Meticulous may be a good way of describing my work. To be sure, the quality of light and shadow is equally important. As a matter of fact, I consider those elements as an essential part of the design. But for me, without visual order, an image fails despite the content. All things must be considered. Harmonies must be present for the message to be fluent. It all must come together symphonically. If there is too much noise, at least for me, it is difficult to hear the melody. I assume as much for the audience. It is an Eastern experience when I shoot. An attempt at Zen within the frame.

Mendelsohn found work at the university photo labs, and eventually began to make a name foe himself in publications like, Communications Arts and Print Magazine. During his tenure at UNH Mendelsohn received a National Education Association grant entitled "Route 40," which allowed him to drive across the southern interstate for a month, photographing his impressions. "I found that I enjoyed being behind the camera a lot more than a straight edge, and that I would rather shoot than assign photography. After contemplating my next move, I sent what I considered to be a portfolio to the president of Magnum, Bert Glinn. About two weeks later, I received a call form China informing me that he was sponsoring me for membership."

This was Mendelsohn's chance to join one of the most elite photographic agencies in the world and to have his name associated with the likes of Henri-Cartier-Bresson, Robert Capa, and David Seymour. But he would have to move his wife and child to New York. " For reasons involving business, politics, and quality of life," said Mendelsohn, "I respectfully declined." Instead, he took out a second mortgage on his house, resigned his position at UNH, and hit the streets with a camera. Living in New Hampshire countryside has not hindered Mendelsohn's career. He relies on electronic media to stay in touch with his customers, tow representatives to promote his work, and the local airport to kick off his location shoots in cities all over the world. Among his client list are many prestigious members of the Fortune 200 list, including Lockheed Martin, International Paper, Boeing, IBM, and Amtrak. Mendelsohn could be accurately described as a "driven" artist.

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