Bob has spent the better part of 30 years attempting to improve his craft. When it comes to photography, there aren't enough hours in each day to satisfy his desire to create something unique or attempt to improve on a photo already taken. Working in the digital format for the past several years has enabled him to be at the forefront of digital darkroom techniques. Utilizing various software programs, he feels that photography is starting to more closely resemble art so that one sometimes has to look closely to see the original photograph. He cover the whole spectrum; from unusual portraits, to architecture, commercial art, animals, and Mik Sung type images. Having recently been asked to provide photos for a 5 page spread in "Homes of Grandeur" magazine, has added more national exposure to his list of recent accomplishments. 2004 is expected to be a break through year and one that he is looking forward to, with great anticipation.

 Bob Snell's Gallery