As a vehicle of communicating over boundaries of language, culture and thought, photography offers a great envoy. "I have become very excited about the digital world of images. The ability to create a surreal scene of composite images not only allows for creative imagination but also brings together the artist and photographer in me," says O'Neill. "Considering the limitations that emulsions and oils place upon us, when recording or painting a scene, here we have at our fingertips the means to go further, beyond these limitations," he continues.

Over the past ten years O'Neill has gained inspiration from the works of Ansel Adams, John Shaw and many amateurs from all walks of life. He has exhibited his photography successfully in local shows and competitions. He regularly gives slide shows for charity at retirement homes and is very much involved in the care and well being of both wild and domestic birds and animals that are either orphaned or injured.

O'Neill explains "With the exponential growth in the use of home computers not only in advanced but also in third world countries, we have the ability to touch and be touched by the images of many diverse populations.

Peter's work is available in prints as well as selected works for posters. Visit his galleries for more of his art and contact information.

 Peter O'Neill's Gallery