Photojournalists - Documentary - Photography

Ami Vitale

Since Guinea Bissau, Vitale was based for several years in India, producing memorable work from Kashmir, Gujarat and elsewhere. One of her most surreal works is from idyllic Dal Lake in Srinagar, Kashmir. The shikaras (gondolas) with their posts supporting colored roofs have featured in many travelogues, and she captures them perfectly, reflected in the mirror-perfect water, looking like some fleet of brightly decorated curiously rustic alien space fleet floating above the reflected clouds. Looking in them brings us down to earth with a jolt, as we see the khakis of the Indian border security force, seated guns ready to hand as they set of on patrol.

Gerald Parker

Brockton, Massachusetts was a city on the rebound in the 1950s. A major interstate highway had just been completed, and people were moving to the area in record numbers. A viable, productive shoe industry in the city employed nearly 9,500 workers. Downtown Brockton was a bustling center of retail businesses. The city looked to the future with great expectations, because it had endured rapid contraction of industry following the end of World War II, and had thus far avoided the wholesale flight of industry that plagued other New England industrial centers.

Renee Falcke

You have to understand that I am not an artist. I am a photographer and a journalist, working on a very high level."

Robert Johnson

Unique black & white decisive moment/documentary photographs of life in Worcester, Massachusetts. (1969-1981) Hometown of Robert Goddard, Abbie Hoffman and Denis Leary. Included are classic images from various locations throughout the United States

Judah Harris

Judah S. Harris is a noted photojournalist and fine art photographer, and a graduate of Yeshiva University.
His vivid portrayals of people, places, and life's moments have appeared in advertising, magazines, on the Op-Ed Pages of the NY Times, and on the covers of 37 novels. His photographs are collected by individuals and corporations and his images of contemporary Jewish life have been included in exhibits in various cities, including a permanent display at the Museum of Jewish Heritage. A feature article about his work appeared in the Fall issue of American Photo.


Mico Similjanic

Mico Smiljanic was born in Belgrade, Serbia, in 1963. He first delved into photography as a teenager under the influence of his cousin and is completely self-educated. What once was fun and experiment later became a professional career. After several years of shooting weddings and freelancing for different publications, he got a position in a major daily newspaper. That was a perfect opportunity for him to fully develop and express his photographic style. His documentary pictures had been published for over 10 years and many of them were printed in different books. He was also a freelancer for the AP and Reuters news agencies during the civil war in former Yugoslavia. In 2000, Mico moved to Montreal where he has been working as a news, wedding and art photographer.