After intensively exploring many genres over the last 30 plus years I have, in recent years, focused on Street Photography as an outlet for my photographic energies. Street Photography is somewhat of a misnomer as it can be practiced anywhere people are photographed in the environment in which they are found.

For some, myself included, being a photographer is as much a state of mind as it is a hobby or a way to make a living. The passion-almost obsession with image making, equipment and technique that many of us experience, has as much to do with our identity as it does with the final product. I am a lawyer by training but often, when asked what I do, I say "I am a photographer". The final product adds to that sense of identity. The image gives us a certain immortality-at least for as long as the image lasts and is seen. This longevity is only available in a limited number of fields, the arts being prominent among them. Our images sometimes speak for us, letting others into our minds, what we are seeing and thinking and sometimes who we are, or who we want them to think we are.

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