ata Univas and others.

Ciro Antinozzi usually works with three photographic formats with five Nikon bodies and many lenses, two Hasselblad and a Sinar body with all the required lenses for everything. Ciro Antinozzi works are usually made by digital machines (Macintoshes, Polaroid scanners and Minolta and Nikon digital cameras).

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Introducing Ayhan in few words is really no easy task, since he's no ordinary photographer but a truly multi-talented person, combining a composer/song writer, a blues & jazz guitarist, an artist and a filmmaker all in one.

Long before digital imaging was available, Ayhan had a reputation in producing highly intriguing images applying in-camera-composition and motion-control techniques, blended together with his "Magical Mystery Torch" lighting system, which aroused attention and recognition world-wide.

Today, with the high-end digital studio at his command, it's no surprise that he turns out even more intriguing eye-catchers, which do not necessarily reveal the typical computer effects look. Images which do look computerized, may in fact be straight-forward shots and those which might look ever so simple and shot off the hip could be the result of a long day's shooting plus extensive but carefully balanced digital manipulation.

It's always a great pleasure working with this humorous person and a relief to know that no matter how difficult and challenging the task, Ayhan will come up with a perfectly satisfactory solution, masterfully executed.

Leigh Thornton McGuinness

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"I take my commercial commitments very seriously. My commercial work reflects a stile of my artwork of this particular time. But there the similarity ends. I don't mix commercial ideas with art ideas. They have completely different purposes. Commercial ideas are light and are to sell the product. I try to make them classy, mysterious and most of all eye-catching. There is nothing light about my art images. I dive deep for inspiration. " -Misha Gordin


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David Mendelsohn's work has a life of its own. It catches your eye, grabs hold of your soul, and pulls you deep into its framework, so that ultimately you feel as the image. You become aware if the rain splattering off your back as you strain to read the headlines on a taxi driver's newspaper. You can smell the characteristic aroma of the burning cigar, held perfectly poised in the wrinkled hand of a green-clad man with a white mustache. You marvel at how much this man resembles the stark white skull on the wall beside him. Or, perhaps, how much they differ. No matter, certainly they belong together.

Well known for his highly graphic, award-winning commercial photography, Mendelsohn did not start his professional career behind a camera. " I came to photography through a rather indirect path," he recalls. "I always had some interest in the medium after my dad gave me his old Argus C3, around my 12th birthday, I toyed with the camera and a makeshift dark room to some degree, but it was simply another one of my interests."

The Art of Expression Mendelsohn's acute sense of graphic design and his use of color and balance are what makes work so intriguing. Although his commercial work is primarily color, he also has a love for Black and White. "When one shoots color and black-and-white, two distinct mindset are required," he observed. "Black and White is about pure form and tonality, and quite beautiful in its simplicity. To appreciate a black-and-white image, you are forced to remove yourself from this world and transport your perceptions to another. It borders on the surreal. As most of us see in color, you are compelled as both the viewer and the artist to see things in a different way.

R E N A T A  R A T A J C Z Y K
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Renata Ratajczyk is an internationally acclaimed photographer and a digital
artist specializing in photo illustration, fashion and fine art portraiture.
In her distinctive dream-like and visionary images she often merges reality
with a fantasy world.

Originally from Warsaw, Poland, she has been living and working in Toronto,
Canada since several years.

Renata's work has been published in a variety of books, magazines (several
covers), on CDs, in calendars, on posters, greeting cards, postcards, as
well as it has been used in advertising. To see some samples of Renata's
published work, please see PUBLISHED work section.

To see samples of Renata's artwork please visit RENATA'S GALLERY.
Renata also invites you to see her other galleries on the Internet
(please see MORE ARTWORK section). Beside many other portfolios, you will find there several INTERVIEWS with the artist.

Renata is available to work on assignment CREATING ARTWORK TO YOUR
SPECIFICATIONS. She is also available to take FINE ART PORTRAITS of you
or your loved onces, as well as to create MODELS'/ACTORS' portfolios.

Her ARTWORK COULD BE PURCHASED for a variety of uses (publications,
advertising, web usage etc.) directly from the artists or via stock agencies
representIing part of Renata's work.

CLIENTS' LIST and PRINTED PORTFOLIOS are available on request.

Renata's FINE ART LIMITED EDITION PRNTS are avalable directly from
the artist. Samples of prints for sale can be seen in Renata's ART STORE at:
http://lightvision.homestead.com/page1.html (BUY ART section of this website).

Renata welcomes your comments and inquiries about her work. If you need
more information or if you would like to contact the artist please send
your e-mail to: lightvision@onebox.com or to renatara@ica.net

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Practically all great artists accept the influence of others. But . . . the artist with vision sees his material, chooses, changes, and by integrating what he has learned with his own experiences, finally molds something distinctly personnel.-Romare Howard Bearden

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