Photography by Morris Alkalay
Fine Art Photos
Cigarette Boat8
Cigarette Boat8.jpg
Boat on canal6
Boat on canal6.jpg
House on canal11
House on canal11.jpg
Boat and house on canal5
Boat and house on canal5.jpg
Fishing boats, mansion10
Fishing boats, mansion10.jpg
2 Boats in the river4
2 Boats in the river4.jpg
Fishing boat. G.Horn9
Fishing boat. G.Horn9.jpg
Motor boat G.Horn13
Motor boat G.Horn13.jpg
Old houses on Bosphorus14
Old houses on Bosphorus14.jpg
Houses on the hill12
Houses on the hill12.jpg
Small island view17
Small island view17.jpg
Women of colorful clothing18
Women of colorful clothing18.jpg
Red wood skiff16
Red wood skiff16.jpg
Cafe on the creek7
Cafe on the creek7.jpg
Pink House-Mosque15
Pink House-Mosque15.jpg
Documentary Photography Gallery